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    Whether you are looking to improve yourself, how you work with others or how you work with groups, here are 1,000s of free, online resources to do that!

    Or, if you are thinking about starting a new organization, or wanting to improve how you lead and manage in your current organization, you’ve come to the right place.

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    Managing Yourself

    Personal Wellness

    Career Advancement

    Working with Others

    Working with Groups

    Leading and Managing in Organizations


    Leading Organizations



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    Financial Management

    Customers and Products

    Sales and Marketing

    Risk Management


    Consulting in Organizations


    Various Approaches

    1. Contracting Phase

    2. Discovery Phase

    3. Action Planning Phase

    4. Implementation Phase

    5. Project Evaluation Phase

    6. Termination Phase

    Understanding Organizational Change

    1. Understanding Organizations

    2. Diagnosing of Organizations

    3. Improving Organizations

    4. OD Practitioners: Experts in Change

    5. Future Trends in Organizations

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