5 Best LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in 2024

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    Our Top LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

    Things have changed drastically with the advent of social media, where developing a personal brand is all-important. We communicate quickly, are always connected via the Internet, and have new and innovative ways of gaining knowledge. We can learn about one another within seconds. These new technologies have changed daily life, and job hunting is no different.

    Read through to learn more about the best LinkedIn profile writing services and how they can improve your job-hunting experience.

    We’ll tell you more about why LinkedIn pages are so important, what goes into the best LinkedIn profiles, and which LinkedIn profile writing services are the best. You’ll see a marked improvement in your job search when you use these services, and we’re happy to explain all the benefits to you.

    Our Top Professional LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

    Now, we’ll get into some of the best LinkedIn writing services available to people who want to overhaul and optimize their LinkedIn profile. If you need a complete LinkedIn profile and bio change, these are the best LinkedIn makeover services you can find that will increase the probability of a job offer. Here, we’ll explain where each service specifically excels. We’ll also talk about the basis (and our reasoning) for where each writing service stands out.

    Below, we have a table quickly explaining the best aspects of each company, plus a visual of the company’s reviews pulled from their Google listing.

    As always, if you’re interested in using the services of any company’s profile writers, research and ensure that the company you select is right for you and your job search.

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    Mid-Level Positions

    Super Star Resume logo

    The Best Profiles for Executives: Super Star Resume

    The Best Profiles for Executives: Super Star Resume

    Super Star Resume is one of the best LinkedIn profile resume writing companies renowned for being a top resume writing company. Their writers offer a LinkedIn profile makeover, cover letters, resumes, professional bios, and interview preparation via phone consultation.

    Steven Mostyn, a world-leading LinkedIn expert in job-search strategies, heads this company. He has written for and appeared in major publications including, Forbes, HR.com, Fast Money, Recruitment.com, and other forms of media. Super Star Resume’s clients have landed jobs at leading firms like Amazon, Oracle, Disney, and more. He is also a professional career coach.

    We chose Super Star Resume as the best LinkedIn profile writing service for executives. With an impressive clientele list of professionals and executives who have applied to (and been offered jobs with) well-known companies, Super Star Resume is the perfect LinkedIn profile writing service for CEOs, COOs, and anyone aiming to land a C-Suite role.

    This LinkedIn service guides you through the entire process of crafting a good LinkedIn profile. Its writers have plenty of expertise and years of writing experience to do an amazing job in creating an optimized LinkedIn profile and writing an outstanding resume.

    With a new LinkedIn profile created, it will help shape an engaging personal brand that tells your career story. They also have a resume writing service that will craft a superb cover letter and a winning resume, leading to more interviews, and increasing your chances of a new job and achieving your career goals.

    Best of all, this LinkedIn profile writing service offers unlimited rewrites with their packages. Their job tools are the most effective way to tailor your profile for executive leadership roles.

    LP Writers logo

    The Best Value: LPWriters.com

    The Best Value: LPWriters.com

    LPWriters.com is a professional LinkedIn profile provider specializing in writing LinkedIn profiles and ensuring you rank higher in LinkedIn searches by implementing keyword optimization. They can give an entire LinkedIn makeover to help you land a job in whichever field you want to target.

    They have many industry awards and certifications, including certifications from LinkedIn and over 15 years of experience writing LinkedIn pages and improving their design. This company hires professional profile writers who will review your LinkedIn profile for free.

    LP Writers is the best LinkedIn writing service for its value. We chose this resume and LinkedIn profile writing service because they offer a free review of your profile offering constructive feedback to build a distinctive professional brand, with no commitment to purchase any profile writing packages. This free review comprises an assessment of your keywords and SEO use, whether your content suits your career level, and whether your profile truly allows you to attract recruiters and HR managers. 

    This is a service that most other companies don’t offer before payment. This company also offers a host of free resources all about LinkedIn profiles and different tips to make your LinkedIn the best representation of your experience and skills. If you’ve decided that you want to use their professional profile writers, their prices for a full package start at $299.

    Zipjob logo

    The Best for Career Changes: ZipJob

    The Best for Career Changes: ZipJob

    Sometimes, you want a career shift. This can be a simple transition from a management role to a senior leadership position or a more radical shift from one field to another.

    Regardless of where you want to go or how you want to specifically tailor your job search, an excellent LinkedIn writing service will be able to help you get noticed by the companies, positions, and fields you’re looking to break into.

    Overseeing and helping you with a career change is no simple task, so we had to research which LinkedIn profile writing service was best for people looking to switch things up. We landed on ZipJob, another full-service resume and profile writing company.

    ZipJob employs over 100 certified resume writers – therefore, it’s no surprise that this company has an executive resume writer to match clients in almost every industry. With ZipJob, you can access the expertise of a host of different industry professionals and writers.

    This makes this company unique and especially suited to anyone switching careers. Their writers are well-versed in keyword optimization, and how to get your profile, cover letter, and resume noticed, even with applicant tracking system (ATS) technology. They have examples on their website, and their pricing for packages including a LinkedIn makeover and resume writing service starts at $299.

    Resume Writers logo

    The Best for Quick Results: Resume Writers

    The Best for Quick Results: Resume Writers

    The Resume Writers have been in business since 1999, founded as a network of independently contracted freelance writers. Much like ZipJob, Resume Writers has many different certified LinkedIn profile writers from various industries and backgrounds.

    They attempt to match you with the appropriate writer for your desired job and field – if you’re unsatisfied with your new LinkedIn profile, they offer to refund your order and match you with a writer better suited to your needs.

    For their LinkedIn profile writing services, the Resume Writers offer a free consultation to discuss your options. With their different writing packages, they offer a guaranteed 72-hour turnaround time. We selected them as the best LinkedIn writing service for quick results. They also have an interview guarantee that makes working with them an easy decision. Their packages offer many different services, including career document keyword optimization. Their LinkedIn profile optimization service costs $199.

    Resume Writing Services logo

    The Best for Mid-Level Positions: Resume Writing Services

    The Best for Mid-Level Positions: Resume Writing Services

    If you’re mid-career and looking for a change, resume and LinkedIn profile services are a great way to start the process. It will be easy to land a higher-paying job when you’ve optimized and spruced up your profile. Resume Writing Services can do that for you.

    Their website has testimonials detailing their success stories, and their process is easily and accessible outlined for you. They generally take 3 steps to craft a winning profile or resume for you: they ask for information via a simple online form, schedule communication with the chosen professional writer, and they begin work on any service you’d chosen to purchase.

    We recommended Resume Writing Services for mid-level job seekers because their resume writers generally come from backgrounds in human resources. Their combined experience will allow you to make the most significant jumps to senior-level positions with increased salaries.

    What Does a LinkedIn Profile Writer Do?

    Each professional LinkedIn profile writer and profile writing service will have slightly different packages and offerings for their customers. In general, though, these companies will be able to provide a quick consultation, a tailored bio for your LinkedIn page, a keyword-optimized work experience section, and suggestions for your skills section.

    This is more work than you might think. These LinkedIn writers will optimize your profile for hiring managers to find. With today’s advancements in search engine optimization (SEO), having the appropriate keywords is essential to finding the right job. They’ll help you tailor your job title, your headline, and anything else that might allow you to come up on hiring managers’ radar.

    Some of the best resume and LinkedIn profile writing services will also offer a resume writing service, which is very useful when job hunting. Sometimes, these resumes are included in the package you purchase. Other times, these will need to be added on for a fee. Feel free to contact these companies and discuss which options are the best for you and your situation.

    The best part about these services is that they can easily be tailored to you and your desired position. All of the best LinkedIn profile services have the option to be bespoke and best serve you and the job you want. When you approach these writers to tailor and optimize your profile, be sure to give them the most details and discuss the different positions you can (and should) be applying for.

    Why is a Great LinkedIn Profile so Important?

    As we’ve already stated, LinkedIn profiles are intrinsically part of the job market. Not only is LinkedIn a platform where you can search for jobs and apply for them, it’s a networking platform at its core. This means you can connect with people in your industry and learn about opportunities by engaging with other LinkedIn users.

    Another aspect of this platform that relates to LinkedIn profile writing services is that hiring managers often use LinkedIn to vet and learn about candidates. It’s estimated that over 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for talent. When you apply for a job, even if you don’t do so through LinkedIn, the savvy person on the other end of the line will search your name and use your LinkedIn as the first part of their screening process.

    While the prospect of a hiring manager searching for your LinkedIn profile might cause some anxiety, this is an excellent opportunity to put your best foot forward. With an optimized profile that highlights your best skills and job experience, you’ll be able to impress anyone who comes across your profile. Sometimes, recruiters might want to speak about job opportunities with you simply based on your LinkedIn profile. This is why we recommend doing all that you can to ensure your bio, work experience, and skills are in tip-top shape.

    What Goes Into an Optimized Profile?

    Generally speaking, the most optimal LinkedIn profile is filled out and describes all the tasks you have accomplished and the skills you’ve developed over your career. This is harder than it sounds – there’s a lot of space to fill, even in the standard LinkedIn profile!

    Most certified LinkedIn profile writers will want to describe your current or most recent position. After that, they’ll write about your previous two job experiences. Here will be where keywords come in. A description of tasks, accomplishments, and duties will use popular and well-searched keywords related to your field.

    Great profile writers will also optimize your headline, which is one of the first things people see when viewing your profile. They’ll discuss what type of role you’re targeting and tailor your headline to reflect this. Writers can also add a value prop statement to your headline, highlighting what you will bring to a role.

    Your About summary, or your LinkedIn bio, is another crucial aspect of an optimized profile. In general, professional bios are short. This makes them tricky to write. You’ll want to strike the perfect balance between concision and accurately reflecting your skills. A professional profile writer can take this prime real estate and make your profile shine. They’ll be able to write a bit about you, your story, what makes you unique, and your core areas of expertise and experience.

    This will make your profile the best it can be, and the best for receiving interest from recruiters and hiring managers!

    What Makes a Writing Service Stand Out?

    There are a few reasons a particular LinkedIn writing service might stand out. We chose the above writing services because they employ certified and professional writers who have diverse industry experience, plus they all promise customer satisfaction and better job prospects, and they all have years of experience. Some other perks you might look for are testimonials, free samples, and other resources available on their websites.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Among the best LinkedIn writing services, we saw that LPWriters.com and Super Star Resume really stood out. LPWriters.com offers a free review of LinkedIn profiles and has many resources and tips you can access online for free. Super Star Resume also has this benefit, with an entire section dedicated to helping you with your job searching materials. 

    Not only do these profile makeover services employ certified LinkedIn profile writers with years of experience, but they also promise edits and rewrites for anyone who isn’t satisfied with their first draft. This value is difficult to come by when you’re looking to land your dream job. 

    Regardless of which resume and LinkedIn profile writing services you research and ultimately use, be confident in your skills and seek to represent yourself accurately in your LinkedIn profile. You’ve taken years to develop your expertise – showing your accomplishments on LinkedIn will get you noticed much faster.