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    Killer ways to improve your LinkedIn profile

    Michael Stelzner has a great gift. The social media marketing tips he shares through his Social Media Examiner newsletter are valuable, concise and easy to apply. That’s why I’m eager to share the wisdom of Debra Eckerling, one of his expert authors.

    If you want to stand above the crowd on LinkedIn, here’s what you need to do:

    #1 – Possibly the most important part of your LinkedIn profile, your headline is your hook. It should be memorable with a hint of a tease that makes people want to read more. He gives you a link to 10 examples that help you stand out from the crowd.

    #2 – Now that you’ve gotten your readers’ attention, cast a spell on them with a detailed profile summary that gives a glimpse into who you are. Three examples help keep you on track.

    #3 – Your job history should be more than just a list of paid positions. As with the summary, it should be written with your audience in mind. It should also have all of the bells and whistles that highlight your experience. He also talks about 7 ways your LinkedIn Profile and resume should differ.

    #4 – You know the old standby, “Do unto others…”? Well, endorse others and they’ll likely endorse you, too! Endorsements validate your experience and accomplishments. Take an active role to make sure you have recommendations from a variety of people. Also included: 6 things you should know about LinkedIn recommendations.

    BONUS: The Perfect LinkedIn Status Update can bring desired attention to your profile. Jennifer Burnham and SalesForce show that whether you’re sharing news, trends, products or just your opinion, thoughtful and targeted status updates can help you solidify your expertise.

    For all the details in each of these categories, you’ll want to go to the Social Media Examiner article. And I’d highly recommend subscribing to Social Media Examiner. I’m very selective, but I wouldn’t miss it.

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