The Best LLC Services of 2024

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    Whether you’re starting a new business or converting an existing company to a limited liability company (LLC), the best LLC services can make it easy to do. Typically, LLC business formation services offer assistance with paperwork, filing, and registered agent services.

    We’ve gathered the top online LLC services according to what we think they do best. Just as your business has its own value props, different LLC services have their own areas of strength that can work to your advantage.

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    Expedited Filing

    Registered Agent

    Addon Services


    $49 to $299

    On-demand or automatic depending on plan

    Included in some plans

    EIN registration, annual report filing, annual compliance, certificate of good standing

    Phone, email, live chat

    $0 to $299

    Only in top tier plan

    Included in all plans

    EIN registration, annual report filing, trademark filing, certificate of good standing





    Annual report filing, legal forms, certified copies, certificate of good standing, compliance filing

    Phone, email, live chat


    Only in top tier plans

    $299 per year

    Annual report filing, legal forms, business licenses, trademark registration

    Phone and email

    $59 to $279

    Included in all plans

    Included in top tier plans ($99 per year)

    Annual report filing, virtual office, compliance filing, legal and business documents

    Phone, email, live chat

    $39.99 per month or $99


    $149.99 per year (25% off for members)

    Legal services, legal documents, EIN filing

    Phone and email

    Custom quote

    Custom quote

    Custom quote

    Legal services, LLC formation, registered agent service, compliance filing

    Phone and email

    $0 to $799

    Only in top tier plan

    Included ($99 per year after the first year)

    EIN filing, operating agreement, expedited processing, legal documents

    Phone and email

    *Pricing for all LLC services does not include state filing fees, which vary among states

    Quick Verdict

    Best Overall: ZenBusiness

    ZenBusiness makes it easy for you to register your business as an LLC. There are three affordable plans and addons to choose from so you’re ready to start doing business officially.

    ZenBusiness logo


    $49 to $299


    ZenBusiness is one of the best LLC services because it’s an affordable and easy-to-use service. You get assistance in preparing and filing for your business entity, plus you’ll get a year of annual report filing with any plan you choose. The company is a Public Benefit Corporation, which means it shares the same community goals of non-profits but is a for-profit organization.

    ZenBusiness offers well-rounded services that work for many types of businesses and business owners and at affordable prices. The entry-level plan is $49, not including state filing fees. It also offers expedited and rush filing at an additional cost.

    Getting started with ZenBusiness is super easy as the automated platform takes you through an operating agreement template formatted as a series of questions that allow you to select the features you’d like. The entire process is easy, understandable, and fast. To learn more about its services and pricing, read our complete review on ZenBusiness.

    • Affordable and customizable LLC operating agreement
    • Personalized dashboard for storing and managing important details
    • Offer registered agent service
    • 100% refundable (prior to being filed by the state)
    • No free plan
    IncFile logo


    $0 to $299


    Incfile is our choice for the most affordable LLC formation option. In other words, it’s the cheapest LLC service as they offer an entirely free LLC service (state fees are still applicable.) Unlike other LLC formation services, this option still requires quite a bit of work on your end.

    However, if you opt to file without the help of LLC formation services it can be very time-consuming and generally will require a lot of research. IncFile takes a lot of the work out of it by offering guided, free LLC filing, which saves you both time and money.

    In addition to free filing, they offer three LLC formation packages: silver, gold, and platinum. Price is dependent on which state your business is in and how many addons you want. One year of free registered agent service is included in all packages, however, you can opt-out.

    Incfile makes it their mission to “provide superior and modern service at an unparalleled value,” and boasts more than 500,000 businesses formed. Read the IncFile review to learn more about its services.

    • Free LLC formation service
    • Registered agent included for 1-year in all packages
    • 3 packages to choose from (not including free filing)
    • Limited customer service
    • Expedited filing on top tier only
    Northwest Registered Agent logo

    Northwest Registered Agent



    You may guess by their name what Northwest Registered Agent specializes in–it’s a registered agent service that is also largely considered to be one of the best LLC formation services as well.

    Northwest Registered Agent is our pick for best LLC service for small businesses because it makes privacy a priority, which can be a huge relief for small business owners who do not have access to the same privacy tools as larger companies.

    All of their Northwest Registered Agent’s business is handled in-house by experts called “Corporate Guides,” rather than by third-party organizations. Unsurprisingly, this has led to positive customer reviews that highlight their excellent customer service.

    The LLC filing service and registered agent service are bundled together for $225, which is convenient for many small businesses. It also provides the option to pay up-front or to make monthly payments over a period of a year.

    If you opt-out of the bundle, they also provide a free do-it-yourself LLC filing guide. Read the Northwest Registered Agent review to learn more about its services.

    • Privacy is the first priority
    • Bundled package includes LLC filing and registered agent
    • Free do-it-yourself LLC filing guide
    • Not as full-featured as other LLC businesses
    LegalZoom logo




    LegalZoom is our top choice for online businesses because that’s exactly what it is. A unique online LLC formation service, this company started out entirely in the technology sector.

    Unlike other popular LLC formation services, LegalZoom provides a platform and services that allows lawyers and tax experts to offer online LLC formation services. Plus, it’s the only online business formation service on this list that has a mobile app.

    What it has in common with just about all of these top LLC services is that it wants to make legal help accessible to all. However, it does take notably longer than other LLC filing services, with the standard waiting time for the basic economy package being one month. Read the LegalZoom review to learn more about LegalZoom’s features and pricing.

    • $79 entry-level package (plus state fee)
    • Mobile application available
    • Legal document library available
    • Longer filing times
    MyCompanyWorks logo


    $59 to $279


    If you’re focused on entrepreneurship, whether you’re working solo or have partners, MyCompanyWorks is the way to go. MyCompanyWorks primary goal is to support entrepreneurs and make things fast, easy, and affordable. It’s developed a comprehensive business entity formation guide, called the Startup Wizard checklist.

    It is also known for its speedy support responses; during business hours you can expect your email or call to be returned within 20 minutes. As an entrepreneur, access to support is important and this is a huge advantage. Read our review on MyCompanyWorks to find out if it’s the right choice for you.

    • Entrepreneur-focused
    • Startup Wizard checklist
    • Quick response from the support team
    • Registered agent service in top tier only
    Rocket Lawyer logo

    Rocket Lawyer

    $39.99 per month or $99


    Rocket Lawyer is the best for online legal services because they are hyper focused on offering affordable access to legal services.

    While you do have a one-time LLC filing only option, at $99.99, the Rocket Lawyer membership is a monthly fee of $39.99 that gives you access to a library of legal documents, 30-minute consultation for each new legal matter, and the ability to ask unlimited legal questions of its on-call lawyers.

    As a part of membership, Rocket Lawyer also covers the cost of new registration and offers 25% off of its registered agent service fee, as well as 40% off if you need to hire a lawyer. While Rocket Lawyer stands by its quality of service, if they make an error you will receive a refund. Read the Rocket Lawyer review to learn more about its features and pricing.

    • Affordable monthly fee
    • Access to ongoing legal support through membership
    • Discounted legal counsel with membership
    • Addons for non-members can be expensive
    Hashtag Legal logo

    Hashtag Legal

    Custom quote


    While Hashtag Legal is only currently available in three states–California, New York, and New Jersey–we decided to include it as an exemplary boutique LLC service provider option. Working with a boutique company means that you can customize your LLC formation process and work closely with the service to create your optimal operating agreement.

    In addition to its LLC creation service, it also offers other services including “the (un)business school,” which provides mini legal courses to help entrepreneurs learn to navigate the legal system. Pricing isn’t published on its website, so you’ll have to fill out a form to get a custom quote. Read our Hashtag Legal review to learn more about its features.

    • Customizable plan
    • Receive legal advice with to LLC filing
    • High-quality customer support
    • Pricing isn’t transparent
    Inc Authority logo

    Inc Authority

    $0 to $799


    Inc Authority is the best LLC service for round-the-clock support, but it’s also one of the oldest, most established LLC service providers.

    It’s been a pillar in the business services industry for more than 30 years with excellent customer feedback, and therefore has an extensive understanding of the business formation process, but also the mental/emotional side of being a business owner. That’s why it offers 24/7 US-based online support, so when you’re laying in bed in the middle of the night thinking about your business you can get the answers you need.

    Inc Authority also makes it easy to file, as it offers an online LLC service and an online incorporation service for that matter. No need to call, you can do everything online. 

    What’s more, it offers free setup of a new business entity with the option to upgrade and one year of free registered agent services with all paid packages. Just remember that the state filing fee is still applicable, and when a year is up, you’ll pay a renewal fee for the registered agent service. To know more about its services, read the Inc Authority review.

    • 24/7 US-based Support
    • Free new entity-setup
    • 1-year registered agent service included in paid packages
    • Very expensive bundles

    Choosing the Best LLC Service For You

    We considered a number of factors to rank the best LLC services. The top business formation services should be affordable, but we also looked at overall value, qualifications, customer support, and access to legal services and software. Understanding what’s important to your business and its goals can help you to narrow down your options.​​

    Pricing: You can get help with preparing your business formation documents for free, but you’ll have to file yourself, which can be time consuming and confusing. When you pay for an LLC service to help with filing, it handles the complicated parts. Keep in mind that all pricing does not include state filing fees–those are always going to be something you have to pay for. 

    Value: Beyond the actual cost of a bundle or filing assistance, you should consider what else is included. Having a registered agent service is necessary for any business, so look for an LLC formation company that includes this in a low-priced plan. Getting your tax ID (EIN) is easy and free, so avoid those that charge too much to do the legwork for you. 

    Customer support: The variety of customer support options is more subjective–some people prefer talking to someone over the phone, while others prefer to reach out via live chat. Choose a service that offers the kind of support you need. 

    Legal services: Many of the best LLC services also offer a legal document library at no added cost, so you can easily download contract templates and other legal documents you may need. Some even give you access to lawyers for when you have questions about the legal operation of your business. This is a nice-to-have addition, but not a need-to-have if you’re simply looking to form a new business entity.

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    Bottom Line on Best LLC Services

    When you’re ready to officially form your business, you should consider choosing an LLC service to help prepare and file the paperwork for you. The process takes time and a good understanding of what states expect from you for compliance. An LLC service can take the guesswork and stress out of the process.