15 Best Project Management Conferences in 2024

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    Every year, project management conferences come with a promise of learning and networking opportunities for project management professionals. The good news is that this year is no exception. If you have been looking forward to the next big event, here is a comprehensive list of the top project management conferences in 2023.

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    1. Project Summit Business Analyst World

    Date: June 12 to June 14, 2023

    Venue: The Westin Arlington Gateway, Washington DC, USA

    Estimated Turn Out: 500 to 1,000 delegates

    Website: https://www.pmbaconferences.com/

    Project Summit Business Analyst World is arguably one of the most significant project management events in North America. The speakers that will grace this conference are leading professionals in their respective sectors. Attendees can expect to have an illuminating learning and networking experience.

    2. Project Management Symposium

    Date:  May 5 to May 6, 2022

    Venue: Virtual

    Website:  https://pmsymposium.umd.edu/

    Due to the pandemic, organizers of some project management events have moved online. The Project Management Symposium is one of these conferences. Fortunately, professionals from all over the world can attend this incredible symposium virtually.

    If you attend the Project Management Symposium of 2022, you stand a chance to earn 44.25 PDUs which will go a long way in helping maintain your PMI certification. Even though this event favors certified professionals, the discussion will offer something for everyone.

    3. Global Scrum Gathering

    Date: June 5 to June 8, 2022

    Venue: Denver, Colorado, USA, and Virtual

    Website:  https://www.scrumalliance.org/

    The pandemic has prevented the Scrum Alliance from organizing a physical project management con since 2020. But now that health professionals have contained the situation, the organizers are hosting the Scrum Gathering in Colorado this year. However, they have considered people who may not want to travel to Colorado by providing means for them to attend virtually.

    Many speakers from the agile environment will be sharing their knowledge and experience at this event. The topics of the event will go beyond project management software. They will touch on other broad aspects of running a successful business.

    4. ACMP’s Annual Conference

    Date: June 28 to July 1, 2022

    Venue: Virtual

    Website:  https://www.acmpglobal.org/page/GC2022

    The Association of Change Management Professional conference is around the corner. Due to safety concerns, the event will be virtual. The focus theme will be “Embracing th

    e Changing World: Diversity, Technology, and Adaptability.” ACMP is determined to spearhead change in the practice of project management.

    Attendees will learn about evolving project management aspects and how to embrace the change. And since ACMP is an authoritative champion for professionalism in project management, the participants will undoubtedly have an invaluable learning experience. They will also get an opportunity to mingle with like-minded professionals and enrich their contact lists.

    5. 10th IPMA Research Conference

    Date: April 22-23, 2023

    Venue: Nanjing, China

    Website:  https://www.ipma-research-conference.world/

    The International Project Management Association boasts of having over 72 member associations across the globe. Their 10th IPMA Research Conference will focus on the value of co-creation in project management. The organizers described the upcoming event as a symposium for professionals to exchange ideas. One of their objectives is to encourage dialogue and discussions between the participants.

    Emerging trends in project management, business projects, digitalization, and project society will be some of the significant issues that will take center stage at the conference.

    6. Agile 2022

    Date: July 18 to July 22, 2022

     Venue: Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

    Website:  https://www.acmpglobal.org/page/GC2022

    Agile Alliance is one of the leading global non-membership associations built on the Agile Software Development Manifesto. The anticipated annual conference will focus on progressiveness in agile principles and value, innovation, and exploration in project management. Read about agile project methodology here.

    The conference seeks to assemble various agile communities so that they can brainstorm, network, and share their professional experiences. This event is for all global practitioners interested in emerging practices, strategies, and ideas in agile software developments. 

    Innovators and agents of change from various parts of the world will attend. This conference welcomes both members and non-members of the Agile Alliance, and participants with membership will get a discount upon registration.

    7. Future PMO

    Date: October 26, 2023

    Venue: London, England

    Website: https://www.futurepmo.com/

    The Future PMO will be a one-day conference for all project management and PMO professionals. Its organizers welcome attendees from all over the world. The speakers for this event will include PMO and project portfolio management experts. In addition, the event will be a social event encouraging networking.

    The organizers of this project management event have set “Retro Gaming” as this year’s theme. And the conference will feature Laura Barnard, a top consultant and trainer on PMO strategies, as the keynote speaker. Federico Vargas, the CEO of G360, will be the other notable contributor to the conference.

    8. Project Delivery Conference

    Date: April 27 -29, 2023

    Venue: Chicago, USA, and Virtual

    Website: https://builtworlds.com/2022-project-delivery-conference/

    Last year Builtworlds had to cancel the project delivery conference due to the pandemic. But there’s good news because the event will go down this year in Chicago. The best part is that you can participate virtually if you are unable to get there physically.

    Global construction experts will share and exchange ideas and this will be an invaluable growth opportunity for rising talents interested in managing construction projects.

    The highlights of this conference will revolve around innovative technology around building projects. Attendees will also learn how to manage risks in construction projects.

    9. 20th European Pharma and Medtech PPM Conference

    Date: May 18 to May 19, 2022

    Venue: Basel, Switzerland

    Website: https://whysummits.com/ppm-summit-basel-2022/

    This year’s main focus for the 20th European Pharma and Medtech PPM conference is portfolio management in the biotech and pharma industry. Organizers have already picked “New Ways of Working “as the event’s theme. The conference presents a remarkable learning experience for all project management professionals in the medical technology field.

     Other areas the event will cover include:

    • Leveraging new approaches to working, such as digital tools and agile
    • Building formidable cross functional teams
    • Collaborating with external shareholders
    • Incorporating mature products into project management

    10. Women in Project Management (WiPM) Summit

    Date: May 26, 2022

    Venue: Westbury Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

    Website: https://www.pmsummit.global/about-wipm

    The WiPM Summit is a project management conference that seeks to empower women in project management. It is an event that will enable attendees to add to their portfolio of skills, network, and connect with their peers.

    The organizers are still recruiting keynote speakers for the event. There was a similar event last year, and here is what the event had to offer.

     11. PGCS Project and Program Management Symposium

    Date: Aug. 22 to Aug. 24, 2023

    Venue: Canberra, Australia, and Virtual

    Website: https://www.pgcsymposium.org.au/

    The PGCS conference is taking place for the 10th time and has found much success in the previous years. This year’s theme will be “Success is Never an Accident.” The organizers have advertised this conference as an occasion that will bring program and project management foundations together—they aim to help professionals work towards the successful execution of projects.

    The event will cover the following topics:

    • Putting together successful teams for projects
    • Risk management
    • Structuring organizations to execute projects successfully

    Delegates who will attend the event physically will have unlimited access to the live content and in-demand virtual content after the symposium. Virtual attendees also stand to gain immensely.

    12. 33rd IPMA World Congress

    Date: Nov. 19 to Nov. 25, 2022

    Venue: Tokyo, Japan

    Website: https://worldcongress.ipma.world/

    This year’s IPMA world congress will tackle the role of project management in building a sustainable future. The ultimate objective is to explore the prospects of the digital age and its challenges. Participants will then try to develop solutions to the problems resulting from the ever-changing digital landscape in project management.

    The program committee consists of speakers from America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. Most of them are heads of large corporations, practitioners from various fields and disciplines, and leading scientists.

    13. Kanban Global Summit

    Date: June 28 to June 30, 2023

    Venue: San Diego, CA, USA

    Website: https://resources.kanban.university/events/

    The Kanban Global Summit is a resourceful conference featuring leading experts. The keynote speakers will share groundbreaking information on the Kanban methods during this event. Those in attendance will learn how to leverage various proven Kanban techniques to benefit their organizations.

    Professionals will also participate in social receptions, coaching clinics, workshops, and insightful learning labs. The learning labs will encourage participants to focus on specific topics and ask questions. If professional and personal development is one of your goals in 2022, the Kanban Global Summit will be a great project management conference to attend.

    14. Bridge PM  & PMO Conference

    Date: September 21-23, 2023

    Venue: Vilnius, Lithuania, and virtual

    Website: https://www.pmconference.org/

    The Bridge PM and PMO Conference will be a hybrid event. Virtual attendees can participate in the event live via the Airmeet platform. The conference will feature thought leaders in various fields.

    These will include Gilbert Silvius, the current HU of the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, Netherlands. He is a renowned expert in the area of sustainability in project management. The other notable speakers for the event include Dr Inga Popovaite, Joel Carboni, and Tajuana M.Taylor.

    15. Agile & Beyond

    Date: May 24 to May 25, 2022

    Venue: Detroit, Michigan, USA

    Website: https://agileandbeyond.com/2022/

    Agile continues to champion excellent practices in the project management field. Agile and Beyond is another one of its many project management cons that will be seeking to sharpen practitioners’ skills. It will allow professionals to listen to maestros in project management and interact with like-minded talents.

    The sessions in the events will revolve around agility, lean business practices, and software engineering. A typical day will revolve around insightful speeches from keynote speakers. Later, attendees will get the opportunity to interact and connect before calling it a day.

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    Final Thoughts on Project Management Conferences

    Project management conferences are instrumental in the professional development of practitioners. Participating in these events will expose you to the industry’s leading think tanks. You will get the opportunity to acquire tremendous professional knowledge in a few days.