Editorial Guidelines

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    Management Library is a free resource created with the intent to help professionals and businesses take the next step in their growth. Our editorial policy outlines our beliefs and policies for the intent and actual creation of our articles on our site.

    Editorial Policies

    The Management Library team aims to provide the highest quality information available on a variety of business topics. We aim to answer our readers’ questions to the best of our ability through a deep understanding of not just the principles we cover but also the application of those principles. We accomplish this through a combination of:

    • Deep Research: We include educational and expert research and apply what is learned into our content. We only use research from reputable sources and try to combine what has been learned from multiple sources into a final conclusion.
    • Personal Expertise: Our team has many years of practical experience in the fields we write about. We use this experience and apply what we’ve learned in our content to best help our readers understand real-world application.
    • External Expertise: We also utilize the expertise of professionals to better help us understand how principles are applied in their day-to-day experience. We’ll often quote these experts in our content, link to their research, or use their knowledge to help us better understand what we’re writing.

    The combination of all of these resources has provided us with a well-rounded approach to content creation. This leads to better answers and knowledge delivered to our readers. Our writers are asked to use all three approaches when creating every article, ensuring that we’re always delivering on our very high editorial standards.

    Product Recommendations & Editorial Independence

    While we do make money from some of the partners that we recommend on our site, this does not drive our recommendations. We instead aim to partner with the same products that we recommend to our readers, whenever possible because we only recommend the best.

    Our reviews and comparisons are independent and only based on our research, as outlined above. We do not receive compensation to recommend any partner on the site but may receive commissions from the purchases of our readers. Our editorial team has carte blanche to recommend whatever products or services are the best fit for our readers, regardless of any partnerships or compensation that we might receive.

    No Individual Advice or Professional Capacity

    Neither Management Library nor Paradise Media, LLC provides individual or customized services in the areas of accounting, tax, legal, or investments of any kind. We are not brokers and do not pretend to represent the readers in any way. Since each individual’s personal situation is unique, a qualified professional should be consulted before making a final decision in any of those areas, especially ones that impact an individual legally or financially.

    Content Corrections

    We aim to have the highest standards of both providing and communicating information. If you find a grammatical or factual error, no matter how big or small, we want to know about it. Please head over to our contact us page and send us a message so that we can correct that error as quickly as possible.

    Plagiarism & Duplication

    We do not condone or tolerate plagiarism, of any kind. The copying of other people’s ideas or work is not allowed or condoned by anyone on our team. We aim to make sure it never happens to any of our content as we only provide original work. Any acts of plagiarism by our editorial staff will be promptly dealt with and punishment could be up to and including termination or separation from our company and site.