How Do I Create A Free Professional Email Address?

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    A business email address can boost your business image and make it easier for people to trust you. If you run a small venture or a startup, a professional email address can also make you look as well-established as your top competitors.

    However, it is challenging to find a truly free business email provider. Most web hosting providers that offer free email domains require you to incur costs associated with their plans. In this article, we will explore four straightforward steps to obtain a “nearly” free professional email address coupled with free inbox organization tools.

    What Is a Free Professional Email Address?

    The most popular free email addresses contain the domain name of the email service provider. These include,, and On the other hand, a business email address comes with your domain name, giving your company a unique identity.

    For instance, if your company’s name is “Backstreet,” a professional business email address may be Using a generic email like can demean your company’s credibility or give it an unprofessional vibe.

    4 Easy Steps to Set up a Free Professional Email Address

    A business email address is a crucial aspect of your branding. It provides a superior strategy for connecting your company’s face with your website domain and official communication channel with your clients.

    Here are four easy steps for setting up a free business email address:

    Step 1: Register Your Domain Name

    The easiest way to obtain the best free business email address is first to register your domain name. Ensure you choose a name that reflects your business as closely as possible. Note that your domain name of choice will dictate your website address and business email.

    A free professional email address is not technically free because you have to incur some undelaying fees. The easiest way to register a domain name is through a web hosting provider. Some of the best hosting providers include:

    The web host you choose will also provide free email hosting allowing you to create a free business email address. They will also take care of server maintenance.

    To register, choose a hosting plan and confirm whether your domain name of choice is available. If it is taken, try to find a closely related name, perhaps by adding a hyphen, abbreviations, etc. The next step is to enter your personal details, click “I Agree” to the terms, and make a payment to set up a web hosting account for your domain name. Read the step-by-step guide on how to register a domain name.

    Step 2: Select an Email Provider

    Depending on your web hosting company, you may choose a random email provider or have to choose one from the company’s email service partners. For instance, you have to select GSuite or Webmail to access your emails when using Bluehost.

    If you have the freedom of choice, here are some of the options you could go with:

    • G Suite (Google Workspace)
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • Zoho Workplace
    • Rackspace
    • FastMail

    Step 3: Create a Free Business Email Address

    So, you have registered your website’s domain name and even have an email provider. It’s now time to create a personalized free professional email address.

    The steps you will take here will depend on your web hosting company. With Bluehost, for instance, you’ll need to visit the Bluehost dashboard and click the Email and Office tab to create your free professional email address using your domain name. When using Zoho, visit the Mail Pricing page and select the Forever Free plan.

    Step 4: Check Out Your Free Business Email Address

    Your web hosting company will provide detailed instructions to help you access your free business email address and send or receive emails. Essentially, you need to choose a webmail application like Outlook or Gmail. Just ensure your choice affords you a smooth user experience and satisfactory customization options.

    Also, you can create multiple user accounts and manage them by changing passwords and freeing up storage space. To make your company appear well-established, you can set up addresses for your customer service, sales, and HR departments.

    If the free plan is too basic for your business needs, you always have the option of upgrading. Paid premium email services offer more advanced features.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Free Professional Email Address

    Here are answers to frequently asked questions about getting a free professional email address.

    Bottom Line on Free Professional Business Email

    A free professional email address can help you make an excellent first impression. It is a powerful branding, email marketing, and digital communication tool that can enhance modern office functions.

    Use the above steps to set up your free business email address and enjoy robust cloud storage features, and a range of productivity tools to ensure smooth business email communications.