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  1. We are no longer accepting new links and articles to the Library. We became overwhelmed with submissions over the years, and increasingly struggled to keep up with the necessary curating, editing and posting. Also, many of the Library’s topics began to achieve at least the core content needed for our readers to get a basic grasp of each of those topics.
  2. The Library focuses on general topics in personal, professional and organizational development. Thus, it does not necessarily include situation-specific and role-specific resources, such as a crisis management procedure for a tank explosion or a job description for a farm co-op general manager in a certain state 🙂
  3. We are not equipped to research questions and provide answers on specific topics, for example, “What are the general phases in the development of a self-managed team?” (We do sometimes get those types of questions that are clearly an assignment in a course 🙂

Thank you!

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