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    For-Profits and Nonprofits
    Nonprofit-Specific Sites

    Various Supersites With Information for For-Profits

    The following sources provide a wide range of articles. Remember
    that the vast majority of for-profit management practices also
    apply to nonprofits. Exceptions are managing volunteers, doing
    fundraising, having volunteer Boards of Directors, and certain
    financial management practices. (Nonprofit-specific supersites
    are listed later on below.)

    Recommended Links

    Nickols articles

    SBA: Small
    Business Administration Home Page

    Additional Links’s listing of many management-related links
    Ask an Expert
    Better Business Bureau Resource

    Big Dog’s Bowl of
    Biscuits – training – coffee – reference – leadership

    Improvement Articles
    Business Resource Center
    Dave Kahle
    Free Sales Training Articles

    Don Clark’s list of many resources
    Edward Lowe Foundation
    Fast Company
    Internet Index
    Office Depot Small Business Resource Center
    Operations, Statistics,
    SCORE – Service Corps Of
    Retired Executives

    Small Business Advisor – helping
    small and home-based businesses

    Small Business Home Office
    advice assistance – BusinessTown

    U.S. Federal
    Government Agencies

    Various Supersites With Nonprofit-Specific Information

    The following sources provide a wide range of articles in regard
    to nonprofit organizations. Remember that the vast majority of
    nonprofit management practices also apply to for-profits. For-profits
    focus on generating profit and nonprofits on meeting a need in
    society; however, many nonprofits have to pay very close attention
    to the financial bottom line, as much as for-profits. Some differences
    are that nonprofits attend specifically to fundraising to donors,
    manage volunteers, and engage in public policy and lobbying (although
    many for-profits also engage in public policy and lobbying).

    Expertise, Inc.

    AXI Resources
    Bridgespan Group: Nonprofit
    Strategy Consulting, Executive Search, and Philanthropy Advising

    Nonprofit Gateway

    National Alliance for
    Nonprofit Organizations

    Nonprofit Quarterly (subscribe
    to the Newswire)