Perhaps the Most Important Self-Practice Today: Mindfulness

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    What is Mindfulness?

    Why Is It So Important Today?

    Test – How Mindful Are You?

    How Do You Practice It?

    Additional Aspects of Personal Wellness

    What is Mindfulness?

    The editorial staff of the Mindful magazine defines mindfulness this way: “Mindfulness
    is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what
    we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going
    on around us.”
    What is Mindfulness?

    This definition is written in Psychology Today: “Mindfulness
    is a state of active, open attention to the present. When we are mindful, we
    carefully observe our thoughts and feelings without judging them as good or
    bad .. It means living in the moment and awakening to our current experience,
    rather than dwelling on the past or anticipating the future.”
    What is Mindfulness?

    As usual, Wikipedia gives us a comprehensive and yet specific explanation of

    Is Mindfulness? Nobody Really Knows, and That’s a Problem

    Why Is It So Important Today?

    It is ironic that in trying to calm the very hectic pace of our lives — in
    trying to feel more serenity in our lives — we do that by adding yet more things
    to do: reading more self-help articles, taking more classes, and undertaking
    even more stressful diets and exercises. Yet, for believers in mindfulness,
    the “answer” to finding more serenity is just not trying to find
    it. It is in just noticing what’s around us now without a lot of thinking about
    it. Practitioners of mindfulness have found that living in the present is much
    more serene and satisfying than constantly living one step ahead of yourself.

    They have also found that they get just as much — if not more — done in their
    lives and what they get done is often more important, than just urgent. But
    most of us are not at all receptive to a practice that is so contrary to what
    we’ve been taught and how we’ve lived our lives so far. Without knowing it,
    we’re doing that old adage of working harder, rather than smarter; of doing
    the same thing over and over again, and of expecting different results each

    For too many of us, we realize that insight only after suddenly suffering a
    significant physical ailment. Yet, we believe that “solutions” to
    complex problems have much have complex solutions. Or, at least, they must come
    from experts, certainly not from ourselves — and they should be darn expensive,
    as well.

    For some countries and cultures, they have practicing mindfulness, especially
    through the form of meditation, for millennia. Much longer than our country
    was formed. Perhaps they learned the practice through frustration, confusion, and pain like many of us are experiencing today. Yet today, research continues
    to show the benefits of more mindful approaches, such as meditation and Eastern
    practices such as Tai Chi and Yoga — practices you can understand and do with
    yourself or with others.

    Test – How Mindful Are You?

    Take this mindfulness quiz.


    Based on the results, you might consider the suggestions in the following articles.

    How Do You Practice It?

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    Yet, it’s important to see both sides of mindfulness practices.
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    Additional Aspects of Personal Wellness

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