Mastering Concentration: Guidelines and Examples

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    Enhance Your Focus: Guidelines and Examples for Mastering Concentration

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    What is Concentration

    As we try to deal with the increasing amount of information in the world and increasing demands on our time, it becomes increasingly difficult to concentrate. As a result, it seems we’re increasingly hearing the word “concentration”, or similar words like focusing the mind, controlling the mind, and mindfulness. But as often as we hear the word concentration, what is it really?

    “Concentration is the ability to direct one’s attention in accordance with one’s will. It means control of the attention. It is the ability to focus the mind on one subject, object or thought, and at the same time
    exclude from the mind every other unrelated thoughts, ideas, feelings and sensations” … “Concentration is a state, in which one’s whole attention is engrossed in one thing only, and being oblivious to everything else. During concentration, the mind focuses on the object of concentration,
    and only one thought occupies the mind. The whole energy of the mind becomes concentrated on this one thought.”– Remez Sasson in the article What is Concentration?

    Causes of Poor Concentration

    Test – How Well Do You Concentrate?

    Take this online test and decide how well you concentrate.

    How Well Do You Focus?

    Consider the strategies in the following section.

    Strategies to Improve Your Concentration

    As with any skill, it takes practice. First, you get new information about how something could be done and then you practice applying that information.

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