Love in All Ways

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    ‘Tis the season of Love – a time to remember the power of Love to heal, transform, and nourish.
    Valentine’s day is a reminder of all the ways that Love shows up in our life.

    Sometimes Love shows up with flowers and candy.

    Sometimes Love shows up as an unexpected call from a friend.

    Sometimes Love shows up as a painful memory, prompting us to forgive.

    Sometimes Love shows up as an illness or loss, allowing us to receive support and comfort.

    Sometimes Love shows up as criticism or a biting comment, calling us to respond with love, knowing that people who are hurting hurt others.

    Sometimes Love shows up as doubt or worry, nudging us to step up to the magnificence of who we truly are.

    Sometimes Love shows up as self-criticism or shaming, providing the opportunity to heal an old wound.

    Sometimes Love shows up as judgments or blaming, asking us to give up arrogance and righteousness.

    However Love shows up, know this:

    There is more Love – Always and in All Ways.


    There is more Love Somewhere

    I love this song as a reminder to walk the path of Love. Remember these words even when you are hurt, tired, feel defensive, or about to criticize others or yourself.

    There is more Love somewhere

    There is more Love somewhere

    I’m gonna keep on ’til I find it

    There is more Love somewhere

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