Law of Attraction: Release Judgments & Pain

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    I have worked with several Coaching clients this year who recently lost their jobs. Like so many people in that situation, their fear over finances started to suck their energy and drag them into a downward spiral.

    To add salt to the wound, they also beat themselves up over losing their job. They add extra layers of blame, shame, and judgment to their current life situation. This only compounds their pain.

    Typically my clients come to me emotionally wounded and mentally fatigued. They lack the self-confidence to move forward and need an emotional boost to find their next job.

    I help my clients step back from their experience enough to see it through a different lens.

    Often just a few key insights help shift their energy, regain their confidence, and provide hope for their job search.

    Law of Attraction – How to Use It and Understand It

    Two of these Job Coaching clients have worked with me to use and understand the Law of Attraction better.

    I can share dozens of stories where the Law of Attraction was vividly demonstrated. It Works and It Is Real.

    Whatever we project into the world, we attract (good and bad). Our thoughts, feelings, and energy are magnets. So you need to be careful what you think, feel, and do because it will be returned to you.

    • If we think self-ish thoughts or act selfishly, we’ll attract self-ish people into our lives.
    • If we think helpful thoughts or give generously, we’ll attract helpful people to us.
    • If we think we want to die or kill some aspect of our life, we develop a series of illnesses or injuries.

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    Note: This point is important because it speaks to the deeper level that the Law of Attraction works.

    Our life works at a Soul AND Ego level – in everything we think, say, or do. To live more joyfully, become intentional and aware of what you think, feel, and do. Then you can consciously draw to you what is for your Right Highest Good at your deeper soul level.

    The key is to align your thoughts, judgments, behaviors, and emotions with your soul growth and Inherent Divine Nature more consciously.

    The challenge at our ego/conscious level is to release judgments that our life experiences are ‘good’ vs. ‘bad’.

    If you see your job loss as horrible, unfair, unwanted, etc., you’ll experience more pain because of those judgments and beliefs.

    Instead, you can affirm a job loss was in your Right Highest Good at a deeper soul level. Hold the awareness that your experience is helping you grow spiritually, increase your faith, and align you more with your True Nature.

    You’ll then shift from pain to hope.

    Suffering and Judgments

    Now I’ve been through a divorce, lost a job I loved, had financial hardships, and lost beloved pets and dear friends. So I know how painful all these experiences can be. I’m not saying you won’t grieve or go through a time of feeling really awful. I’ve been in that pit of despair and know how much it really sucks.

    What I AM saying is that how quickly you move through your grief, pain, judgment, blaming, shaming, and clinging to the past – all determines how quickly you shift the spiral of emotions…. and hence shift what you attract going forward.

    Whether you’re going through an illness, job loss, ending a relationship, etc., you’ll experience greater pain to the extent you add extra layers of judgments to what happened.

    You can give yourself a bad emotional or mental lashing for what happened…just know that only adds salt to the wound.

    If you continue to feel bad about what happened, feel disappointed, and feel ashamed, your judgments and beliefs will keep pulling you in that direction.

    It’s your judgments and thoughts that are perpetuating your pain, not the fact that you lost your job.

    And…. Your judgments and emotions fuel the Law of Attraction to attract similar pain.

    Reframe your Thoughts and You Shift your Experiences

    This is why I remind my Coaching clients (and you here) to re-frame their thoughts around losing their job, relationship, home, etc. Divine Discontent man image

    Once you shift gears and reverse your judgments and emotions, you’ll shift what’s attracted to you. You can either keep spiraling down with your negative emotions and judgments, or you can catch yourself and reverse the spiral.

    To shift the spiral of pain:

    1. Notice the judgments you are putting on the situation – are you continually saying how awful things are, how badly you were treated, or how crappy you feel?
    1. Affirm that what is happening is for your soul development and conscious evolution. Your soul growth comes from letting go of your judgments, emotional self-lashing, victim consciousness, and poor pity me thinking.

    Affirm that what is happening for your Right Highest Good and move forward from there.

    Law of Attraction and Soul Fulfillment

    If you understand the Law of Attraction at a deeper soul level, you then see and understand that you are being guided, nudged, perhaps pushed to another expression of yourself that your old job/relationship/home, etc. didn’t allow you to have.

    There is extra responsibility living in conscious awareness of how the Law of Attraction works.

    There is also more power in it too. When you learn to catch yourself in a negative spiral, you have more control to reverse it and pull more positive experiences to you.

    Play with this over the coming week. Start with something less challenging and see how you do control and shift your thoughts, emotions, and judgments.

    When something disappointing happens, notice your thoughts, judgments, and emotions. See when you shift those judgments and emotions, things shift in your life.

    Have fun practicing this over the next few days and weeks.

    Bright Blessings.

    ~ Linda ~


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