Building Blocks of Writing Essentials: Vocabulary, Spelling, and Grammar

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    Vocabulary is the collection of words conveyed by a person or in writing in order to communicate with the reader or listener. The more words that you understand in your personal vocabulary, the more effectively you will comprehend what the speaker or writer intends to convey. The term “vocabulary” is sometimes used interchangeably with the term “lexicon”.

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    By the time we have finished grade school, we know what spelling is, although we might not be able to define it. Wikipedia defines spelling as the “…interpretation of speech sound into writing”. You can’t proceed with improving your writing unless you start by knowing how to spell.


    Grammar specifies the rules for how to correctly construct a sentence. It covers subjects such as how to use commas, apostrophes, and punctuation, as well as subject-verb matching, run-on sentences, and using the correct tense.


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