13 Best Project Management Software for Video Production in 2024

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    Project management comprises the different steps that any organization or group of people take to control and organize a given task from start to finish. Since the surge in remote video production job roles, there has been a rising need for video project management software.

    All the video software production management software created has unique features and tools that help with coordinating team members and resources. However, video producers search for parts that boost their team’s workflow. 

    Discover some of the best project management software for video production in 2024.

    Overview Of Some Of The Best Project Management Software For Video Production


    Pricing Per Month (Annually)

    Scheduling/Time Tracking



    • Free forever plan (individual) – $0
    • Basic Plan – $27 and $9 per seat
    • Standard Plan – $36  & $12 per seat
    • Pro Plan – $57 and $19 per seat
    • Enterprise Plan – Exclusive pricing

    Timesheet features help creators keep track of their team members. Plus, team members can keep track of personal performance.

    • Update features that help keep the team in the loop of the progress other team members are making.
    • Feature for tagging specific team members.

    Integrates with over 5000 sites and apps, including Google Drive, Slack, Vimeo, Adobe, and lots more.

    • Free forever $0 – $19 Business plus plan.
    • Plus, an entire enterprise plan is based on negotiations.
    • Set deadlines and reminders on each board or list for a specific task.
    • Allows managers to prioritize each task (urgent, high, low).
    • The calendar feature allows for effective scheduling.
    • Mentions allow team members to communicate on the platform.
    • Use chat features to correspond in real-time.
    • Integrates with 1000+ other platforms.
    • Build and use customizable integrations on the platform.
    • Forever free (15 team members) $0 – Business plan $30.49
    • Exclusive enterprise plan for organizations.

    The calendar feature lets team members schedule and prioritize individual tasks.

    Drop comments and share files with the team under each assigned task.

    Can link to 260+ sites, including

    • $0 – $24.80 free, team and business plans available.
    • Exclusive offers for Enterprise and pinnacle plans.
    • Wrike uses Gantt charts and kanban boards for assigning tasks between team members.
    • Track your level of productivity using Wrike’s inbuilt time tracker or manually include time spent.

    Keep teammates informed of progress on each task using workflow features.

    400+ integrated tools are available for teams using Wrike.

    Free $0 – Enterprise $9

    • Schedule and assign tasks using Gantt boards.
    • Keep track of time in real-time or manually.
    • Customizable documents and spreadsheets for team discussions.
    • Mentions are available to narrow down team conversations.
    • Team members can communicate in large groups using pages and forums.

    Integrate with about 300 other sites.

    • Free plan
    • Standard plan – $5
    • Premium plan – $10
    • Enterprise plan – $17.50
    • Schedule, organize, and assign tasks using boards and cards.
    • Use reminder features to regulate the duration of each project.

    All team members can implement changes to Trello boards to boost collaboration.

    Trello integrates with over 180+ sites to improve team productivity.

    • Free Plan for a maximum of 5 users.
    • $5.99 Starter Plan
    • $9.99 Deliver Plan
    • $17.99 Grow Plan
    • Keep track of time using timesheets and time trackers.
    • Use the task list, board, and chart feature to assign tasks to team members and send mail notifications and calendars to set deadlines.
    • Mention team members, and create chat channels.
    • Use notebook features to create and share ideas with team members.

    Integrate over 2000+ apps on teamwork with ease.

    • $22.50 Cloud Plan (Free Support for clients and virtual users. 2GB file space per user).
    • On-Premise Plan offers a quote for bespoke pricing.
    • Each task comes with timers that can be started and paused during breaks.
    • Weekly timesheets are also available.
    • Click on start discussion on any project board. Receive notifications and join in on conversations even with third-party apps.
    • Provides an add followers option to include clients in conversations.

    Integrates with over 400+ other 3rd party sites and software.

    • 15-day free trial.
    • Team Plan – $24
    • Enterprise Plan – negotiable pricing.
    • Timelog tracks hours spent on projects.
    • Schedule and monitor progress with kanban and Gantt.
    • Stay informed and in touch with other project team members via the activity center. Share information right from your mail.
    • Correspond with specific teammates on projects too.

    Integrates with hundreds of platforms and connects to 1000+ with Zapier.

    Free Plan – $25 business plan with 1TB storage.

    Reminders and update features help teams keep track of time and progress.

    Allows collaboration via reviews right under each task.

    Bright sheets integrate with 100+ other platforms.

    For Web:

    • Plan 1 – $10 (1-month free trial)
    • Plan 3 – $30 (free for one month)
    • Plan 5 – $55 (try with a partner)
    • Create tasks, add team members, and assign them to each task.
    • Keep track of workflow with Gantt, grid, and boards.

    Start team discussion using conversations, file sharing, and much more. This is enabled by integrating MS Teams on MS Project.

    Integrates with all Microsoft Office 365 software.

    • Essential Plan $26 – Pro Plan – $63
    • Ultimate Plan – Exclusively available on negotiation.
    • Calendars are available for scheduling.
    • Uses Kanban boards for allocating tasks to the team.
    • Timesheets and trackers ensure billable hours are correctly recorded.
    • Insights are available to monitor team performance.

    No collaboration between team members on the platform.

    Links with 1000+ of the best sites and apps you’ll ever need.

    • Free Plan
    • Starter Plan – $39
    • Pro Plan – $79
    • Business Plan – $124
    • Unlimited Plan – $399
    • Manually set and track billable hours.
    • Offers detailed time log reports.
    • Bounce ideas around with teammates using discussion threads.
    • Use workspace chats to communicate, create tasks and implement them with team members.

    2000+ integrations enabled by Zapier.

    Best Project Management Software for Video Production – Quick Verdict

    Best Overall – Monday.com. Monday.com is the overall best project management software here because it has excellent pricing plans and offers the best features needed by a production team. From time-tracking, collaboration, multiple dashboards, and integration tools, the team has everything required for a streamlined workflow. Choose a suitable plan and be on your way to boosting your team’s productivity.

    13 Best Project Management Software for Video Production in 2024

    Monday.com is a cloud-based project management software that can be used for different types of team projects. Its workflow tools are easy to set up and are suitable for small and large teams. It’s the best pick for video project management because it integrates with many third-party softwares. 

    Video production processes require a lot of software that can now be linked to allow team members to work on one platform. Additionally, customizable dashboards help to differentiate all the teams that are involved in the various production processes. Its automation, time tracking, and scheduling tools make it easy to move work along quickly and expose weak links in a single view.

    • Connects to over 5000 third-party platforms.
    • 8 project visibility styles, plus a new add view feature with additional views.
    • Easily switch between views.
    • Provides tutorials for every new feature.
    • Provides a simple view of tasks and progress insights.
    • A bit pricey.
    • User limits for each pricing plan are not so great.
    • It might be overwhelming for small team projects.

    Click-up brings its A-game, incorporating every tool any team will need to run a project from start to finish successfully. It integrates with over 1000 third-party softwares and even includes a feature that allows users to add customized integrations that can improve their workflow. That is probably why big brands like IBM and Samsung employ click-up software to manage some team activities.

    Teams get allocated specific tasks and can be provided with the resources needed to complete the job. At the same time, creating room for active collaboration with @, commenting, and file-sharing features. Team members can set personal goals using the priority features, and everyone can switch between views to monitor the project’s progression.

    • Fully functional web and mobile versions.
    • The design interface is practical.
    • Teams can link customized sites and Apps to the platform.
    • 24/7 customer service.
    • Over 15 different views are available for project visibility.
    • Templates available for beginners.
    • Storage size is dependent on the pricing plan.
    • Limited templates are available for beginners.

    Asana software is suited to big teams. However, its free plan includes some of the best features a production management software can offer. It allows a 15-member team access to 100MB and 100+ integrations. Additionally, team admins can create and delegate jobs to members, use cards, and create tasks.

    Team members can interact using messaging and comment features and pass information through attachments. Premium offers include more integration options and features that allow for absolute job efficiency on projects.

    • With the rules automation system, Asana eliminates the need for its users to perform repetitive tasks for its users.
    • Up to 15 users on its free plan, and users can select from 2 members and above on the platform’s premium plans.
    • The UI is responsive.
    • The client reporting portal allows guests to view projects.
    • Comment under individual tasks is enabled, plus teams can share files and notes directly on the platform.
    • Accommodates a sizable team; however, there’s no feature for task sharing.
    • Doesn’t include a billable time feature.
    • UI for mobile needs improvement, and so do some of the features.

    Wrike‘s time log system, which allows for automated time tracking and permits manual input of the hours spent on a project, is incredible and shows versatility. Additionally, managers can observe the team’s performance in real-time with Kanban board and Gantt chart viewing features. At the same time, make use of the software reporting and collaboration tools.

    • Integrates with users’ favorite software like Excel, Google Drive, Slack, Mailchimp, WordPress, etc.
    • Wrike’s project management tools are easy to understand and use.
    • Billable time logs measure team productivity levels.
    • The interface is highly responsive.
    • The Wrike App version lacks certain features provided in the web version.
    • The platform requires third-party software to link with other softwares users require.

    Zoho Projects is an excellent tool for small and relatively complicated video production processes. Zoho has deficient pricing plans, which is already a giveaway that it’s not built for any heavy-duty project.

    However, project management for video production requires team members to collaborate actively. Zoho Projects allows teams to create pages and forums where ideas are shared. Groups can further boost productivity by employing tracking and other scheduling features.

    • Enterprise plan available for as low as $9.
    • Time logs can be automated and activated manually.
    • Multiple collaboration features like forums and discussion channels.
    • Integrates with 300+ third-party outlets, which is fair.
    • Not suitable for advanced projects.
    • Output is slow most of the time.

    Trello is the best software a small video production team can use on a tight budget. Trello links with external sites so users can have access to other features they need that the software lacks. Every component on the platform is easy to use; all tasks handled by different team members can be monitored by anyone with authorized access. Comments allow the use of emojis and other features that release tension in the workspace while collaboration occurs.

    However, note that once your access to the Internet is gone, you cannot use the platform. Storage is minimal, and if you’re looking for advanced features, you might need a bigger budget and go for an alternative.

    • Very affordable pricing plans, including a free offer with up to 10 kanban boards.
    • The Trello platform is easy to set up.
    • Training video available.
    • Every team member can make changes to tasks.
    • The free plan offers pretty basic features and minimal space.
    • Not suitable for complex tasks and projects with large teams.

    Teamwork offers a board or card feature for creating and assigning tasks. Its task list and Gantt chart tool allow managers to switch views to suit individual tastes. While actively monitoring the team’s progress on a single page.

    Its integration feature allows the team’s link to all their favorite tools needed for video production with ease. Allowing every action to be carried out on a single platform.

    • Pocket-friendly pricing plans.
    • The User Interface is easy to navigate.
    • Connects to over 2000+ external websites.
    • Time tracking features
    • Security might need some improvement to block unverified visitors logging into user accounts.
    • Needs additional template designs.

    Celoxis for project management has a very well-structured system for client reporting and allows admins or selected users to customize these tools. For instance, it will enable clients to be imported and added to projects using CSV from softwares like Excel. 

    There’s another feature that allows clients to be added and given login details to enable them to monitor the progress of their projects. In some cases, clients can collaborate on projects with team members. Its other project management tools that allow managers to monitor project activities are also worth exploring.

    • Excellent customer service loop.
    • Add-on features allow administrators to correspond with clients.
    • Most of its features are customizable, like team workflow and KPIs.
    • Questions or queries receive swift responses from support teams.
    • Customizing tools and features may be difficult for beginners.
    • No mobile version is available.
    Easy Projects (Birdview PSA) logo

    Easy Projects (Birdview PSA)

    Funny that Easy Projects is considered the easiest software to use on this list. Among software production management tools, it offers some of the most basic features. Gantt chart presents projects to teams clearly and concisely for effective planning.

    Its mind Maps feature allows admin and team members to brainstorm and document information that helps a project as part of pre-production. Project templates and components are customizable and have tools to keep the team up to date in real time.

    • Integrates with over 1000 third-party websites and Apps via Zapier.
    • The client portal feature allows team managers to share progress with clients when necessary.
    • Time logs enable users to keep up with activity in real-time.
    • 1000+ indirect features are available from third-party sites.
    • Customer support feedback time needs to be improved.
    • Platform functionality needs to be improved.

    Smartsheet could be a bit hard to use because it has over 40+ tools, including workflow management, task scheduling and tracking, expense tracking tools, and lots more.

    Smartsheet provides all the spreadsheet features users love. It also throws in some automation, integration, co-editing, and other tools that improve team efficiency. Track the team’s productivity while keeping an eye on the budget and expenses for the project.

    • Sheets can be customized to differentiate between teams.
    • Create multiple dashboards for different projects.
    • Automation features allow admin and users to automate and skip recurring processes.
    • Lots of data-driven collaboration tools.
    • Processes can be slow, occasionally.
    • Its multiple-user editing options are difficult to use when there are numerous users.

    Microsoft Project is Microsoft’s project portfolio management (PPM) tool. Its integration with other Microsoft Office, and 365 software like planner, Excel, Word, and others, makes it ideal for remote teams. It has incredible scheduling features and enables Waterfall and Agile methodologies to streamline the workflow process.

    • Project tools are straightforward to use, even by newbies.
    • Provides options to create tasks and assign them to teams easily.
    • Co-authoring feature promotes collaboration between team members.
    • Reliable customer support.
    • No mobile version is available.
    • More templates are needed.
    • Limited integration options.

    Scoro is your go-to software if the goal is to get a platform that organizes your team and enables you to allocate resources and tasks and track performance. Team collaboration is not one of its strong suits. 

    Provisions are made to automate processes. However, glitches occasionally affect its implementation. However, it’s other agile methodologies, client portals, and lots more work seamlessly.

    • Platform tools are easy to use and navigate.
    • The Kanban board features provide an overall excellent project visibility system.
    • Time tracking feature available.
    • The mobile app version is a bit slow and needs improvement.
    • Updating status for each task is limited to the team manager.
    • Too pricey for the features offered.

    Nifty is an excellent video production management software with a great interface that provides multiple dashboards, storage space, and other unique features. Its pricing plan determines the storage space at a team’s disposal. 

    For instance, an unspecified number of team members can access 100MB of storage using Nifty’s free plan. They can also create tasks, assign them, share files, and have discussions under the two projects that the free plan offers. For time tracking, budgeting, plus other nifty features, users must upgrade to premium packages.

    • Exceptional UI
    • The workspace chat feature encourages team collaboration on the platform.
    • Discussion threads are available for communication between teams.
    • Links with 2000+ software.
    • Pricing plans are a bit high
    • Too many third-party connections rely on Zapier.
    • File sharing is limited to members of a specific team.

    Benefits of Using Project Management Software for Video Production Teams

    Video production processes comprise many different steps that must be completed to come up with a finished product. Half the time, these little steps that build up to the final product are handled by different team members. 

    Everyone knows managing a team is crucial if you intend to achieve tangible results within a specific timeframe. It is at this point that video production management software comes in handy to help organize, sometimes even micro-manage, teams for effective results. This section will showcase how software production management solutions can benefit video production teams.

    Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

    Collaboration is King. To explain that in simple terms, it’s nearly impossible to build a functional product without rubbing minds with others. There’s always a limit to the level of knowledge an individual can possess, except you’re Stephen Hawkings or something. The only way to collaborate is through active communication with team players.

    Of course, it’s easy to communicate offline; however, using video project management tools if you’re in the field of video production allows you to collaborate with ease. Effective communication is boosted using simple tools that help you tag team members when you have questions, share files in a matter of seconds, etc.

    Streamlined Video Production Workflow

    Video project management requires video production to follow a particular sequence of events. On a regular day, video production follows a specific series of events that starts with planning. Where the goals of the video production team are set, a budget is fixed, and ideas are tossed around. 

    After the planning, the production starts with the pre-production stage, where every plan is implemented to ensure that the production process goes according to plan. While you can implement these processes on paper, can you imagine how complex that process will be?

    Opting to use software for video or film production helps to streamline the production management system effectively. It makes it possible to create workspaces for various teams, assign tasks, and monitor the workflow on a single screen. If there is an issue like a team member underperforming or tasks being handled by the wrong member, it’s easy to spot and rectify.

    Additionally, it creates swift communication in the video production process, where one team can notify the next team to pick up the project once a task is closed. Thereby saving time and resources that could have been spent on the project if it had extended beyond expected deadlines.

    Better Time Management and Resource Allocation

    When team members have no fixed deadlines with obvious reminders, there’s a very high tendency that they’ll slack, thereby leading to an extension of  the time allocated to each task and the time required to wrap up production. The result of this is that team members might try to hurry to finish assignments and miss critical steps. The end product will be low-quality production outputs.

    However, when software for film production management is brought into the equation, it helps simplify things. For instance, project managers can use reminder and time-tracking tools to help teams manage their time better. They can also monitor the progress and drop comments or reassign when team members are slacking.

    Apart from helping video production teams manage their time better, it can help project managers allocate resources swiftly and orderly. For instance, a project manager has the goals, plans, and needed resources outlined before production begins. The video production manager software gave a one-page overview of team members’ capabilities.

    This can be gauged using metrics like time spent on specific tasks and other factors. Based on this, video production project managers can make informed decisions on where to allocate what resources. At the same time, ensuring that no team member is burnt out by over-allocation.

    Improved Budget and Expense Management

    Managing the resources allocated to a project will likely be the bane of a video production project manager’s existence. The responsibility of ensuring that the project is completed without overstepping the budget is in the project manager’s court. This cannot be easy when you’re working with other people.

    However, if you use good video production project management software, you’ll have less to worry about. You can conveniently set goals based on your budget and ensure your team reaches them. One way this software helps to achieve this is by including budget trackers.

    The budget tracker lots of video production management software comes with help the video production management team monitor expenses. This helps them quickly identify when there’s a possibility that the budget will be overspent and tackle it from the root. Another tool that makes it possible to keep track of the video production budget is the billable time tracker.

    Billable time trackers show how long a team member spends on a task and how much it would run into. Once it’s clear that a job will cost more than was budgeted, it’s easy to manage it before it becomes a problem.

    Real-Time Project Visibility

    If you don’t understand the concept of project visibility, then maybe liken it to a roadmap for a project. Roadmaps contain both the long-term and short-term goals of a project or organization using detailed or pictorial displays. It makes it easy for investors or anyone coming into the company to understand what is going on there.

    In the same way, project visibility for video production showcases the entire workflow, processes, tasks, who is handling what, and many other things that are necessary to the project. Without proper project visibility, it’s easy for team members and managers to misstep.

    Video production manager software provides a team with boards, lists, and charts to enhance project visibility on one page. That way, it’s easy to keep an eye on everything going on in a team workspace and effect changes where it is needed.

    Frequently Asked Questions For Best Project Management Software for Video Production in 2024


    Video production requires careful planning and follows a set of ordered steps from when production till the project is wrapped up. It is easy to omit a seemingly insignificant step in production that could end up destabilizing the whole process, and one way to prevent this is by employing project management methodologies.

    These include taking steps to ensure that time on the project is adequately utilized. Another factor that needs to be considered is the budget and other factors not listed here. One way to ensure that whatever factors could lead to mishaps during video project production are properly monitored is to use product management software.

    Product management software is widely employed in different projects, including business, consultancy, and IT. However, in video production, simple PM software helps video producers share resources and assign tasks to their teams. Fix budgets, disseminate information, and ensure everything goes according to plan.

    Project management tools achieve this by using Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall methodologies and providing features that help to streamline the entire workflow. In addition, it improves efficiency by encouraging collaboration between teams in the different tiers of production. Video production teams working on lean budgets can also consider using free project management tools for better expense management.