11 Best Monday Alternatives in 2024

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    With its team-centric and startup businesses growth mantra approach to project management, Monday.com is one of the most popular collaboration platforms on the market.  Monday as a very popular enterprise management software has stiff competition in the market, with many of the competitors offering some project management services and providing tools better than Monday. 

    The impact of Monday is not deniable in the market, but it lacks some key features, tools and services of project management, hence where Monday Alternatives come into play. Some of the major alternatives to Monday in the market include: Click up,  Asana, Wrike, Zoho Projects, Trello, Teamwork, etc. These Monday alternatives offer some similar features and more powerful functionality to Monday.com. We will discuss what these Monday alternatives have to offer in detail. 

    Quick View Of The Best Monday Alternatives

    • ClickUp: Best For Development Teams That Are Agile 
    • Asana: Best For Mid-size Enterprises
    • Wrike: Best for Seamless scaling of business growth 
    • Zoho Projects: Best for project customisation 
    • Teamwork: Best For Service Providers that Face Clients
    • Trello: Excellent Kanban Board Interface 
    • Celoxis: Best for teams that are geographically distributed 
    • Easy Projects: Best for use by middle and large enterprises 
    • Smartsheet: Best in ease of use for spreadsheet based projects 
    • Microsoft 365: Best for document archiving 
    • Nifty: Best for reporting across organizations 






    • Automations
    • Nested substack and  checklist 
    • Integrations 
    • Task management
    • Project tracking
    • Customization availability
    • Mobile app compatible for Android and iOS 
    • Team collaboration
    • Free plan 
    • Unlimited plan: $5/user/month
    • Business plan: $12/user/month
    • Business plus plan: $19/user/month
    • Enterprise plan: custom pricing
    • You can have over 1000 integrations to third parties using your ClickUp account.
    • You can follow the progress of your project and the timeline of events using the project tracking feature. 
    • With your ClickUp mobile app you can monitor your projects and work  from anywhere in the world.
    • With ClickUp your task management features take over the control and running of your tasks in ClickUp.
    • Email support
    • Live chat
    • Workflow builder
    • App integrations 
    • Reporting
    • Process automation 
    • Mobile and desktop app for both Android and iOS devices
    • Complex work management 
    • Project tracking
    • Basic plan
    • Premium plan:  $10.99/month
    • Business plan: $24.99/month
    • Enterprise plan: Custom pricing
    • With Asana you can build your project workflow, this is a new feature on Asana and will improve productivity of teams in no time. 
    • You can automate most of your Asana project management processes if not all. 
    • With Asana you are able to track your project progress. 
    • With Asana you can see what all your team members are working on. 
    • You can work from everywhere in the world on your Asana account thanks to the Mobile apps of Asana. 
    • Asana allows for sections of your account  to be customized.
    • Live chat
    • Email support
    • Project resource planning
    • Cross tagging 
    • Kanban boards
    • Integration
    • Proofing 
    • Mobile and desktop app for Android and iOS devices
    • Free plan
    • Team plan: $9.8/month 
    • Business plan $24.8/month
    • Enterprise plan: custom pricing
    • Pinnacle plan: Custom pricing
    • With Wrike you can cross tag within your team and third party integrations.
    • You can work anywhere with the availability of mobile and desktop apps. 
    • Kanban Boards on Wrike gives users access to instant viewing of your project progress across the value chain.   
    • Wrike provides streamlined proofing and collaboration in one place to users.
    • Live chat
    • Customer support  portal for ticket submission
    • Developer APIs
    • Tailored your invoices
    • Automated invoicing
    • Lead management
    • Forecasting
    • Customer service
    • Marketing automation
    • Customization options
    • Mobile access
    • Integration
    • Free plan 
    • Basic plan: $16/month
    • Standard plan $32/month
    • Professional plan $80/month
    • Zoho provides for users to make customized fields, layouts, statuses, and workflows.
    • You are allowed to seamlessly carry out market customisation of your projects.
    • Zoho allows for you to make multiple platform integrations with  third party platforms into your firm’s workflow schedule. 
    • Zoho has several advanced project management tools such as Kanban, Gantt charts, for complex work management.
    • Phone 
    • Email 
    • Ticket 
    • FAQs and forums
    • Project planning
    • Project management
    • Remote work for  staff and team members
    • Time tracking
    • Resource management 
    • Tasklist template 
    • Project template
    • Free forever plan with limited access and no fees 
    • Stater plan: $5.99/month 
    • Deliver plan: $9.99/month 
    • Grow plan: $17.99/month 
    • Scale plan: Custom pricing
    • Teamwork offers you a robust Time tracking feature for constant visibility of your projects. 
    • The cost of purchase will not strain your budget given that the plans are affordable.  
    • Access to the resource management feature that helps you to avoid wastage and unnecessary expenses.
    • Email support 
    • Phone support

    Benefits of Using Monday Alternatives

    Some of the benefits of using Monday alternatives for your project management solutions include: 

    Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

    Monday alternatives offer enhanced collaboration and communication features and capabilities that significantly improve team productivity and efficiency. These alternatives offer similar or even better collaboration in communication compared to what Monday has to offer. 

    Streamlined Project Workflow

    Streamlined project workflow is the process of optimizing project management procedures by users. This process helps to improve efficiency and productivity of business teams project management. Monday alternatives offer highly streamlined project workflow similar to what is available on Monday. Monday alternatives provide a centralized platform for project management across departments and units of organizations. 

    Better Time Management and Resource Allocation

    Monday offers a robust time management and resource allocation on its platform, same applies to Monday alternatives, they offer better time management and resource allocation. The alternatives to Monday use various tools such as time tracking for time management during project management. 

    Improved Budget and Expense Management

    Budgeting is a very serious consideration for project management software, including the free to use plan management software. Monday alternatives have robust budgeting and expenses management features. These features have similar processes to Monday, or better functionalities than those available on Monday. 

    Real-Time Project Visibility

    Real time project visibility ensures that you have access to your work space regardless of where you are. Monday offers viability features to users on its platform, same is the case with Monday alternatives of project management software, they offer real time visibility to users through the use of time tracking of projects. 

    Scalability and Adaptability

    Scalability and adaptability is a very big concern when it comes to project management. Scalability is the ability of the project management software platform to contain an increasing amount of work or users, without such platforms experiencing performance issues. Monday offers scalability but lags in the delivery of scalability and adaptability. Monday alternatives offer scalability and adaptability better than Monday in many cases. 

    Monday alternatives offer scalability to users using features such as customizable workflows, automation, and integrations. These features allow users to streamline operation processes and workflows, which makes it easier to manage larger projects with more team members.

    Top Monday Alternatives

    Below are the top Monday alternatives when you are looking for alternatives to Monday.

    Clickup logo

    ClickUp: Best For Development Teams That Have Scrum Agile Products

    ClickUp is created for everyone and any type of business with teams of staff. ClickUp is built also for teams that make use of scrum in their product development. These sorts of businesses have a need for a project management software like ClickUp. The project management software allows for more than 1000 integrations from third party platforms. This contributes to why ClickUp is a top alternative to Monday.  


    Click up has a top notch customisation view for projects using workflow boards or due dates on calendar. Click allows you to collaborate and provide value across teams and organizations, using some of the best collaboration tools such as figma and Invision. ClickUp offers Nested Substack and  Checklist features that are often used by developers to simplify complex projects into substacks for easy access and understanding.  

    Document Management

    ClickUp offers a robust docs feature that manages all your files and projects tasks that have to do with documents. With ClickUp docs all your document needs on the platform are settled. 

    Integration with Other Tools and Applications

    ClickUp allows you to integrate all your work tools from other platforms into your ClickUp account. You can integrate more than 100 apps, websites and platforms into your ClickUp. 100 plus integrations may seem small compared to other platforms, but it still serves small and middle sized businesses. 


    ClickUp offers membership plans starting from the free plans for start-ups or individuals, the unlimited plan that goes for $5/user/month, business plan that goes for $12/month, and the business plus for $19/month.

    • Over 1000 integrations to third parties using your ClickUp account.
    • Time tracking features 
    • Mobile access and mobile apps in Android and iOS devices 
    • Forever free plan for individuals and startups 
    • Multiple views
    • Record video in-app
    • Multiple pre-built templates 
    • Mobile app lacks intuitivity
    • Glitchy: Real time tracking gets glitchy
    • Cost of purchase may be a worry for startups especially the business plan
    Asana logo

    Asana: Best For Midsize Enterprises and Cross Functional Work

    Asana is an enterprise project management software built for cross platform functional work amongst collaborating organizations. Asana provides you seamless access to work across all your work company platforms using one access. Asana drives efficiency and provides flexibility to teams across organizations. 

    Asana offers organizations and especially non profits who use nonprofit project management tools, to push their operations using a project management software. Asana gives a specialist 50% discount to nonprofits for any of the available plans the organization wishes to purchase. Asana is the best project management software for nonprofits.  


    Asana allows for complex content development and planning using workflow builder, and other Asana tools that allow for organizing and assigning tasks to team members. Asana has a great app integration feature allowing users to integrate their third party apps and websites to Asana when they have the need for it. Asana allows for project reporting, process automation, Project tracking, complex work management. Asana has a mobile and desktop App for both Android and iOS devices that enables you to work from anywhere in the world. 

    Time and Resource Tracking

    Time and resource tracking is a great feature for tracking team performance and project progress on Asana; this makes it a good Monday alternative. Asana uses native time tracking and resources tracking features to stand as a Monday alternative in this aspect. Asana also provides a robust reporting feature which aids in team productivity analysis and resource allocation. 

    Budget and Expense Management

    Asana has a budget tracking feature provided that allows you to make data dependent decisions regarding financial issues in your organization. Asana budget and expense management features enable you to make informed decisions to avoid revenue or resources loss. 

    Document Management

    Documentation on Asana comes with documents and task tracking that enables you to have a full grasp of the status of tasks at any given time. Document management allows you to quickly improve productivity across the teams attending to tasks and projects.    


    Asana has four membership plans starting from a basic free plan to the business plan for $24.99/month, Asana also has the premium plan for $10.99/month and the enterprise plan that is custom priced. 

    • Non profits get a 50% discount for any of the plans they wish to purchase
    • Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices for working from anywhere and portability 
    • A robust Reset API  
    • Integration of third parties is big on Asana
    • Lack of tracking feature for either tasks or projects
    • High cost of the paid plan for startups and low income individuals
    Wrike logo

    Wrike: Best for Seamless Scaling of Business Growth

    Wrike is built for large corporations requiring large project management in their business operations, for seamless scaling and growth of the businesses. Wrike is built for project resource planning in the scale done by humongous large companies. Marketing agencies and several other professional service providers are suitable for using Wrike. The project management software Wrike has a wide range of tools for project management and execution. 


    Wrike is built as a high end tool that supports cross tagging of tasks and teams with a mix of several aspects of project management and software technology. Wrike operates with several advanced features including kanban boards for management of projects and tasks that come with them.  

    With wrike, you can create high performance custom workflows using DAM tools and dynamic reporting. Wrike allows for integration of several hundreds of third party apps and platforms for cross platform operations. Wrike has allows you to work anywhere using the wrike mobile apps.

    Project Planning and Scheduling

    Wrike provided project planning and scheduling capabilities that bring about high-value work that meets project obligations and goals. The project planning feature enables you to set priority tasks and assign such to team members. When such tasks are assigned the delivery times are also set so that everyone knows the need for timely delivery of the task. 

    Integration with Other Tools and Applications

    Wrike provides third party applications and website integration tools and features. You can integrate more than 400 third party apps and tools to your wrike account. With wrike integration you can bring all your favorite apps, work tools and teams to one place. 


    Wrike has five membership plans starting with the free plan with no costs, the Team Plan goes for $9.8/month, the Business Plan goes $24.8/month, The Enterprise and Pinnacle plans are custom priced, meaning you have to contact the sales rep for your account to be set up. 

    • Cross tagging is enabled 
    • Real time analytics for project monitoring 
    • Wrike provides automated workflow
    • Easy to use dashboards 
    • Pre-configured native Integrations 
    • Mobile and Desktop App for Android and iOS devices
    • Wrike lacks filtering feature which can make work cumbersome  
    • The number of integrations are low at 400+ compared to similar players in the industry 
    Zoho Projects logo

    Zoho Projects: Best for Project Customisation

    Zoho provides a good base for organizations and individuals who love to create personalized project templates when working. The customisation is done for the best possible outcome during the project management and execution. Zoho allows users to create customized fields, layouts, statuses, and workflows. Zoho allows users to make multiple platform integrations with  third party platforms into your organization’s workflow schedule. 


    Zoho is built with several features so many to list all out here, some of the main features of Zoho that make it a good alternative to Monday include: Developer APIs for integrations with third party platforms, tailored invoices that are specific to purpose and entity, automated invoicing for instant creation of invoices, customisation options for keeping your designs to your liking, etc. 

    Zoho allows for users to easily perform tasks specific to their work, using several of the available advanced project management tools such as Kanban, Gantt charts, project time tracker, Lead management, etc. Zoho enables effective timesheet logging of data for your billable and non billable hours to avoid complaints from either parties. 

    Budget and Expense Management

    Zoho Projects provides a billing feature for business owners allowing them to bill clients based on hours of completed project, task hours, staff hours, or issue hours. This system of billing is different from what is available on Monday. 

    Integration with Other Tools and Applications

    Zoho projects provides you with integration capabilities with over 300 third party apps, websites, and platforms. This feature allows you to integrate all your favorite tools, apps and teams into one place.  

    Customization and Flexibility

    With Zoho projects you get custom views, fields, and templates that help you get the right information from your project collaborators in a glance.  With the customization and flexibility feature you will get more accurate reports. 


    Zoho has four membership plans starting with the free plan which is free, the Basic Plan which goes for $16/month, the Standard Plan which goes for $32/month, and the Professional Plan which goes for $80/month. Each of the plans have varying levels of accessibility granted to the subscriber according to their subscription cost.

    • Timesheets use for logging billable and non-billable work hours for accurate invoicing 
    • Automated task assigner which helps to save time on routine tasks is available on Zoho 
    • You can use advanced project management tools such as the Gantt charts  
    • Cross platform usage of resources is enabled
    • The mobile app is not compatible with iOS devices  
    • The integration capacity can be increased
    Teamwork logo

    Teamwork: Best For Service Providers that Face Clients

    Teamwork is a project management platform that is client focused project manager. This project manager offers several features that qualify it as an alternative to Monday. Teamwork  offers portfolio management, Critical path feature, integrated team chat, easy document management, etc., which are not offered by Monday. 

    Teamwork provides users with great working experience with the number of work features available on the platform. Teamwork offers service to all kinds of businesses and organizations including project management software for nonprofits. 


    Teamwork as a robust project management platform has opened to its users a sea of features that they may not be able to exhaust using in a lifetime. Some of the top features available on teamwork include: Project planning feature for project planning, Project management for all things project management, Time tracking feature for keeping up to speed with the state of the project from anywhere you are. Resource management, Tasklist template, project templates are several other features offered by Teamwork. 

    Task Management and Collaboration

    Teamwork software works with inbuilt assistants that take note of project preferences and due dates whenever you begin any project. This feature helps to remind and notify you when due dates are close or reached to keep you on track.  

    Project Planning and Scheduling

    Teamwork provides you with special tools and features such as a project manager, to execute your project perfectly. You will be able to execute your project regardless of the size with Teamwork. With this feature you can view the full scope of a single task or a portfolio of projects. This feature has automation tools for task scheduling to avoid missing important project dates and deadlines. 

    Time and Resource Tracking

    This feature is the workload planner for Teamwork that helps you to navigate from bottlenecks in project execution. This feature is able to help you do that by providing you with a comprehensive view of team performance. This feature helps you to avoid overloading team members with tasks, and moving deadlines when necessary. 


    Teamwork is open to everyone wishing to have a grip on their project management needs including for nonprofit program management teamwork has a membership plan for everyone. The platform has five major membership plans: Free Forever Plan with limited access, Stater Plan at $5.99/month, Deliver Plan at $9.99/month, Grow Plan at $17.99, and the Scale Plan which requires custom pricing through customer support channels or sales department of teamwork. 

    • Robust Time tracking 
    • Low cost of purchase 
    • A free Forever Plan 
    • Resource management feature to avoid wastage and unnecessary expenses
    • Properly guided task list template
    • Limited project templates
    • Retail manager is not fully functional 
    • Lack of enterprise dashboards

    Ranking Methodology

    In our ranking and sorting of the  best Monday alternatives we took a look at several factors and indices such as features and tools not available on Monday but are available on the alternatives. We also considered the features that were available but had better performance than what is available on Monday.com. 


    Some of the features that were either absent on Monday or less robust include: Resourcing and timesheets Proofing and approvals, Native chat with both direct and group messaging, Note-taking within Zoom meetings Native email, etc. 

    Ease of Use

    We considered the ease of use of the softwares, they were either easy to use as Monday or easier to use. An example is ClickUp which is much easier to use and navigate compared to Monday. The ease of use test was passed by all our listed Monday alternatives.  


    Pricing was considered in two ways: the amount paid versus the value to be derived for the paid amount. Monday was average in the amount paid for subscription to the alternatives that made our list, with less offering in many cases for the paid amount. While the alternatives offered more seats and value many times in regard to the amount paid for subscription. 

    Integration with Other Tools and Applications

    We evaluated these Monday alternatives to ensure they all had the feature of integration of at least 100 third party apps, websites, or other platforms. Each of our alternatives have integration as a feature fully functional on their platform. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


    Monday is a popular project management software with a vast network of professionals using its services to sort their project management needs. We have seen that there are several alternatives to Monday, some offering similar services as Monday and others offering services with features not available on Monday.

    We have x-rayed Monday alternatives such as ClickUp, Zoho Projects, Wrike, Asana, and Teamwork. We were able to get these alternatives by following project management methodology to select the Monday alternatives.