4 Best Small Business CRMs in 2024

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    To improve your small business, the ideal CRM systems will guide you towards areas that require attention by scaling and optimizing all your business procedures. By using an all-in-one CRM system, you can have a comprehensive view of your customers from all perspectives and allocate resources more efficiently.

    Selecting the right CRM for your small business involves concentrating on a streamlined platform that is easy to use and capable of expanding with your growth. Continue reading to see our top picks of best CRM software for small Businesses.

    Quick View

    • Monday.com – Best Overall CRM Software for Small Businesses
    • ClickUp – Best for Sales Forecasting and Management
    • Pipedrive – Best for Visualizing Sales Pipeline
    • Zoho CRM – Best for Its Affordability



    Sales forecasting and pipeline management

    Reporting and analytics

    Task and project management

    • Free
    • Basic – $9/month
    • Standard – $12/month
    • Pro – $19/month
    • Enterprise – Contact sales
    • Real time KPI and dashboard views
    • Lead capturing, sales tracking, and contact management
    • Reporting dashboards, boards, and workdocs.
    • Performance Insights View
    • Color coded column
    • Gantt charts
    • Free
    • Unlimited – $5/month
    • Business – $12/month
    • Business Plus – $19/month
    • Enterprise – Contact sales
    • Sales forecast template
    • Sales streamlining
    • ClickUp reports
    • Real-time reporting
    • Planning, tracking, and collaboration
    • Docs and goals
    • Essential – $9.90/month
    • Advanced – $19.90/month
    • Professional – $39.90/month
    • Enterprise – $59.90/month
    • Pipeline forecasts
    • Sales opportunities and management tracking
    • Pipedrive report section
    • Centralized analytics dashboard
    • Manage, track and automate tasks with Projects
    • Free
    • Standard – $14/month
    • Professional – $23/month
    • Enterprise – $40/month
    • Ultimate – $52/month
    • Zoho CRM Forecasts
    • Zoho CRM’s Report
    • Zoho CRM’s advanced analytics
    • Task monitoring
    • Progress tracking

    Quick Verdict

    Best Overall – Monday.com

    One of the products offered by monday.com is a comprehensive sales CRM that is fully functional. This CRM provides various features such as list view, timeline for task management, chart views, and assignees, among others.

    The CRM can be easily customized with drag-and-drop functionality, as well as tailored columns and rows to suit your customer management needs. Our extensive research indicates that monday.com is widely regarded as one of the most customizable CRMs available in the market.

    Best Small Business CRMs

    Monday.com logo

    Monday.com – Best Overall CRM Software for Small Businesses

    Monday.com’s CRM offers a user-friendly interface and an unlimited number of boards to help users organize their projects and track their customers. With this tool, you can easily communicate with customers, visualize and analyze customer data, and simplify operations by using dashboards and templates.

    The scalability of Monday CRM is particularly noteworthy, making it an excellent choice for small businesses looking to manage any workflow.


    Monday.com CRM provides four distinct pricing plans: Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise, each of which allows users to access unlimited boards, more than 20 column types, embedded forms, the Android and iOS mobile app, and the Kanban visualization that is a hallmark of monday.com.

    All of monday.com’s CRM plans come with a 14-day free trial, and you may be eligible for a free or discounted version upon submitting the necessary forms, as specified in the company’s FAQ section.

    Monday.com’s business CRM plans are determined by the number of users, and its pricing page includes a useful tool that calculates the exact cost of the CRM based on the number of users.

    Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management

    With monday.com, you can take charge as an efficient sales manager. You’ll enjoy access real-time KPIs, reports, and dashboards to make quick decisions that enhance your team’s performance. In case of a decline in sales volume, you’ll have a clear understanding of which salespeople require additional support.

    Monday.com’s sales pipeline feature enables you to capture leads, track sales, and manage contacts with ease. You can effortlessly predict revenue, gain valuable insights, and pinpoint areas that require your attention.

    Reporting and Analytics

    Utilizing monday.com’s reporting feature, you can monitor various aspects of your team’s progress, ranging from the time spent on projects to the workload of individual team members. After receiving data from your team, you have the option to generate reports on three different platform levels, namely dashboards, boards, and workdocs.

    Moreover, monday.com’s Performance Insights View enables you to keep track of the duration that your items spent on a particular status or in a specific phase, providing you with an improved ability to analyze productivity.

    Task and Project Management

    Monday.com enables you to generate tasks, assign them, and establish deadlines. The platform features color-coded columns that provide visual updates on task status and eight view options to monitor the progress of your project. You can also access necessary data using Kanban boards, workload management, and other tools.

    Furthermore, you can view projects via powerful Gantt charts, allowing you to plan, track, and manage all aspects of your project. You can modify and manage your baseline, dependencies, and milestones at every stage of the project lifecycle.

    • Software is built for multiple users
    • UI is cool and minimalistic
    • Has excellent tracking features
    • CRM does not integrate directly with some software and applications
    • The software lags sometimes
    Clickup logo

    ClickUp – Best for Sales Forecasting and Management

    ClickUp is a comprehensive productivity platform that enables teams to collaborate, plan, and organize their work using a variety of tools such as tasks, Docs, Chat, Goals, Whiteboards, and other features.

    Teams can effortlessly customize ClickUp to suit their particular requirements and preferences with minimal exertion. By using ClickUp, teams of all sizes and types can improve their productivity and achieve new levels of efficiency.

    If you’re in need of business management software that’s free, user-friendly, powerful, and intuitive, then ClickUp is the solution for you. Its free version provides access to features that are typically only available with paid business software.


    ClickUp provides a range of pricing plans that cater to diverse business needs and budgets. The ClickUp Unlimited plan is available for as low as $5 per user per month, with an annual billing cycle. For those who prefer a free option, ClickUp has a free plan as well.

    Companies that require more advanced features can choose from the Business tier or the Business Plus plan, priced at $12 and $19 per user per month respectively, when paid annually. The Enterprise plan is also available, although the pricing is not publicly disclosed.

    Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management

    ClickUp provides businesses with the Sales Forecast Template to efficiently manage their cash flow and allocate resources towards future growth. This template allows for precise estimations of expenditures and revenues, aiding in the prediction of short- and long-term business performance.

    Moreover, ClickUp facilitates the creation and organization of roadmaps, sprints, backlogs, and other project management tasks. Collaborating on campaigns, clients, content, and other aspects becomes a breeze with ClickUp. Additionally, ClickUp simplifies the design workflow by providing features to manage files, feedback, and streamline the design process.

    Reporting and Analytics

    ClickUp’s reporting feature provides valuable insights into your team’s performance, enabling you to monitor each team member’s progress, identify workload imbalances, and track project progress. The customizable dashboard feature lets you select from over 50 widget variations to create a personalized dashboard that meets your specific needs.

    In addition, ClickUp’s reporting feature allows you to access all the relevant project information in one centralized location. You can measure the time spent on individual tasks and pinpoint bottlenecks that may be causing delays in your project’s progress.

    Task and Project Management

    ClickUp offers a comprehensive solution for project planning, tracking, and collaboration. You can customize your workflow to suit your team’s needs, whether it’s building marketing campaigns or managing development sprints.

    Moreover, ClickUp’s task management feature enables you to break down any project size into manageable tasks. Using the Docs feature, you can create visually appealing documents and link them to specific tasks. The Goals feature allows you to track progress against measurable targets and align work with strategic objectives.

    • Has a high level of customization
    • Interconnect documents, projects, and tasks
    • Has a wide range of integrations
    • Notifications can sometimes be overwhelming
    • Time tracking is limited
    Pipedrive logo

    Pipedrive – Best for Visualizing Sales Pipeline

    Pipedrive provides a customer relationship management (CRM) solution specifically designed for small businesses seeking to emphasize a robust visual sales pipeline.

    With its drag-and-drop capabilities, users can promptly attend to critical tasks, while its customizable pipelines and fields help simplify current systems and enhance workflow. Additionally, its mobile application enables users to conveniently engage with clients and team members from anywhere.


    Pipedrive offers a range of pricing plans categorized into four tiers, namely Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise. The starting price for Pipedrive CRM is $9.90 per month per user, with annual payment.

    Additionally, for more advanced features, higher-priced subscriptions are available at $19.90, $39.90, and $59.90 per month per user, also payable annually.

    Overall, Pipedrive is an affordable CRM solution, but certain standard features may require extra payment.

    Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management

    Having precise predictions for your sales pipeline enables you to identify the optimal stages of your sales cycle, develop an effective sales process that consistently closes deals, and ensure that no opportunities to seal the deal are overlooked.

    With Pipedrive, you can monitor the advancement of your sales opportunities and view your sales statistics in real-time. By leveraging integrations with cutting-edge apps designed to enhance the sales process, you can save time, reduce costs, and eliminate any aggravation.

    Reporting and Analytics

    In Pipedrive, the Reports feature empowers you to generate clear and concise graphical representations of your sales performance. These reports can be incorporated into the Dashboards section, which is a personalized compilation of reports tailored to each user’s specific needs and focus areas.

    Pipedrive also provides sales teams with a centralized analytics dashboard that can aid in identifying and addressing bottlenecks, ultimately enhancing the customer experience. As a result, companies can align their business processes to increase customer retention and decrease churn rates.

    Task and Project Management

    Pipedrive’s Projects feature simplifies the process of monitoring all project-related tasks. The drag-and-drop dashboard enables easy oversight of ongoing tasks, ensuring that your teams reach their milestones. Furthermore, you can categorize tasks by stages and add labels to maintain a systematic organization of your plans in ClickUp.

    • Offers 24/7 email and chat support
    • Visual user interface is simple
    • Has limited functionality for pricing
    • Does not offer a free plan
    Zoho CRM logo

    Zoho CRM – Best for Its Affordability

    Zoho’s CRM platform empowers users to enhance lead generation, speed up sales processes, and effectively evaluate performance. With the help of its AI-powered assistant, Zia, users can anticipate potential leads and deals, identify prospective customers for conversion, and guide large sales teams in their endeavors.

    Additionally, Zoho’s “trophy” features foster a collaborative yet competitive sales environment, making it an appealing option for remote teams.


    Zoho CRM provides a free version for up to three users, but beyond that, a subscription is required. The starting price for an annual contract of Zoho CRM is $14 per user per month.

    The pricing plans increase in price and functionality, with Zoho Professional at $23 per user per month, Zoho Enterprise at $40 per user per month, and Zoho Ultimate Edition at $52 per user per month. 

    Users can also avail a 30-day free trial of Zoho CRM to evaluate the service. The pricing plans are divided into five categories: Free Edition, Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate Edition, each with a higher cost and more useful features to optimize different aspects of business operations.

    Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management

    Zoho CRM’s forecasting feature offers real-time visibility into sales tracking, enabling organizations to optimize their sales processes and keep a close eye on their sales pipeline. This feature delivers a comprehensive view of the company’s sales pipeline, including insights into the performance of individual sales team members.

    Reporting and Analytics

    With Zoho CRM’s reporting capabilities, you can evaluate, supervise, and trace the well-being of your business, equipping you with the tools you need to make vital decisions. You can either select from a range of 40 predefined reports or generate a personalized report from scratch in just a few minutes.

    Zoho CRM’s sophisticated analytics provides comprehensive oversight of every aspect of your sales cycle, from lead analytics and deal insights to activity statistics and email analytics. Customized dashboards for sales can be created with analytical widgets such as charts, target meters, KPIs, and funnels.

    Task and Project Management

    Zoho CRM allows you to oversee task status, allocate tasks to team members, establish task interdependencies, dispatch email reminders, and monitor project progress. Additionally, you can transform emails into tasks with our task monitoring software.

    • Has an available free plan
    • You can conduct presentations and meetings from within the CRM
    • Zoho CRM allows you to set alerts for remote workers
    • Requesting customer support outside of business hours has additional costs
    • Some of the software’s features are restricted to daily limits

    Benefits of Using Small Business CRMs

    CRM software for small businesses can provide numerous benefits such as increased revenue, improved customer insights, and scalability. Here are some of the key advantages:

    Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

    A CRM system can help improve customer satisfaction by organizing all customer interactions in a structured way. With a centralized database, businesses can keep track of customer preferences, past purchases, and issues, enabling them to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

    Efficient Team Collaboration

    With the availability of various CRM systems, team members can collaborate and share information with ease. For instance, if a team member interacts with a customer who has concerns, they can input the details into the CRM system so that other team members can stay updated.

    Effective Internal Communication

    Features present in CRM software aid in enhancing communication among team members. Enabling employees to stay informed and work efficiently, the capacity to share data across various departments is a valuable feature.

    Optimized Marketing Strategies

    CRM software allows businesses to develop more effective and cost-efficient marketing programs. By understanding customer needs, businesses can identify the most opportune time to launch promotions and segment customers to focus on the most profitable groups.

    Streamlined Information Organization

    To increase revenue, businesses must understand their customers’ needs. A CRM system provides a comprehensive customer database that records every interaction, making it easy to track customer behavior and preferences.

    Automated Tasks

    Automated tasks are an essential aspect of a CRM system as they can greatly enhance the efficiency and productivity of customer management processes. With the help of automation, tasks such as sending emails or updating customer data can be carried out with minimal human intervention, thereby reducing the time and effort required to complete them. This enables customer service representatives to focus on more pressing tasks that require human attention, such as addressing customer queries or resolving issues.

    Improved Analytics and Reporting

    A CRM system ensures accurate data recording, allowing for automatic reports that can be personalized to fit specific needs. Customer information and performance reports can inform businesses’ decision-making processes, leading to more effective strategies.

    Methodology for Choosing the Best CRM Software for Small Businesses

    To select the optimal CRM software for small enterprises, it is essential to thoroughly evaluate several factors. The following key factors have been evaluated in our methodology:

    Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management

    The first factor we considered was the sales forecasting and pipeline management functionality of the CRM software. We assessed the ability to manage and track leads, opportunities, and deals throughout the sales pipeline. We also examined the software’s forecasting capabilities to help small businesses plan for future growth and track their progress.

    Reporting and Analytics

    The second factor we evaluated was the reporting and analytics capabilities of the CRM software. We assessed the ability to generate reports on sales performance, customer interactions, and team productivity. We also examined the software’s analytics features to help small businesses make data-driven decisions and improve their sales strategies.

    Task and Project Management

    The third factor we considered was the task and project management features offered by each CRM software. We assessed the ability to create and assign tasks, manage calendars and schedules, and track progress on projects. We also evaluated the software’s reporting and analytics capabilities, including the ability to track team performance and task completion rates.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are responses to some of the commonly asked questions about CRM software for small businesses:

    Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best CRM Software for Small Businesses

    In an ever-changing world, staying abreast of consumers’ thoughts can be challenging. However, using customer relationship management tools can enhance customer acquisition and retention significantly.

    Among the numerous tools available, we consider monday.com to be the top small business CRM software due to its exceptional features. However, all the software in this roundup are the best out there. If Monday.com doesn’t suit your needs, we are confident that one of the other CRM software options on this list will.