5 Best CRM Software for Rental Management in 2024

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    By using CRM Software for Rental Management, property managers and landlords can easily track their property management processes, better communicate with tenants and lead – especially a growing sales list – and automate tons of manual tasks.

    However, finding the right CRM software can be difficult. We’ve searched the market and evaluated dozens of CRM Software for Rental Management. In this post, we’ll be giving you our top picks for the best CRM software for rental management in 2023.

    So without further ado, let’s dive in!

    Quick View Of The Best CRM Rental Management Software

    • Best Overall – Salesforce
    • Best For Nurturing Leads and Customers – monday.com
    • Best For Property Management Templates – ClickUp
    • Best For Estate Agents – Zoho
    • Best Free Rental Management CRM – HubSpot


    Property Management

    Maintenance and Repair Tracking

    Rent Collection and Payment Processing


    Contact management tool, powerful analytics, large-scale email sender

    Built-in project manager, case management workflow

    Salesforce Bills, integration with third-party payment apps

    • Starter ($25 per user/month)
    • Professional ($75 per user/month)
    • Enterprise ($15 per user/month)

    Contact management tool, email marketing features, lead tracking feature

    Management board, dashboards and charts, integrated collaboration apps

    Integration with Stripe, finance history tracker

    • Basic ($9 per seat/month)
    • Standard ($12 per seat/month)
    • Pro ($19 per seat/month)
    • Enterprise (custom pricing)

    Property manager app, contact management, track documents, tenants portal

    Complaint portal, customized project manager, progress tracker

    Invoicing templates, self-service online payment portal

    • Standard($18 per user/month)
    • Professional ($30 per user/month)
    • Enterprise ($45 per user/month)
    • Ultimate ($55 per user/month)

    Real Estate space, rental management templates

    Workflow automation, work session tracker, contract agreement templates

    Third-party payment gateway integration, generate payment link


    Plan marketing campaign, all-round contact management, customized rental management fields

    Robust project management tool, integrate third-party apps, powerful analytics dashboard

    Generate invoice templates, integrate Stripe payment gateway, generate payment links

    • Free Forever
    • Payment Option available for Starter Plan ($30/ month)

    Quick Verdict Of The Best CRM Software For Rental Management

    Best Overall – Salesforce

    Salesforce has been and remains our top pick for the best CRM software for managing real estate activities.

    They also have tons of built-in tools for interacting with tenants and leads, forecasting marketing changes, measuring tenants’ behavior, and automating boring management tasks.

    The best part is that Salesforce did partner with over 400+ app makers to create extra features that cover every aspect of property management and development.

    In fact, if you’re a property manager that works with a large volume of data at once, Salesforce CRM is the best we can recommend.

    Top 5 Best CRM For Rental Management in 2023

    Alright, it’s time to go into the detailed reviews of our top picks for best rental management CRM in 2023;

    Salesforce logo

    Salesforce – Best Overall

    Salesforce is the lead CRM provider that has made the adoption of modern rental management from traditional management a reality.

    They created a fully-fledged cloud-based system for helping agents store, track, and manage large sets of property data without the need for physical presence.

    Unlike most CRM software, Salesforce has best implemented the use of AI in assisting property managers to study their tenants, forecast market behaviors, and draw intelligent business insights.

    Property Management

    With Salesforce CRM, agents can store all the information of any rental property, management activities, and tenants in an easy to view – 360 view – database.

    Using the contact management feature, you can store your tenants’ names, phone numbers, emails, lease terms, and payment histories.

    This data collected makes it easy to sense emails and messages to multiple contacts at once.

    Salesforce also allows you to store rental property information such as the address, home type, number of units, amenities, and much more.

    And with the help of Salesforce’s powerful analytics tool, Tableau, you can gather as much data as you wish and work with them effectively, without being overwhelmed.

    Maintenance and Repair Tracking

    Salesforce has a built-in case management feature that property managers can use to track the maintenance and repair activities/projects of a property.

    Using the case management feature, property managers can create new maintenance or repair projects, assign them to the right professionals, and track the progress of each project.

    This feature is a life-saver for agents working on various housing units and can’t be everywhere at once. 

    The advantage is that it helps free time to scale your real-estate/brokerages business.

    Rent Collection and Processing

    Salesforce has a feature called Salesforce Bill, which can help you process payments, and collect rent online.

    This can be done by integrating third-party payment vendors like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, etc 

    Firstly, you’ll set up a workflow logic that alerts customers when their rent is due. Then they’ll be redirected to your Salesforce Self-Service Payment Page to securely pay their rent.

    Using this feature, you can also track your financial records, monitor the payment history of various tenants, and kiss goodbye to the traditional way of knocking on tenants’ doors to ask for rent.

    • Has tons of rental management feature
    • Includes mobile-friendly options
    • Platform is secure
    • High learning curve
    • Expensive pricing tiers
    • Most of the third-party is expensive


    • Starter ($25 per user/month)
    • Professional ($75 per user/month)
    • Enterprise ($15 per user/month)

    Monday.com – Best for Nurturing Leads and Customers

    Monday CRM software is designed to help project managers manage their existing real estate brokerage business, while actively closing new deals.

    The platform has provided a balance between communicating with an existing customer or nurturing leads and managing multiple properties seamlessly.

    The best thing we love about Monday is its robust sales pipeline management, which allows you to compile the contacts of potential tenants, send them personalized messages over time, and close the deal when they are ready to make a purchase.

    Then, there are tons of built-in tools for managing maintenance projects, collaborating with your workforce, and accepting payment online.

    Property Management

    On the basics, Monday has an enhanced contact management system that lets you store your client’s details – tenants, leads, etc – in a central location.

    You’ll also have access to tools that help you capture leads, engage them, close sales, and follow up after sales.

    You can create a marketing workflow that keeps your team focused on making sure a property rent deal is closed as fast as possible.

    Maintenance and Repair Tracking

    Monday for Real Estate has a feature called Management Board.

    With this management board, you can create any type of project for your team, which could include property maintenance and repair.

    The best part about Management Board is that it has a dashboard or chart view where you can track the progress of any project in real time.

    What’s more? You can also collaborate with your team using integrated tools such as Pipedrive.

    That way, as your team updates the status of their task, you can monitor all projects – repairs, maintenance, sales, etc – from a remote location.

    Rent Collection and Payment Processing.

    Monday CRM also allows managers to accept payments and manage their business finance online.

    This can be done by simply integrating Stripe with your Monday business workspace.

    From the Stripe account, you can track your rent invoices, payment, and balance.

    There are also other payment processing gateways like Razorpay, which is a leading payment gateway in India, and it’s easy to integrate.

    • Powerful sales management tools
    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Super mobile friendly
    • Advanced project management tools
    • Complex pricing
    • Slow customer support


    • Basic ($9 per seat/month)
    • Standard ($12 per seat/month)
    • Pro ($19 per seat/month)
    • Enterprise (custom pricing)
    Clickup logo

    ClickUp – Best for Property Management Templates

    While ClickUp is mostly known as a project management tool, it also has a built-in CRM feature and property managers are not left out.

    Firstly, click to allow property managers to manage all their real estate projects, communicate with clients, and track budgets in one platform.

    Their CRM is easy to operate, with a world-class user-friendly interface, and a mobile version for managing activities on the go.

    What makes ClickUp stand out is the tons of free special templates they’ve made for real estate management.

    Property Management

    ClickUp has tons of features designed to help real estate agencies run their business smoothly.

    There is a feature called Space, which allows you to create a Real Estate space and track various data such as Human, Resources, Marketing, etc.

    Using Real Estate Space, you can create folders and lists for managing your agents and the workflow of your employees.

    And they also offer a free Real Estate Agent template that can be used to track property location, contact information, marketing goals, and more.

    Maintenance and Repair Tracking

    Tracking maintenance and repair projects with ClickUp is bliss.

    From the ClickUp dashboard, you can create a project, map out stakeholders, and set milestones and program dependencies.

    ClickUp also has a feature for brainstorming project solutions with your team. And organizing contractors’ info such as responsibility, availability, billable working session, etc. 

    There are also robust chat and messaging systems that will help your property management team collaborate effectively.

    And as usual, ClickUp has a contract management template for tracking every maintenance and repair purchase agreement.

    Other Real Estate templates include; Facility Management, Invoicing, Construction Management, and Architectural Design templates.

    Rent Collection and Payment Processing

    You can also collect rent payments online using the ClickUp + Zapier integration. Using Zapier, you can connect either Stripe or Paypal to your ClickUp account.

    With the PayPal payment gateway, you can track successful transactions, failed transactions, refund payments, etc.

    And with Stripe, you can easily create and send invoices, get notified when a tenant – also a customer – disputes charges, generates payment links, etc.

    ClickUp also supports Razorpay – the default payment gateway for Indian property managers.

    • ClickUp user interface is friendly
    • Tons of property management templates
    • Robust project management system
    • Mobile friendly
    • Needs lots of integration to work well
    • Steep learning curve


    • ClickUp CRM is Free.
    Zoho CRM logo

    Zoho CRM – Best for Real Estate Agency

    Zoho has made a name for itself with its dedicated CRM for Real Estate Rental Management.

    The features it offers goes beyond managing contacts and properties, to providing tools for managing relationships between buyers and sellers, agents, brokers, developers, and financial institutions.

    So if you run a real estate agent that deals with a large base of tenants, and more, you might want to check out Zoho.

    Zoho’s built-in omnichannel feature has made it easy for property managers to handle tons of queries from multiple sources.

    It’s now easier to communicate with customers, renegotiate, follow up, and close deals on a large scale.

    Property Management

    Zoho has tons of real estate management tools for automating every part of your property management. 

    With their property manager app, you can store and track the number of properties you manage, tenants’ information, and the number of visitors you’re getting on a property.

    There are also tools for tracking lease documents, rent agreement, rent dues, and much more.

    Unlike other CRM software, Zoho allows you to add tenants to a private portal where they can view and track their property details 

    Maintenance and Repair Tracking

    Zoho has a robust built-in feature that helps speed the repair and maintenance project for any property you manage.

    From the Zoho portal, tenants can request home repairs, send you a detailed note of what’s wrong, and even add photos. 

    Then you have the powerful Zoho Project manager, which makes it easy to create and assign tasks to your team immediately, track ongoing projects, and collaborate in real-time.

    This project manager makes use of a customized dashboard that visually tracks the type of project going on, its progress status, the priority of the project, and the team in charge.

    Rent Collection And Payment Processing

    Unlike other CRM software out there that needs a third-party integration to collect rent, Zoho has everything built-in.

    With Zoho Self-Service Portals, tenants can agents can connect and make secure transactions without stress.

    What’s more? Sending bills and invoices has never been easier.

    With Zoho CRM, you can create quotes, invoices, price books, and bills at the click of a button. Thanks to the various invoice templates that Zoho offers.

    Then, using the built-in contact manager, you can automatically alert your tenant that their rent is due, and invite them to make the payments in the Self-Sale Portal.

    Everything from the notification, invoicing, and payment processing is done online.

    • Easy to operate
    • Requires little dependencies on third-party apps
    • Powerful sales pipeline manager
    • Mobile friendly
    • Limited features on lower tiers


    • Standard($18 per user/month)
    • Professional ($30 per user/month)
    • Enterprise ($45 per user/month)
    • Ultimate ($55 per user/month)
    HubSpot logo

    HubSpot – Best Free Rental Management CRM

    A list of CRM software for rental management cannot be complete without HubSpot.

    Why hide the free rental property management CRM that has all the features you’ll need, and it’s great for property managers of all levels – from individual agents to real estate agencies?

    With HubSpot free CRM, you can build an effective marketing campaign for attracting new customers, tracking sales opportunities, and closing more sales.

    HubSpot is also easy to use, mobile-friendly, and integrates well with third-party apps.

    Property Management

    There is a contact management tool in HubSpot that property managers can use to store basic tenants’ information from names, emails, and phone numbers to advanced data such as their budgets, preferred location, purchase timeframe, and more.

    You can easily interact with your customers, from sending mass emails and messages to replying to inquiries, all in one app.

    You can also create custom fields for storing housing property information such as location, number of units, deals on a property, related contacts, and more.

    It’s highly customizable for your unique needs.

    Maintenance and Repair Tracking

    Whether it’s repairing and maintaining a property, or working on development projects, HubSpot free CRM has a project management tool managing these tasks.

    Using the HubSpot project manager, you can create new projects – sales, repair, maintenance, etc – and assign them to various teams.

    There are also tons of third-party apps you can integrate to enhance collaboration within your team, share project updates, conduct video calls & live chats, and work as a team should.

    HubSpot project manager also has a built-in reporting and data analytics dashboard that gives a visual representation of work activities for team members to see.

    Rent Collection and Payment Processing

    HubSpot has a free invoice template generator, where you can create a professional rent invoice or property bill, and send it to the right tenant using the built-in messaging tool.

    HubSpot also has an online payment platform powered by Stripe.

    With this payment feature, you can request from tenants using payment links. Just share the payment link along with the rent invoice via email.

    However, this feature is currently only available for US-based businesses. And so far, it’s the only HubSpot paid CRM feature you’ll encounter – the rest are free!

    • Almost 100% free
    • Robust analytics and reporting tool
    • Mobile friendly
    • Easy to use
    • Highly scalable
    • The payment option is only available for paid plans.


    • Free Forever
    • Payment Option available for Starter Plan ($30/ month)

    Benefits Of Using The Best CRM Rental Management Software  

    Here are some of the top benefits of using CRM software for rental management.

    Attract New Business Leads

    With CRM software, you can build a powerful marketing campaign to attract potential customers and grow your contact list.

    Access to your customer’s basic information like emails, coupled with the CRM’s email sender can help you nurture a relationship with your leads, build trust, and close more deals.

    Manage Property Information

    Using CRMs, property managers can keep an organized record of everything they work with. 

    From tenants to employees, business partners, and more.

    And this includes the property they manage.

    CRM software has customizable tools for tracking the number of properties you have, their location, the vacant and occupied ones, the ones with rent dues, and other important info.

    This makes it possible to handle hundreds of rental properties with ease.

    Manage Projects 

    Every CRM tool comes with project management features that can help agents create new tasks, delegate them to the right team, track the progress of the project, and get the job done without their physical presence.

    This helps them free up time for other higher needle-moving projects.

    Manage Transactions

    Thanks to rental management CRMs, gone are the days when property managers knock on tenants’ doors to request rent payments.

    With CRM tools you can simply generate the invoice and process payments online. This also makes it easy to track finances.

    And this form of transaction is convenient for both tenants and agents.

    Methodologies For Choosing The Best CRM Rental Management Software

    Before including any CRM rental management software as our top pick, there are various factors we considered, especially for today’s list.

    Let’s take you through our methodology for making this decision.

    Property Management

    We made sure that every CRM software in our list has the tools for managing key property information and customer details from small to large scale.

    We first checked for marketing tools like campaign managers, sales pipeline managers, lead scoring, and sales forecasting.

    Then we checked for management features like contact management, property details organizers, and scheduling tools 

    We also checked for legal contract filing features.

    Maintenance and Repair Tracking

    Tracking building repairs & maintenance with a CRM requires a project management tool.

    So we made sure that every CRM on our list has a project management feature.

    This includes task creation, assigning, progress tracking, and most importantly, collaboration tools.

    We also checked for CRM with powerful analytics and reporting dashboards that provide rich visuals of your project’s progress, highlight priority tasks, and track the productivity of your entire team.

    Rent Collection and Payment Processing 

    We made sure to check these CRM tools for features like invoice templates and easy payment channels.

    Every CRM software on our list either has a built-in payment feature or can be easily integrated with third-party payment gateways.

    We also made sure that each CRM has a secured payment platform, and support the majority of the payment of options.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best CRM rental management software

    We’ve talked about how CRM software can help rental property managers manage their property, track maintenance and repair projects, and collect rent payments online.

    By choosing the right software, rental management teams can provide a better experience for tenants, increase efficiency, and improve profitability. 

    With so many options available, hopefully, we’ve made it easier for you to choose which one is best for your business needs.

    Regardless of which you choose, we trust that you can get the most from it!