5 Best CRM Software for Hotels in 2024

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    Using CRM software for hotels will help improve your guest experience and your hotel management, and in turn, increase your revenue and turnover rate. Howey, choosing CRM software for your hotel can be difficult with so many options around. 

    We have carefully researched and curated this list of the best CRM software for Hotels. Keep reading to know more. 

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    • Salesforce – Best Overall CRM Software for Hotels
    • ClickUp – Best for Hotel Contact Management
    • Pipedrive – Best for Integrations
    • Zoho CRM – Best for Small Hotel Teams
    • HubSpot – Best for Its Marketing Campaigns


    Reservation and Booking Management

    Guest and Contact Management

    Property Maintenance Tracking

    Salesforce booking system

    Critical customer data accessibility

    • Assessment
    • Property statement generation
    • Gantt chart
    • Checklists, calendars, and timelines

    ClickUp custom fields

    • Property maintenance tracking system

    Clear overview of booking and customer details

    Customized contact management

    • Integration with property maintenance trackers
    • Calendar management
    • Custom forms
    • Automation
    • Contact segmentation
    • Lead tracking
    • Email campaigns
    • Integration with property maintenance software
    • Centralized guest information
    • Automation

    Personalized and targeted communication

    • Centralized database for property maintenance and management

    Quick Verdict

    Salesforce – Overall Best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software for Hotels

    Salesforce Hotel CRM offers a suite of features to improve the customer experience for hotel owners and managers. Real-time social listening enables tracking of guest reviews, while case management allows quick resolution of issues. 

    The platform also provides data gathering opportunities, tracking the customer experience and guest stays, facilitating upsells and rebooking. Custom-branded mobile apps further enhance the guest experience, offering booking, check-in, requests, and special offers. These features enable hoteliers to streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately increase revenue through improved guest retention and increased bookings.

    5 Best CRM Software for Hotels

    Salesforce logo

    Salesforce – Best Overall CRM Software for Hotels

    Salesforce offers powerful features to enhance your understanding of your customers. With advanced data analytics, you can gain insight into the customer’s point of view. The customizable dashboards and reports provide valuable assistance in your marketing campaigns.

    AI-powered automation aims to increase guest loyalty and gain loyal customers. Additionally, Salesforce’s robust integration allows you to easily merge data from various systems into a single platform.

    Reservation and Booking Management

    The Salesforce booking system provides customers with convenient self-service options, enabling them to book meeting spaces, properties, and rooms online. This feature saves hotel staff valuable time by automatically updating the reservation calendar.

    Adopting this solution can result in significant time and cost savings for your company. Besides reducing the risk of human error, such as double bookings, it also enhances the customer experience, potentially increasing their loyalty to your brand over others.

    Guest and Contact Management

    Salesforce’s Sales Cloud software enables both small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises to manage their contacts effectively. 

    The software provides easy access to essential customer data such as communication history and key contacts. This comprehensive view of customers empowers hotel sales representatives to engage with them in the best possible manner using the latest information, leading to more effective operations.

    Property Maintenance Tracking

    Salesforce provides a dedicated application for Android and iOS tablets, which enables continuous facility assessments. This app offers GPS coordinates, camera integration, and offline or online synchronization through GPRS or Wifi. 

    Furthermore, you can generate automatic account statements for clients and capture investigation data based on predefined agendas. Additionally, you can use compact Bluetooth printers to track locations, notifications, or notices on the spot.

    • Integrates well with other software and tools
    • Had powerful reporting and customization feature
    • Great for large hotel teams
    • Expensive to both purchase and maintain
    • The software can be sometimes complicated


    • Essential – $25/month
    • Professional – $75/month
    • Enterprise – $150/month
    • Unlimited – $300/month
    Clickup logo

    ClickUp – Best for Hotel Contact Management

    Creating a hotel management timeline has become much easier with ClickUp‘s Gantt charts. The Gantt chart view provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to visualize your project timeline, track progress, prioritize tasks, assign resources, and set dependencies. 

    With the ability to drag and drop tasks and set up reminders, you can stay on top of deadlines and make adjustments on the fly. The feature also enables you to monitor progress easily and collaborate with your team more effectively. Overall, ClickUp’s Gantt charts offer a powerful and convenient tool for managing hotel projects.

    Reservation and Booking

    With features such as customizable task lists, checklists, calendars, and timelines, ClickUp can be adapted to manage and organize hotel reservations and bookings. 

    Additionally, its communication tools and integrations with other software and platforms, such as email and booking engines, can help streamline communication between staff and guests, as well as track reservations and availability in real time. By using ClickUp, hotels can increase efficiency, reduce errors, and provide a better guest experience.

    Guest and Contact Management

    With ClickUp CRM, hotels can create custom fields to store and organize guest information such as contact details, preferences, and booking history. Hotels can also use ClickUp to manage their contact list, which includes potential customers, travel agents, and other business partners. 

    The CRM functionality in ClickUp allows hotels to track interactions with guests and contacts, set reminders for follow-up actions, and ultimately provide a better guest experience.

    Property Maintenance Tracking

    ClickUp provides hotels with a comprehensive property maintenance tracking system. With ClickUp, hotels can create tasks, checklists, and schedules for various maintenance activities such as room cleaning, equipment repairs, and facility upgrades. 

    ClickUp also allows hotels to assign tasks to specific team members, set priorities, and track progress in real-time. Additionally, ClickUp‘s automation features can be used to trigger notifications and reminders for upcoming maintenance tasks, helping hotels stay on top of their maintenance schedules and ensure that their properties are always in top condition for guests.

    • It has a dynamic timeline
    • Enables quick scheduling of multiple projects at once
    • Facilitates easy updates of projects with a simple drag-and-drop
    • The software can be complex for new users
    • Some of ClickUp’s features are not available on mobile


    • Free 
    • Unlimited – $5/month
    • Business – 1$12/month
    • Business Plus – $19/month
    • Enterprise – Contact sales
    Pipedrive logo

    Pipedrive – Best for Integrations

    If you’re seeking sophisticated sales automation for your hotel, Pipedrive ranks among the best CRM solutions available today. This software boasts a range of exceptional features that enable hotels to enhance and manage their operations with ease. Additionally, Pipedrive offers multiple integrations, making it simple to sync with your current tech stack.

    Reservation and Booking Management

    With Pipedrive, hotels can keep track of all their reservations and bookings in one place, including customer details, room types, booking dates, and payment information. 

    The software also enables hotels to automate their booking confirmation emails and reminders, making it easier for customers to stay up to date with their reservation status. 

    Additionally, Pipedrive provides hotel staff with a clear overview of room availability, enabling them to manage their inventory effectively and avoid overbooking. Overall, Pipedrive CRM provides hotels with a comprehensive solution for managing their reservations and bookings.

    Guest and Contact Management

    With Pipedrive’s custom fields, you can generate an endless number of contact labels to focus on your hotel’s sales and marketing efforts. You can assign tags to contacts based on even the most specific criteria and utilize filters to track the performance of customer groups in your hotel’s contact database.

    Property Maintenance Tracking

    Pipedrive can be customized and integrated with other tools to assist with property maintenance tracking in hotels.

    For instance, Pipedrive‘s open API allows for the development of custom integrations that can link the CRM with property maintenance tracking software. This can help hotel staff to log and track maintenance requests, schedule repairs, and upkeep tasks, and assign responsibilities to team members. 

    By integrating with tools such as Trello, Asana, or Jira, Pipedrive can help streamline the communication and collaboration between different departments involved in property maintenance, leading to more efficient and effective maintenance management.

    • Fosters easy communication 
    • Has several vital integrations
    • Great for hotel teams on a budget
    • Dashboard is customizable
    • The software does not offer a free plan
    • The features on the lower plans are very limited


    • Essential – $9.90/month
    • Advanced – $19.90/month
    • Professional – $39.90/month
    • Enterprise – $59.90/month
    Zoho CRM logo

    Zoho CRM – Best for Small Hotel Teams

    Zoho CRM is a fantastic solution for overseeing numerous day-to-day operations at your hotel. Although it’s particularly well-suited for small businesses, larger hotel chains can also reap its benefits.

    Reservation and Booking Management

    Zoho CRM provides hotels with tools such as calendar management, custom forms, and automation that aid in reservation and booking management. The calendar management feature allows staff to effortlessly monitor and organize room availability, reservations, and guest check-ins/check-outs. 

    Custom forms enable the gathering of guest information like preferences and special requests. Automation features streamline the booking process, including tasks like confirmation emails and payment processing. These capabilities can optimize booking processes, boost efficiency, and improve the guest experience.

    Guest and Contact Management

    Zoho CRM enables hotels to manage guest and contact data efficiently by leveraging functionalities like contact segmentation, lead tracking, and email campaigns. 

    By utilizing contact segmentation, hotels can classify guest information based on factors like demographics, interests, and past stays. Lead tracking helps in keeping tabs on potential guests and their preferences, aiding staff to customize their interactions and deliver personalized experiences. 

    Additionally, email campaigns can be leveraged to connect with guests via bespoke messages and promotions. These capabilities enable hotels to manage guest and contact data efficiently, resulting in greater guest satisfaction and loyalty.

    Property Maintenance Tracking

    While Zoho CRM does not have built-in features for property maintenance tracking, it can be tailored and integrated with other tools to assist hotels in this regard. Zoho CRM‘s primary focus is on managing customer relationships and sales processes. 

    However, it can be connected to property maintenance software such as CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) or IoT sensors to monitor asset performance, schedule repairs, and track maintenance requests.

    By integrating these tools, communication, and collaboration between different departments involved in property maintenance can be streamlined, leading to more effective maintenance management and better asset uptime.

    • Software is highly customizable
    • The interface is easy to navigate 
    • Workflow automation is top-notch
    • Has several robust integrations 
    • The learning curve can sometimes be steep and difficult
    • Zoho does not have very extensive features. 


    • Free
    • Standard – $14/month
    • Professional – $23/month
    • Enterprise – $40/month
    • Ultimate – $52/month
    HubSpot logo

    HubSpot – Best for Its Marketing Campaigns

    HubSpot provides a range of business solutions and is also recognized for its exceptional CRM software, which is highly beneficial for hotels. Although it’s a paid tool, the free version is impressive, providing excellent features.

    The dashboard enables easy monitoring of customer relationships, and the interface is user-friendly and well-designed. Additionally, it allows the creation, delivery, and analysis of large email marketing campaigns in a hassle-free manner.

    Reservation and Booking Management

    HubSpot CRM offers various benefits to hotels in managing reservations and bookings. Firstly, it helps in centralizing all guest information, enabling easy access to customer data and booking history. This data can be utilized to provide personalized experiences to guests, thereby improving their satisfaction and loyalty. 

    Secondly, the system automates booking confirmations, reminders, and other communications, reducing errors and saving time for staff. In addition, HubSpot CRM integrates seamlessly with other hotel management systems, such as property management software and online booking platforms, enhancing the reservation process’s efficiency. 

    Overall, HubSpot CRM equips hotels with efficient tools to manage reservations and bookings, resulting in improved guest experiences and increased revenue.

    Guest and Contact Management

    Hubspot CRM is a valuable tool for hotels looking to effectively manage their guest and contact information. By creating a centralized database that contains guest and lead details, including past bookings and interactions, hotels can personalize their communication with guests and run targeted marketing campaigns. 

    This information can also be used to track the guest’s journey from booking to departure, allowing hotels to provide a better experience for their guests. Additionally, HubSpot CRM enables hotels to automate tasks such as sending booking confirmation emails and post-stay surveys, which can improve guest satisfaction while saving time.

    Property Maintenance Tracking

    Hotels can leverage HubSpot CRM to enhance their property maintenance tracking capabilities. They can create a centralized database of their properties and track all maintenance tasks and associated issues.

    The platform also allows them to set up automated alerts and notifications for maintenance tasks, ensuring that they are completed on schedule and preventing any disruptions that could negatively affect the guest experience. 

    By analyzing the data collected, hotels can identify recurring maintenance issues and take proactive measures to address them, reducing the need for reactive maintenance and cost savings in the long run. Overall, the use of HubSpot CRM can lead to better property maintenance, improved guest experience, and reduced costs.

    • The Free Forever has several features for unlimited users which is suitable for small hotel teams
    • User-friendly software solution
    • Countless add-ons and integrations
    • The paid plans are very expensive


    • Free
    • Starter – $30/month
    • Professional – $1,600/month
    • Enterprise – $5,000/month

    Benefits of Best CRM Software for Hotels

    Here are some of the major benefits of using CRM software systems for hotels:

    Increases Customer Satisfaction

    In the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction is paramount. A single negative service experience can significantly impact the reputation of an entire hotel business and make it challenging to retain that customer’s loyalty.

    Fortunately, implementing hotel CRM software can mitigate this risk by collecting valuable customer data, such as room preferences and food choices. This information provides valuable insights into guests’ personalities, enabling hotels to tailor their services to meet individual requirements.

    Moreover, by leveraging automation tools like email marketing, a CRM in the hospitality industry can keep existing customers informed about the latest promotional offers and services, further enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty.

    Automate Communication

    Another benefit of using a CRM system in the hospitality industry is the ability to automate customer communications, including reminders for upcoming bookings. This automation gives guests the impression that the hotel has taken care of all necessary arrangements for their arrival, improving their overall experience.

    Moreover, a hotel CRM system can also facilitate personalized email campaigns to previous guests, highlighting the latest offerings and events they may have participated in during their stay, or sending thank-you notes. This humanizes the hotel’s brand and presents it as more than just a mechanical business, enhancing its overall appeal to potential and existing guests.

    Provides a Unified Platform

    A crucial function of CRM systems in the hospitality industry is collecting and integrating various types of client information, such as financial, historical, and conversational data, into a centralized platform.

    By utilizing this centralized system, hotel staff can access client accounts whenever necessary, viewing relevant records to assist them in carrying out their duties effectively. This easy access to customer information can improve staff performance and help to deliver better overall customer service.

    Customer Engagement

    While managing customer information is important, identifying the most valuable customers and their booking frequency is even more crucial for the success and growth of a hotel business.

    An intelligent hotel CRM software can make this process effortless by helping to identify these customers and providing them with timely updates about the latest booking deals. This serves as a reminder of the hotel’s excellent customer service, encouraging them to make future reservations with the hotel.

    By effectively retaining its customers, a hotel business can thrive and grow. Utilizing hospitality CRM software can help to maintain good customer relationships and provide streamlined, high-quality services, contributing to the long-term success of the hotel.

    Methodology for Choosing the Best CRM Software for Hotels

    Choosing the best CRM software for hotels is a critical decision that requires careful consideration of the various functionalities offered by the different options available. The following are some of the key factors we considered when selecting the best CRM software for hotels in this roundup:

    Reservation and Booking Management

    One of the critical functionalities of CRM software for hotels is its ability to manage reservations and bookings. We looked at the ability of the CRM software to efficiently manage the booking process from start to finish, including the ability to handle online reservations, group bookings, and event bookings. We also assessed the software’s ability to process payments securely, generate invoices, and integrate with other systems such as accounting software.

    Guest and Contact Management

    Another critical functionality of CRM software for hotels is its ability to manage guest and contact information. We ensured that the software in this list allows hotel staff to store and access guest information, including preferences, booking history, and any other relevant information. Additionally, we evaluated the software’s platform for staff to communicate with guests and manage guest feedback, including complaints and compliments.

    Property Maintenance Tracking

    The maintenance of the property is essential to the overall guest experience. We made sure that the software in this roundup had the ability (or was properly integrated) to track and manage property maintenance tasks, including room maintenance, cleaning schedules, and equipment maintenance. 

    Frequently Asked Questions on Best CRM Software for Hotels

    Final Thoughts on the Best CRM Software for Hotels

    The best CRM software for hotels will enhance the guest experience, increase customer loyalty, streamline operations, and improve marketing efforts. We have carefully researched and curated the best CRM that will help your hotel thrive. 

    In this roundup, Salesforce is our top pick because of all the features it offers. However, all the other software are equally great and you can choose whichever suits your hotel management needs best.