The 7 Best Call Center Software Options for 2024

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    Today’s call center software connects humans and machines to address the needs of customers. Through automation and artificial intelligence, calls are seamlessly routed through carefully designed flowcharts before a live agent ever picks up the phone, saving time and money in the process. This article showcases the best call center software options currently on the market.

    Best Call Center Software At a Glance



    Interactive Voice Response

    Call routing and Distribution

    Omni-channel Support

    Reporting and Analytics

    Must contact sales

    Advanced IVR with visual flow designer

    Features automatic incoming call distribution

    30+ digital channels with omnichannel routing

    Real-time analytics

    Must contact customer support for pricing

    Helps customers via voice or keypad

    Automatic call routing

    Chat, email, phone, SMS

    View interactions with agents, call recording

    From $49 to $150 per agent per month

    Can record prompts, build multi-level interface in higher-tier plans

    Can route to specific people or groups

    Works with phone, email, text, social channels

    Pre-built analytics dashboards

    Hidden pricing, must request a quote

    Digital intelligent virtual agents

    Proprietary White Paper software

    Phone, chat, email, and social media

    Real-time dashboards and wallboards

    From $41 to $106 per agent per month, custom plans are available

    Intelligent self-service 24/7

    Uses business rules and internal/external context to route customers

    Digital co-workers across all channels, including web, voice, SMS, social, email, and video.

    Powerful reporting and analytics

    From $0 to $62 per agent per month

    Available with higher-tier plans

    Limited call forwarding, does offer voicemail

    Can handle SMS and calling

    Call history, real-time dashboard

    From $75 to $125 per user per month

    Virtual agent to guide calls

    Talkdesk Studio allows the creation of customer journeys without the need for code

    Connect with clients on the channel of their choosing

    Real-time dashboards and customer experience analytics

    RingCentral logo

    RingCentral: Best Overall Call Center Software

    Contact sales


    RingCentral’s visual interactive voice response allows you to build out a flowchart of prompts on your computer so there’s no confusion about where customers will end up as they navigate through options.

    Pricing isn’t transparent for RingCentral’s call center software, so you’ll need to call sales to work out those details. All of RingCentral’s advanced features are available as add-ons to lower-tier plans, so you can theoretically build your own package.

    Why we chose it: RingCentral provides interactive voice response and call distribution at any price point. The service is engineered to handle omnichannel communication from more than 30 unique digital channels.

    • Visual interactive voice response setup
    • Omnichannel support for over 30 digital channels
    • Automatic incoming call distribution
    • Pricing is not transparent
    • Integrations are an additional cost add-on
    • Designed to complement VoIP software that starts at $20 per month on its own

    Pricing: The Contact Center service the RingCentral offers has a total of four tiers to consider. As expected, each adds an additional layer of tools as you move up the price ladder. Unfortunately, RingCentral does not spell out what these costs are and requires you to call their sales team.

    Even with its lowest Essentials tier, you’ll have access to automatic call distribution and visual interactive voice response system. This is enough to get smaller businesses up and handling incoming calls. RingCentral also throws in 90 different types of reports, some in real-time.

    Its Standard tier adds in omnichannel routing for over 30 digital channels, so customers can contact you any way you choose. Premium adds in quality management tools, where the Ultimate plan tacks on workforce and performance management. Read our ultimate RingCentral review to learn more.

    Nextiva logo

    Nextiva: Best Call Center Software for High Volume Calling

    Contact sales


    Nextiva strives to be the perfect balance between incoming and outgoing communications. In doing so, it has the capability to handle high amounts of voice and digital interactions from within. Pricing isn’t made known without a phone call, and all of Nextiva’s CRM tools require a completely separate package.

    Why we chose it: This robust software for call center communication is designed to handle more calls with less work both inbound and outbound calls. To learn more about Nextiva’s features and pricing, read our complete Nextiva review.

    • Plans offer free phones
    • Real-time dashboards and wallboards that cover all systems
    • Several pre-built integrations
    • Omnichannel not available in the lowest tier
    • Unclear pricing options
    • Call center software does not incorporate any CRM tools

    Pricing: Although pricing is hidden away off the table, Nextiva splits up its four plans based on use. Each plan offers free phones to help bring its software to life.

    The Core plan has the tech to handle high call volumes with IVR and call routing. Should you need more channels, the Premium service adds in chat, email, and SMS communication. Nextiva’s Optimum plan brings in management tools for workforce optimization, and Ultimate has workflow automation tools and interactions analytics to help train your team.

    Zendesk logo

    Zendesk: Best Call Center Software for CRM Tools

    From $49 to $150


    Zendesk contains the features necessary for a strong call center package while throwing in customer relationship management (CRM) tools as well. While not every tier has interactive voice response, each does have answer bots to help customers along. Call routing pushes calls to the correct group within your organization, while voicemail and call monitoring tools help keep callers happy.

    Why we chose it: Zendesk stands out by folding CRM tools into its call center package to keep them coming back for more.

    • AI answer bots
    • Several call monitoring tools
    • Handles multiple channels of consumer interaction
    • IVR is only available at higher tiers
    • On the pricey side
    • Weak support from Zendesk

    Pricing: Zendesk has four tiers of call center service plans to accommodate businesses of differing sizes. Monthly costs are not cheap, but Zendesk justifies this by being a call center and CRM package rolled up into one.

    At $49 per user per month, the Suite Team plan doesn’t skimp on features. You’ll be able to communicate with customers through phone, text, email, and several social media channels.

    The software can route callers to the best group and offers voicemail if no one can be reached. There are also several pre-built analytics dashboards for reporting. While not the same as IVR, AI bots can immediately answer common questions.

    The Suite Growth plan at $79 per month for each user doubles the amount of AI bots you can use while boosting storage size and including a customer service portal.

    Suite Professional at $99 per user monthly integrates interactive voice response and a slew of call monitoring tools to help identify what’s working and what isn’t.

    Zendesk’s final tier sits at $150 per user and contains custom team roles and more APIs that larger businesses will need.

    Five9 logo

    Five9: Best Call Center Software for AI Support

    Hidden pricing


    Five9 delivers tools to make each of your call center agents’ lives easier through smart AI. Agent Assist provides real-time coaching alongside transcriptions so agents can get to the next call that much faster. Five9 also offers a means to connect to customers through the channel they prefer the most. Unfortunately, little can be done to do away with annoying spam calls and occasional call drops.

    Why we chose it: Five9’s intelligent virtual agents and Agent Assist use the latest AI tech to remove redundant work and coach live agents to better outcomes.

    • Agent Assist AI
    • Intelligent Virtual Agents
    • Can engage customers through multiple channels
    • No transparent pricing information
    • Limited capability to eliminate spam calls
    • Can have issues with calls dropping

    Pricing: The four tiers of service comprising Five9’s feature sets are a bit of an enigma, devoid of pricing information on the website. Although you’ll have to place a call to understand what Five9 will cost you, its AI capabilities can’t be beaten no matter which you choose.

    The Core plan gives live agents access to the Agent Desktop Plus center for connecting with customers. You’ll have to step up to the Premium plan to tap into digital channels that consumers may prefer to interact with.

    Should you go Optimum, you’ll unlock workforce management tools to effectively manage teams wherever they may be. Five9’s Ultimate plan throws in workflow automation and analytics to keep things running as efficiently as possible.

    Avaya logo

    Avaya: Best Call Center Software for Customer Routing

    From $41 to $106


    Avaya makes it easy to route callers to the best person within your business through a series of business rules and contexts that you can create. Digital assistants can ask the right questions to guide consumers where they need to go. Built-in analytics allow a close look at each customer’s journey through their experience and help identify any weak points.

    Why we chose it: Customers hate being stuck in queues or running in circles through automated prompts. Avaya intelligently walks consumers through voice or digital experiences to get them where they need to be as fast as possible.

    • Robust call routing system
    • Digital agents work across all channels
    • Powerful reporting and analytics
    • Highest tier is the only one to contain voice and digital experiences
    • Plans are expensive
    • Lacks integrations with other software

    Pricing: Pricing options break down into three tiers specific to digital and voice service. None of these plans are cheap, and you’ll need to invest in the top-tier plan to build a complete call center package.

    At $41 per user per month, Avaya’s Digital plan incorporates everything short of calling. Here you can handle all communication from email, web chat, text, or social media through a live team or digital helpers. The plan also contains powerful reporting tools and automated routing.

    The Voice plan is just for the call experience but adds in the same intelligent routing and automated customer experience. You can build visual workflows and use reporting tools to make changes as needed, all for $71 per user monthly.

    The All Media package is a very obvious mash-up of Avaya’s two previous plans. At $106 per month, it also saves you a couple bucks from buying each plan individually. In addition, this tier includes workforce engagement tools to boost performance.

    Channel software logo

    Channels: Best Call Center Software for Small Teams

    From $0 to $62


    Channels offers a free solution that contains just enough for a small business to start building a call center platform. Its features don’t run deep, but a flat rate per month can be helpful for smaller teams. While you won’t stay at the free plan for long, Channels makes it easy to grab additional features like IVR when you need them.

    Why we chose it: Channels offers a free plan to get your call center off the ground and taps into integrated voice and automation as needed.

    • Can make one-click calls straight from a browser
    • Very reasonable pricing strategy
    • Integrates well with other software
    • Businesses will outgrow the free plan quickly
    • Limited to phone or SMS
    • Call routing is simplistic

    Pricing: With a Free tier ripe for the picking, Channels offers an appealing package for small businesses to sink their teeth into. You’re limited to three users and only 250 phone calls, but you’ll be able to personalize your setup with a welcome message, voicemail, and integrations with other tools you may use.

    When you’re ready, the Plus plan at $24 per month also includes three users. This tier adds SMS capability and interactive voice response to minimize your staff’s time on the phones.

    The Advanced tier allows five users at a time on your system to make an unlimited number of calls. These additions help scaling businesses, but for $62 per month, the plan doesn’t have a whole lot of additional meat.

    Talkdesk logo

    Talkdesk: Best Call Center Software for Automation Tools

    From $75 to $125


    When you’re trying to maximize employee output and remove redundant tasks, Talkdesk is call center software worth considering. Its tools work to help you automate every step of the consumer journey while still providing a stellar experience. Real-time feedback helps ensure you’re delivering the experience you’re paying for.

    Why we chose it: Talkdesk’s Contact Center software is built around automation tools that give customers an enjoyable experience and keep your team working on things only they can do.

    • Talkdesk Studio call routing software
    • Over 60 ready-to-go integrations
    • Omnichannel support tools for engagement across most media
    • Expensive call center software
    • Lackluster tutorials
    • Agent assist is only available as an add-on at the highest tier

    Pricing: Even the lowest tier Talkdesk offers will set you back $75 per user every month, which is a considerable chunk for any business. Admittedly, this price point contains nearly all the automation features that help it rise above other software for call centers. Most automation can be set up with a few clicks, but you’ll also receive API access if you want to do a little more.

    CX Cloud Elevate costs $95 per user per month but adds some omnichannel access through popular digital means and SMS. You can also perform quality controls to make sure the system is working as intended in cloud based solution.

    Talkdesk’s final tier runs $125 per user but includes custom reports and Guardian software that monitors employees for non-work-related activities. The very best tools such as Agent Assist and workforce management are not part of any package and are add-ons that can increase your monthly price even further.

    Methodology for the Best Call Center Software

    When it comes to shopping for call center software, it’s imperative to balance cost with the features your business will need to succeed. Consider the following points when deciding which platform works best for you.

    • Connectivity: In this day and age, consumers can use any of several digital channels to engage in business. Only the best software for call centers allows communication across a wide variety of options.
    • Automation: Redundant workflows take up time and energy that could be better utilized elsewhere. Call center software worth its weight will offer ways to automate these processes to get people doing what they do best.
    • Customer Experience: A customer wants to feel a personal experience when they engage with your business. The top software allows you to personalize greetings and prompts while getting customers where they need to be quick.
    • Reporting: Call centers can be fast-paced environments, making it tricky to track down areas of improvement. Services to support call centers benefit from providing an inside look at what’s working (and what’s not) at a glance.
    • Price: Money makes the world go round, and any business building a call center for the first time has a lot on their plate already. Most software for call centers isn’t cheap but can save money in the long run through the tools mentioned above.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Call Center Software

    There are a lot of questions floating around about call center software. This FAQ section addresses some of the most commonly asked questions about these services.

    Bottom Line: Call Center Software

    Software for call centers offer a means to communicate with customers as efficiently as possible. Through AI and automated techniques, these services can deliver customer satisfaction exactly where they need to be through phone, text, email, or other media streams. Tools can also help identify areas where communication breaks down to foster improvements to keep consumers coming back for more.