Sally’s First Day

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    Sally was so excited she couldn’t sleep. She kept playing the next day over and over in her head. She would arrive at her new job (her first “real job”) exactly ten minutes early dressed in the new business suit she received as a graduation present accessorized with a brand new leather Franklin Covey planner. She couldn’t help but smile as she imagined being greeted by excited coworkers while receiving the full red carpet treatment she would receive as the newest employee at Dream Company, Inc. Her day would be busy and filled with introductions to co-workers who couldn’t wait to hear all the ideas she has to make things better at Dream Company, Inc.

    When the alarm sounded the next morning at 6 a.m., Sally sprang out of bed as the excitement of the day masked her fatigue of a restless night’s sleep. As planned, she arrived at Dream Company, Inc. promptly at 7:50 a.m.

    If your company was Dream Company, Inc., how would Sally’s story go from here? How long would it take for the honeymoon to end? Would Dream Company, Inc. continue to be the dream she expected? What about her motivation? Would her immediate manager or peer group have a negative or positive effect on her? How does your culture support Sally?

    Feel free to write the ending of the story and post comments about storytelling in learning.

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