It’s easy to forget rewarding and recognizing people at this time of the year….but it’s even more important when people are stressed and busy. What can you do to celebrate reward and recognition in your call centres during the holiday season?

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    A lot of call centres experience peak call volumes around this time of year, especially if they’re supporting the retail sector, and with inclement weather hitting right now people are stressed with driving, shopping, baking and trying to get everything done before the holidays start.

    Sometimes our customers can be a little impatient and conversations aren’t always the most pleasant as we deal with shipping issues, out of stock items, billing errors or the myriad of other reasons for their calls, and this can be a negative experience for our agents. Recognizing that high call volumes and stressed customers can turn a good day bad is something we really need to be aware of. So what can we do?

    Spending time on the floor is even more important now – sitting in and listening to calls, asking how their day’s going, asking about holiday plans and recognizing their efforts goes a long way. Thanks to the readers who sent me in ideas of some fun things to do in call centres over the next few weeks.

    1. Celebrate traditions – get your agents to share some of their holiday and family traditions. Write them up on coloured paper and post them on a holiday themed bulletin board. Your at home agents can easily participate by emailing their stories to you.
    2. Theme days are always fun – dressing in red or green and giving out ballots to everyone who participates.
    3. Have an ugly sweater day and award a prize for the tackiest sweater
    4. Holiday hat day – prizes for the best decorated holiday hat
    5. Have agents decorate their workstations – and yes, you can give away prizes for that too. At-home agents can decorate their home office and send in their photos. Post these on the holiday board
    6. Have the management team walk around the centre and deliver hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies
    7. Play some reindeer games – Set up some fun holiday themed games in your lunch/break rooms – play some holiday tunes and relax

    I’m sure there are lots more great ideas out there – feel free to comment or email them to me directly. Just keep in mind – simple and fun. No one needs extra stress trying to plan complicated activities at this time of year!

    So this weeks rule (#7) – Celebrate the season by keeping things fun and stress-free in your call centre

    And we’re still building our list of 100 quick and cheap ways to Reward and Recognize in the Call Centre so help me add to the list by submitting feedback – or emailing me at

    Once we get to 100 – I’ll post the entire list right here and you can start using all the great ideas people have shared

    Feedback or comments: Tell me about how you’re celebrating the season in your call centre.