Are You About To Lose Your Job?

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    are you abut to lose your jobI’m starting to see and hear things that make you wonder. Am I about to be let go? Should I start looking for another job fast? Or should I hold on and hope it won’t happen?

    That was a call from Jack who had attended my presentation “Career Power: How to Build !t Keep It!

    Our coaching conversation centered on the signs that indicate one’s job might be at risk. Here are three clues that you’re about to lose your job from Forbes.

    1. You stop getting feedback on your work.
    This can be confusing especially if your boss who has regularly talked with you about your performance – giving both positive and negative feedback. Now there’s none. You may want to believe the best — that everything is fine; whatever performance problems have been resolved. Don’t fall is this trap. Go immediately to your boss and ask for a meeting to discuss specific performance areas. But be aware that you may get bad news.

    2. You start getting an increase in written feedback.
    Most companies have a performance management process and it’s governed by HR and legal. When a manager goes to them about an under performing employee, the first question is “what’s your documentation?” Usually, there isn’t much. So all of a sudden they start, and they make sure it’s written so there’s a record. This means a case is being made, so take it seriously. Find out quickly the process – the steps for disciplinary action and termination. There may be things you can do to slow it down or even stop it

    3. Expectations for your work decrease or disappear.
    If your workload has lessened but your colleagues are complaining about too much work or some of your tasks have been delegated to another person or team, then usually something is up. Most companies in these turbulent economic times are looking to cut expenses by lowering head count. Realize that a full plate is a safe plate .If your plate is being emptied or not refilled, go immediately to your boss. Don’t say you have no work. Rather find out your boss’s or key problem ara and come up quickly with a plan to solve it. make yourself valuable.

    If you see these signs ,it may be best to get moving to your next opportunity while you still have control. It’s a sad event to lose your job, but a disaster if you had no idea it was coming.

    Career Success Tip:

    Losing a job is not the end of the world; it can be a new beginning. So toughen up and ride the roller coaster of change. Life comes at you fast and furious. Anticipate, prepare and have a plan B and even a plan C. Most important, develop Career Resilience – how how to overcome and grow from challenges.

    Do you want to develop Career Smarts?