Getting That Next Promotion

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    getting that promotionI do my job faithfully every day and I do it very well. Why is it then I’ve been in the same position for 3 years while others have been promoted?

    This is a question from Sharon, a junior accountant at a financial service company. In growing my career and now coaching others, I know that getting that promotion isn’t just about doing what you’re paid to do. It’s not necessarily even about being the best you can be.

    What It’s About?

    Promotion is about showing that you are ready to take on new or additional responsibilities and also making yourself know to others who can promote you (as your boss) or bring you on board in their department or project. Here are 4 things you can do right now.

    1. Look at the big picture.
    If you think small, you’ll stay small. But if you think big, as in big picture, if you understand the competitive landscape your company is in, then you’ll come up with ideas and you’ll get noticed. Very few “worker bees” do this…thinking that that’s management’s job. This is one way to stand out from all the other junior accountants and distinguish yourself.

    2. Keep your eyes and ears open.
    If your company changes direction or your department has been tasked with a an extremely important project, go where the action is. Ask your boss to be on the task force or at least work on part of the project. This is a way to get noticed as well as build your network.

    3. Ask for more responsibility.
    Notice tasks that are falling through the cracks or are overwhelming your boss who has too much on his or her plate. Point out problems you’ve noticed and possible solutions. Have a plan in mind if you boss says yes so you can quickly demonstrate success.

    4. Communicate your desire.
    Does you boss know your career goals and what you want to achieve in the next year or two? Don’t wait for your annual review. Start now. Schedule a time to go over your work and how you can grow and develop. Start with skills that you can upgrade, add on, or improve. Ask about projects or positions that would help you professional development. Even ask for mentors.

    Career Success Tip:

    To prepare for promotion, increase your value to your boss and the company; take on more of the right responsibilities, expand your skill set, network within and outside your department and communicate your promotion goals to others diplomatically.

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