7 Keys to Career and Life Success

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    keys to career and life success

    What makes a great life and a great career?

    Here’s what high performing professionals and managers have said during my seminars on The Career Edge.

    Key #1: Life Comes at You Fast – Be Prepared, Plan and Anticipate

    • During change, don’t be an ostrich hiding your head in the sand. Be aware of what’s going on.
    • Be open to opportunities and even challenges. It can change your career trajectory.
    • At the same time, have focus – it provides clarity for what you want to accomplish.

    Key #2: The Power of Attitude – We Can Change our Lives with Optimism

    • Be resilient. Challenges, disappointments, mistakes happen. The important things is to move on.
    • Stay away from negative people. If they’re not happy for themselves, they certainly can’t be happy for you.
    • Visualize success, talk success, believe in your success. Expect success to happen.
    • Thank the people who have made a difference in your life and career.

    Key #3: NETWORK = Net WORTH

    • Increase your connections. Success is all about relationships – building,maintaining, leveraging.
    • By increasing your network, you build the number of people that can impact you and that you can help in return.
    • Make it easy for people to help you. Give them the tools they need to make connections and introductions for you.
    • Be happy for others, acknowledge their success, celebrate their achievements. They will remember.

    Key #4: Feedback is a Gift – Information is Power

    • Be open and acceptable to both good feedback and constructive criticism.
    • Nobody takes the time to give feedback to someone they don’t like. They just walk away.
    • Then decide on how you are going to turn that feedback into positive behavior and skills.

    Key #5: Politics is NOT a Dirty Word

    • It’s all about knowing your organization and how things get done.
    • Assess the situation and understand what’s important to decision makers.
    • Be realistic. There’ll be times when it’s better to compriomise and times when it’s important to take a stand.

    Key #6: Do a Great Job Every Day

    • Know your strengths and use them in the most effective way you can.
    • Don’t stop learning – new ideas, new skills, new ways of doing things.
    • Make sure your work serves the larger goals of the organization.

    Key #7: Remember, a Fulfilling Life Is a Journey Not Just a Destination

    • Take time to enjoy – stop and smell the roses!
    • Realize that you’re the only person who can lead your life – so don’t wait for others to take charge.
    • Know that people remember not what you say but how you made them feel. So make people feel good.

    Career Success Tip:

    Success is more than working hard, being busy and burning a lot of energy. It’s a laser focus on what matters. So examine all your “to-do”s and pick the ones that count the most – the ones that can make a big difference in your life and career.

    Do you want to develop Career Smarts?