The 7 Best Reputation Management Software for 2024

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    In our digital age, it’s easy to hop on the internet and see how a company fares based on its reviews. This simple rating can send a customer to your site or run away in fear. Reputation management software makes it possible to track ratings and offer tools to boost your company’s status as well.

    Best Reputation Management Software



    Review Monitoring

    Review Generation

    Customer Tracking

    Reporting and Analytics

    $189 to $649 per month

    Monitor reviews on Facebook and Google with a text

    Automated process to generate more reviews

    Text marketing campaigns, customer database

    In-depth reporting that gives a comprehensive view of online reputation

    $299 to $399 per location per month, custom options available

    Monitor reviews from 250+ sites from one dashboard

    Automatically get new reviews via any communication method

    Interact with customers via messaging and video chat

    See reviews and ratings over time

    Have to schedule a demo to receive pricing information

    One place to monitor and track all reviews

    Automated text-based review requests with templates

    Send surveys through text or email

    Review and understand your reputation data

    $4 to $19 per week

    View, filter, label, and analyze reviews

    Send pre-built or customized review invitations to customers

    No options listed to track customers

    Pre-built insights with competitive intelligence, report builder

    $25 to $110 per seat per month

    Email alerts, reviews listed on dashboard

    Review funnel uses email and text to give clients a list of sites to review on

    Local client finder to locate new prospects

    Track reviews over any length of time

    $75 to $290 per month depending on company size

    View and analyze reviews from a number of websites

    Can automate review invites, send through SMS

    Read and post customer journeys

    No additional reporting

    $89 to $249 per user per month

    Easily monitor reviews across sites from one location

    Tools for listening to audiences on different platforms

    Inbox connecting to all social media accounts

    Reports on response rates and times

    Podium logo


    $189 to $649


    Podium stands out as the best reputation management software with its automated processes and tools for building a solid client base. You can get reviews with the push of a button and answer questions through a customizable online chat. With everything Podium offers, the interface can get cluttered and bog down the system.

    Why we chose it: Podium brings easy-to-use review generation and monitoring alongside customer retention strategies to keep your business in the spotlight.

    • Automate review generation
    • Built-in web chat
    • Text marketing campaigns
    • Interface can get cluttered
    • Customer service can be slow
    • App can run slow at times

    Pricing: Podium has three tiers of service to help boost your online reputation. Prices increase substantially, but so do the features.

    The Essentials plan has a $189 monthly price tag and offers the tools you need to get your reputation management off the ground. It tops out at 1,000 contacts but gives access to reviews and text marketing campaigns.

    Podium’s self-titled plan removes the client limit while adding in one-click automations. You can customize your web chat with personal branding. Jumping to $449 per month, it also introduces segmentation tools for more effective marketing.

    On the Professional level, you can increase marketing contacts to 1,000 customers and make the most of Podium’s automated processes. The plan costs $649 per month but allows you to maximize efficiency while building your reputation.

    Birdeye logo


    $299 to $399


    Birdeye’s information-packed dashboard reveals review information from upwards of 250 business sites. Furthermore, you can retain customers visiting your site with intelligent chatbot capabilities. Pricing can start high for smaller businesses and is unclear when gathering information from Birdeye’s website.

    Why we chose it: Birdeye makes excellent use of artificial intelligence and an unlimited client base to efficiently boost reputation in large companies.

    • No client limits
    • Monitor reviews from 250+ sites in one location
    • Intelligent web chat
    • Pricing is not transparent
    • Expensive for small businesses
    • Most popular plans do not include surveys or insights

    Pricing: Birdeye has two fleshed-out plans with an option to customize a service of your own. Plans can be pricey for smaller businesses but don’t place limitations on the number of clients.

    At $299 per month, Standard is the cheapest service offered. The reputation management software provides a dashboard for monitoring and responding to reviews from over 250 sites on the web. Messaging capabilities allow communication with customers through video or text.

    The Professional plan adds web chat functionality to your system for $399 per month. This intelligent web chat can learn to answer repeat questions, or you can answer them manually.

    You’ll have to contact Birdeye’s sales team to obtain pricing for its Premium plan. This tier brings with it the ability to generate surveys, insights, and support tickets that other plans don’t have.

    Swell logo


    Contact Swell


    Swell doesn’t hold features back for those willing to pay top dollar, instead offering everything from text message campaigns to surveys in one convenient location. These tools are specifically designed to bring in and retain clients every step of the way. The software can inundate clients with review requests when they don’t respond quickly enough.

    Why we chose it: Swell makes all its features available out of the gate where other reputation management companies require expensive add-ons. These tools fit into one platform for simplicity and ease of use.

    • All tools included in one package
    • Messages gathered in one convenient inbox
    • Text-based surveys
    • Pricing information is hidden
    • Unclear differences between plans
    • Can spam clients with review requests

    Pricing: Swell hides its pricing information away, requiring you to schedule and participate in an online demo before knowing what you’ll have to pay. Costs differ whether you need the service for a single location or multiple ones, but functionality appears to be the same.

    Yext logo


    $4 to $19 weekly


    Yext shines the most in its customization, enabling users to personalize most aspects of the reputation management software. From review invitations to analysis, you can build these tools up the way you choose. Those with programming skills can take advantage of APIs to take customization to a whole new level. For all it does have, Yext is missing a good tool to track customers and generate repeat business.

    Why we chose it: Yext offers seemingly limitless customization options both within the app and with the content you send to clients.

    • Easy to customize software with APIs
    • Pre-built or custom review invitations
    • Easy to filter and analyze reviews
    • Expensive to use
    • No customer tracking capability
    • Listings scale with service tiers

    Pricing: Yext starts with an Emerging package with a limited number of listings for $4 per week. It does not include top sites such as Facebook and Google, severely limiting optimization.

    Next, the Essential plan features 14 of the top sites to list your company on, including Google, Yahoo, and Facebook. It does throw in some basic review analysis for $9 weekly.

    The Complete tier combines the listings from the two previous plans for $10 a week. It also unlocks advanced analytic tools to see what’s driving the most traffic. Finally, the Premium service adds both advanced review monitoring and website widgets to the Complete tier for $19 per week. logo

    $25 to $110

    4.5 puts a professional shine on your review process, enabling you to add in your branding every step of the way. Review monitoring and reporting are second to none, and you can easily view how your business is doing across multiple sites from one dashboard. would be even better if it had a mobile app and offered interaction with social media.

    Why we chose it:’s review management tools are second to none, allowing you to keep close tabs on how your business reputation looks across an unlimited number of sites.

    • 14-day free trial
    • White-label
    • Unlimited review sites
    • No mobile app
    • Does not access social media
    • Minimal integrations

    Pricing:’s four plans actually decrease in price per seat (client location) but require you to purchase more seats as you go. The breakdown of features doesn’t change much from tier to tier.

    The Solo plan is designed for a single seat and costs $110 per month to use. You’ll have access to unlimited review sites and all the review management tools that make so popular from the get-go. Basic white labeling allows you to insert your company’s information and hides any mention of’s Professional tier offers the same features, but for $60 per seat instead. The catch is that you have to buy at least three seats to order this package, a minimum fee of $180 per month.

    At Agency level, the price per seat drops to $40 but requires the purchase of at least 10 seats. This platform also includes API access and the option to pick up premium white label tools for an extra $440.

    By the time you reach Partner, the price per seat drops even further to $25 per month. You’re required to invest in at least 100 seats for a minimum price of $2500. The Partner plan includes free premium white label and single sign-on.

    NiceJob logo


    $75 to $290


    NiceJob makes it possible to automate review invites for listings on a number of sites, including Facebook and Google. Additional tools are somewhat basic, and the reputation management software lacks the means to generate reports. Recommendations sent through social media help get the word out about your small business that much faster.

    Why we chose it: NiceJob’s low price point makes it an affordable way to get your small business listed on top-tier sites like Facebook and Google.

    • 14-day free trial
    • Low base price
    • Can send recommendations through social media.
    • Price increases with company size
    • Somewhat limited listings
    • No reporting tools

    Pricing: NiceJob has a single tier of service with all its features linked in. It costs only $75 per month for businesses with up to 2,500 customers but goes up from there. The company offers a 14-day free trial if you want to try things out. For an additional $99 per month, NiceJob will add in a custom-designed website and a guaranteed 10% increase in sales.

    Sprout Social logo

    Sprout Social

    $89 to $249


    Sprout Social focuses mainly on boosting business through social media with carefully worded and timed posts. It doesn’t reach every platform out there but does an excellent job with the ones it does. The mobile app lacks in features, forcing most interactions to occur through a PC.

    Why we chose it: Sprout Social allows you to maximize your impact on social media through trend analysis and paid reporting in one simple bundle.

    • Organize project work intuitively
    • Add resources as your project grows
    • Provide context with notes and descriptions
    • Not mobile friendly
    • No multi-users allowed
    • Price too high

    Pricing: Sprout Social has three plans to choose from based on your needs. No matter which option you select, you can try it out risk-free with a 30-day trial.

    The Standard tier at $89 per month includes five social profiles and an all-in-one inbox for messages coming in from social media. There are also some rudimentary management tools for reviews posted on Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, or Glassdoor. 

    Going Professional doubles the number of social profiles while introducing reporting and keyword trend analysis across social media accounts. Costing $149 per month, it also includes tools for optimizing posts and paid social reporting.

    Advanced at the top of the tier list adds in automations in the form of chatbots and link tracking. For all it gives, the plan will set you back $249 per month.

    Methodology for the Best Reputation Management Software

    We took a look at several factors when deciding which reputation management companies deserved a spot on top. These are the features that carried the most weight.

    • Review Generation and Monitoring: Nothing is more important to reputation management than being able to build a long list of positive reviews. The best reputation management software makes it easy to monitor reviews across all sites while providing a means to generate even more.
    • Site Listings: Reviews carry different weight depending on the site they’re posted on. While it’s important to get positive reviews on a number of sites, you don’t want to overlook big names like Facebook and Google that people tend to visit first.
    • Social Media Access: Social media talks, and people listen. Although these apps aren’t built for reviews, a positive word about your business can bring in clients just as effectively as Google. 
    • User-friendly: Most reputation management software is packed with features to keep tabs on reviews. Some also provide a means to communicate with clients through email or chat, and most allow report generation to see how things are trending over time. The top platforms keep things clean while making it simple to access the information you need. 
    • Customer Support: Your reputation is, in many ways, the lifeblood of your company. Reputation management software is a great way to track how your business is doing, unless it’s not working correctly. A company with strong customer support can have you back on your feet in no time.
    • Price: It takes money to make money, but there’s no need to break the bank. Spending more on reputation management software typically means additional features, but there’s nothing wrong with starting with a package you can afford and working up from there.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Reputation Management Software

    There’s a lot to learn when it comes to reputation management software. Check the answers below to see some of the most commonly asked questions about this service.

    Bottom Line on Reputation Management Software

    Reputation management software offers tools you can’t get elsewhere for monitoring and generating new reviews for your company. Using these features can help bring in new and repeat customers that will keep your business going strong. Our top choice is Podium for its rich feature base, but any service on this list can bring you the results you’re looking for.