Rocket Lawyer Review: Features to the Moon and Back?

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    Anyone looking to build a startup for the first time need look no further than Rocket Lawyer for the tools to do so. Within a fixed monthly fee are incorporation tools, document creation software, and avenues to seek legal advice at any step of the way. This Rocket Lawyer review puts these features to the test.

    Our Verdict

    Rocket Lawyer offers a monthly membership service that contains the bulk of its features for one flat rate. Although specializing in generating legal documents, Rocket Lawyer also provides incorporation filing and the ability to ask a real lawyer about legal problems anytime you need to.

    If you don’t need all the services Rocket Lawyer has, you can pick and choose features from an a la carte menu. Most of these services cost more than the price of a month’s membership all on their own. Still, anyone in need of legal aid during or after LLC formation can find the answers right here.

    • LLC formation included in a new membership
    • Complimentary legal questions
    • 7-day free trial
    • Non-member pricing per item is expensive
    • Membership is pricier than most
    • Doesn’t specialize in business formation

    Rocket Lawyer at a Glance

    Rocket Lawyer takes an unusual membership approach to each of the services it provides. For $40 per month, you’ll gain access to document creation, legal advice, consultations, and even business incorporation. You can use most features to your heart’s content while a member, although Rocket Lawyer’s registered agent service and attorney hire are add-ons.

    If you’re planning to make use of most or all of these legal services, Rocket Lawyer can save a significant amount of time and money. Having these features under one roof is convenient, while most cost more than the price of membership all on their own.

    On the flip side, failing to get the most from what Rocket Lawyer has to offer can end up costing you money in the long run. The platform also offers an a la carte plan, but it’s unlikely you’ll find any deals here worth writing home about. If you’re on the fence about giving Rocket Lawyer a try, it does come with a 7-day free trial.

    Who Rocket Lawyer is Best For

    Rocket Lawyer is best for anyone with a multitude of legal queries looking to pay a fixed rate each month to have their questions addressed. The app is also ideally suited for an entrepreneur starting an LLC, as incorporation is covered for any first-time member. Since most startups these days are online, Rocket Lawyer’s document creation and signing make the process of getting paperwork in place as simple as can be.


    You can use Rocket Lawyer whether you choose to be a member or not. Members pay a flat $39.99 per month and gain access to several tools right out of the gate. Some features do cost a premium, but Rocket Lawyer typically offers them at a discount to subscribers.

    Non-members take an a la carte approach and can build a platform to suit their needs. However, even a single legal document costs $39.99 to create, with prices only increasing from there.


    Premium Member



    $39.99 per month

    Pay per item

    Create Legal Documents

    $39.99 per question

    Legal Questions

    $49.99 per question

    30 Minute Consult on Any New Legal Matter

    $59.99 per consultation

    Discounts on Hiring a Rocket Attorney

    Up to 40% off


    Incorporation Filing (excluding state fees)


    Registered Agent Service



    As you can see, a membership includes a few hundred dollars worth of services for just $39.99 per month. Non-member pricing starts high and only gets higher as you pursue additional features.

    Rocket Lawyer Features

    Rocket Lawyer packs a lot into its membership package. Let’s break down these features and what makes each a vital part of Rocket Lawyer’s membership plan.

    Incorporation Filing

    The Rocket Lawyer LLC service simplifies the incorporation process by first asking a few questions about what you want your new business to be. From there, it will confirm your venture’s name, file all paperwork, and complete the formation process with the state.

    New members can file for LLC formation with nothing more than the cost of a Rocket Lawyer membership and applicable state fees. Most companies charge $59 or more for this service alone. However, you’ll only receive a 25% discount for any future incorporations. Non-members can still file, but face a hefty $99 fee for doing so.

    Along the way, Rocket Lawyer has a team of specialists on hand to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. The customer support team is no stranger to the process and has led thousands of companies to the other side. Should you keep your membership after incorporation, Rocket Lawyer will continue to provide legal information, help file yearly reports, and keep your business compliant.

    Registered Agent Service

    You can’t form an LLC without identifying a registered agent, and Rocket Lawyer comes to the rescue here also. Non-members can use this service for $149 per year, and Rocket Lawyer will receive and facilitate all legal correspondence on your behalf. Members receive a 25% discount and get the same service for just under $112 yearly.

    Create Legal Documents

    Whether business or personal, Rocket Lawyer makes it easy to create any legal document you need. Popular documents include non-disclosures, LLC operating agreements, and contracts for vendors to review and sign.

    Rocket Lawyer’s RocketSign app provides a means to sign these documents for free in a matter of moments. Signatures in this matter are just as legally binding as pen and paper. You can save these documents indefinitely for future reference and choose who can view them.

    Legal Questions

    Rocket Lawyer has several attorneys on call to answer your pressing legal questions on demand. After you’ve typed out your question, you can narrow down help to specialists in your state that are familiar with the area of your specific need. You’ll receive a response in short order detailing your answer and how to approach the particular issue.

    Posing legal inquiries is free for Rocket Lawyer members, and there’s no limit to the number of questions you can ask. This service extends to any contract disputes you may encounter with documents created in Rocket Lawyer. An attorney will review the conflict and go to bat for you to resolve the issue.

    30 Minute Consult on Any New Legal Matter

    As a member, you’re also entitled to a 30-minute consultation with an attorney whenever a new legal matter arises. After you’ve submitted a new legal concern to Rocket Lawyer, the company will assign a lawyer to assist you. You’ll have 30 minutes (usually via phone) to converse and receive expert advice on the matter.

    Even after the initial consultation, you can still follow up on the matter with questions through the legal questions form on the website. It is the company’s discretion to decide if you’ve already broached a legal issue or not.

    Discounts on Hiring a Rocket Attorney

    Lawyers don’t come cheap, but Rocket Lawyer offers a substantial discount when you hire one of their on-call attorneys. These attorneys are located all over the country and have a license to practice in their particular state. Most lawyers specialize in a certain field to give them a competitive advantage in a case.

    This service isn’t available if you’re not a Rocket Attorney member. Members will see rates slashed up to 40% from the usual retainer’s fee.

    Alternatives to Rocket Lawyer

    Rocket Lawyer has several good features, but it’s not going to work for everyone. Here are some alternative LLC services that may offer what you need.


    ZenBusiness specializes in business planning and turning a concept into something more than just a dream. The company makes it simple to file your business with the state by securing a name and submitting documents in record time. Prices for this service start at just $49 before applying state fees.

    Such a product works well for those who already know what they need and desire to get things up and running quickly. While LLC filing is arguably cheaper than Rocket Lawyer, ZenBusiness lacks document creation and legal advice. To learn more about its services and pricing, read our complete review on ZenBusiness.


    IncFile offers LLC filing and registered agent service for free during your first year of use. You’re only required to pay fees pertinent to the state you’re filing in. The price point may seem tempting, but you won’t have access to any other legal assistance. Still, it’s nice for companies starting without two cents to rub together.

    The app has two other plans starting at $149 and $299 that introduce other features into the mix. These features include a tax number, banking resolution, a dashboard, and unlimited phone and email support. IncFile lacks legal counsel at even its highest tier of service that Rocket Lawyer includes in its membership. Read the IncFile review to learn more about its services and pricing.

    Northwest Registered Agent

    Northwest Registered Agent lets you pursue your business filing from one of three directions. It is possible to start a free account where the company gives you the tools to start and run your business for free. It won’t make a filing for you or work as your registered agent.

    You can also pay in full up front for LLC filing and a registered agent starting from $225 exclusive of state fees. Here, Northwest Registered Agent will walk you through the process and handle documentation for you.

    Finally, you can pick up the VIP package ranging between $40 and $80 per month that includes the above features alongside continuing legal aid while your membership is active. The VIP service is surprisingly similar to what Rocket Lawyer offers but doesn’t allow for document formation. Read the Northwest Registered Agent review to learn more about its services and pricing.


    LegalZoom tackles a slew of legal issues from living wills to business startups and everything in between. On the business side, this very comprehensive platform has the tools you need to register and run your business without falling into legal pitfalls along the way.

    These features come at a premium. LegalZoom’s LLC formation starts at $79 before any state filing fees, and the company will act as a registered agent for $299 per year. LegalZoom will refund its fees within 60 days if you’re unhappy with your service.

    The service works well for businesses with many legal needs, including contracts, copyright and trademark registration, and whatever else comes your way. Each feature adds to the overall cost, making LegalZoom potentially off-limits for small businesses on a budget. Read the LegalZoom review to learn more.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Rocket Lawyer Review

    Rocket Lawyer’s membership plan looks impressive but does leave a few unanswered questions about the quality of its service. Below you’ll find answers to some of the most common inquiries about how Rocket Lawyer holds up.

    Bottom Line on Rocket Lawyer Review

    Rocket Lawyer boasts an impressive feature set that you can get your hands on for $39.99 per month. With a membership including company formation, document creation, and all the legal advice you can throw the book at, this price point seems well worth your while.

    Non-member pricing is quite expensive, and anyone not taking advantage of Rocket Lawyer’s whole gamut of features each month may find themselves wondering where that monthly fee is going. Still, with even a few legal queries each month, Rocket Lawyer should pay for itself and then some.