Gratitude for Grateful Customers

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    You may have heard the expression, ‘Energy flows where Attention Goes’. I’ve used this principle many times to be mindful of where I’m feeding my attention and energy.

    Lately I’ve been paying attention to and receiving wonderful energy from grateful clients.

    Sharing Gratitude

    This week I received two lovely emails from clients who told me how much they benefited from my coaching, books and seminars. Wow, that really fills my heart.

    • When was the last time you heard from a client who appreciated what you offered?
    • Have you managed your relationships with them enough to get that feedback?

    Gratitude is the gift that just keeps on giving. Reach out to a customer to let them know how much you appreciate doing business with them.

    • What gestures of kindness are you sharing with those you appreciate?

    Take time this week to support someone, touch them deeply, or offer your gifts in a special way.

    The Circle of Gratitude

    When was the last time you reached out to say thanks to a co-worker for what they do to support you? Let them know how they’ve helped you, even if in a small way.

    You’ll give a tremendous gift to that person by letting them know that what they do matters. As you reach out to them, you’ll be reminded of the gift they have given you. Let that gift fill your heart with warmth, love and kindness.

    And so the circle of giving and receiving expands. We all want to make a difference in someone’s life and feel that what we do matters.

    Reach out and touch someone today. Make this world a better place by sharing the gift of gratitude.

    Bright Blessings for a joyous week.


    Linda J. Ferguson is an author, seminar leader, and job coach. She integrates principles of Appreciative Inquiry, Emotional Intelligence, and practical spirituality to help her clients experience greater joy, purpose and clarity.

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