Who will you lift up today?

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    00182839Was listening to the radio and heard an uplifting speaker share four things you can do to lift up others. I encourage you to do this with everyone in your life. To get started, I would take advantage of Mothers Day coming up to see how you can uplift the mothers in your life.

    1. We need to bestow a blessing over others.

    Verbally or silently send blessings to those in your life that need encouragement.

    2. We need to express our appreciation for others.

    An easy phrase that you can use when doing this is: I feel ______ when you_______ because __________. For example, I feel so grateful when you take the time to read our blog because it allows Linda and me to share our passion with you.

    3. We need to express our confidence in others.

    There are times in our lives when other people believe in ourselves more than we do. This might be that time for you. I believe in you and I believe that you are meant to help boost other people’s confidence in their own lives. Take a chance to speak life into someone’s life and just watch them come alive.

    4. We need to let others know the impact we have on each other’s lives.

    I can’t stress this enough that we need to let others know how they matter to us. People long to know that their lives matter, that they make a difference. I’ve been passionate about this for years and have been touting this through the products that I’ve created. One that I want to share with you is perfect as I originally created it for my mother so that she would always know how much she matters not only in my life but in so many lives she’s touched.

    Check it out as this could be a great way for you to tribute your mother or someone else whose life matters significantly to you.

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