Manifesting: Replacing Old Paradigm of Industry

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    News Flash:

    The 19th-century paradigm of the Industrial Revolution is over.

    Many people are wringing their hands about the contracting economy and the collapse of the global financial system. The solution is NOT doing more of the same or applying similar solutions to the same problem. Everything has its cycle. The old paradigm of manufacturing and production has run its course.

    OK, not exactly. We will still produce things and make things. We do live in a tangible three-dimensional world. How we produce is changing; we’ve entered a new era, one of Conscious Evolution and Manifesting. Do you want to learn how to make things happen in the 21st century using radically different solutions? Then get this- it’s all about Energy. **

    It used to be that we had to work harder or be more efficient to increase production. That paradigm is out of date, only most business schools won’t teach you that. The mystery schools of manifesting will help you learn new ways to be productive because they focus on Energy, the Source of all that is.

    I’m not talking about wind, solar, geothermal, or fossil fuel-type energy (though those do help support our companies and lives). I’m talking about the Energy that pulses through you and I and all that is on this planet. We are at our core simply Energy, sub-atomic forces that can destroy cities or change lives.

    Energy and Manifesting

    What Energy are you feeding your world today? What Energy do you bring to your work?

    • Notice how you talk to people- is it with kind, joyful energy or frustrated, angry energy?
    • Notice how you think of people- is it with compassion and caring or judgment and criticism?
    • Notice how you prepare for a call or meeting– is it with hopefulness and positive expectation or with cynicism and doubt?
    • Notice how you view your tasks- do you focus on what good you can create or worry about getting things wrong?
    • Notice how you approach your work- do you visualize yourself being wildly successful or do you prepare for the worst?

    All of these ways of seeing, expecting, talking, and thinking set up a wave of Energy coming from you to everything and everyone around you. You affect your world with the Energy you bring. Manifesting is about how your Energy is used in the world. If you want to manifest positive outcomes, you need to bring and share positive Energy. It’s as simple as that.

    You’ll turbo-charge any new technology device, software, or hardware when you understand and use your Energy more consciously. Your body is an incredible machine, your mind a powerful tool. Yet hard to master. To learn more ways to tap this Energy and build your personal mastery, sign-up to receive my framework of Transformational Empowerment found on the right side of my website –

    Work on your thoughts, attitudes, expectations, and beliefs and you have a new tool for the 21st century. Be mindful of your Energy. Shifting your Energy from worry, doubt, anger, or fear to hope, joy, compassion, and kindness is the very tool you need to create the world you want to live in.

    Are you ready to step into the 21st century and a new paradigm?

    Ahoy mates, let the journey begin.

    ** NB: My latest book, “Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand: Awakening Soul Consciousness for the New Millennium” describes in more detail the new scientific paradigm of energy and a new framework for manifesting.

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