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    I’ve given presentations on spirituality at work to groups all across the country. Since spirituality means such different things to different people, I like to share a framework to help people understand one way to work spiritually. I offer this framework in my first book, “Path for Greatness: Work as Spiritual Service”. In the chapter on spirituality vs. religion, I share a diagram for aligning your gifts, passion, and purpose in loving service for others.

    Below is a video from a presentation I gave to a group of business people who really appreciated learning my approach to spirituality at work.

    In this video I share my framework for how you can show up spiritually in your work. You’ll hear one of my favorite stories of a young manager who learned what loving service is all about.

    Enjoy the video and spend some time this week thinking about how you are, or are not, aligning your gifts with your passion and purpose.

    The Light within me Radiates the Light within you.

    – Namaste


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    Linda J. Ferguson is the Author of Path for Greatness: Work as Spiritual Service”.

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