Tool for Change: Transformational Empowerment

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    Change management is a hot topic in the Leadership and Organization Development world. While many people in organizations are leery of change, either due to change fatigue, or because they think the next change is simply the fad of the month, change can either be good or bad depending on many factors. If you want to upgrade to a new computer or buy a new car, you likely will embrace change.

    So depending on how ready you are for change, how much you think the change will help you, and how successful you feel you’ll be making the change, you may welcome or avoid change.

    Sometimes we got those cosmic nudges, if not a 2X4 slap across the face, to change. Sometimes what appears on the surface to be bad news, may in the end result in a positive change. Next time you are challenged with a change, stop to ask if or how the change will serve a higher purpose. Will the change shift you to a better place? The 2X4 slap and subsequent change may be a blessing in disguise.

    If you intentionally want to change some aspect in your life, you can follow some concrete and systematic steps for change. I’ve developed a process called Transformational Empowerment to support people making change. These ideas came from my work with coaching clients and corporate training. The Transformational Empowerment process uses some basic spiritual principles to support you in making profound and lasting changes.

    If you are looking to make a job or life change, and truly want the change to stick, I invite you to use the steps for Personal Mastery outlined in my Transformational Empowerment process. Visit my website ( to receive a free series of handouts and videos that will help you in your change process. I share stories in a series of emails that show how each of the steps work.

    Try out the ideas of my Transformational Empowerment process and you’ll be well on your way to create a significant life shift, to reach your goals, or to fulfill your heart’s desire.

    Embrace the journey. The change may do you good.


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