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    I have been so filled with joy at the beauty of spring opening up all around me. Last week the Japanese Cherry trees were in full bloom. They are the ones Washington DC is so famous for having by the Jefferson Memorial.

    Japanese Cherry Blossom

    This week the dogwoods are out in full bloom. The azaleas and redbuds are beginning to open. Spring is in its glorious splendor of colors.

    Who couldn’t be happy and joyful with this kind of beauty everywhere?!

    Take time this week to notice the beauty around you.

    I Walk with Beauty

    I was reminded of a Navajo chant the other day about walking in beauty. Here’s part of it. Repeat this some time when you get sucked into negativity at work, or feel pain, anger, or frustration.

    I walk with beauty before me,

    I walk with beauty behind me,

    I walk with beauty above me,

    I walk with beauty below me,

    I walk with beauty all around me,

    As I walk the beauty way.

    Celebrate Spring

    I have been taking videos and pictures of the beautiful flowering trees to remind me that beauty is every where around and within me.

    Here’s a link to a video I took and posted on my website : Cherry Blossom Meditation

    I posted this video to share the beauty of the cherry blossoms. Take 5 minutes to still your mind and let the beauty of the video fill your cup.

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    Here are some other resources for you to celebrate spring and walk the beauty way.

    Navajo Beauty Way

    Earth Chants

    Let Love Prevail

    Bright Blessings as you Walk the Beauty Way – Aho!


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