Winter Feast for the Soul 2012

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    Last week I wrote about a program called Winter Feast for the Soul. It is a program to help you focus on your inner journey, connecting you to your soul, your true nature, your deep wisdom. If you care to participate, there are many meditations from various faith traditions on the Winter Feast for the Soul 2012 website. Consider joining a world-wide community of practice, a sangha of followers for inner harmony and global peace.

    Here’s a nice video clip for the Winter Feast 2012.

    Moving Inward

    I like to use this time of colder, darker days to move inward, to connect more intentionally with the Source of my being. Something about cold winter months lends itself to silent reflection to center and focus. Moving inward allows for more contemplation about life’s bigger picture.

    Set up some time to journal, light some candles, soak in a warm bath, anything that helps you be still and listen. When I lived in the woods and got snowed in, I loved walking around my house looking for deer tracks. At night I liked to walk up my drive seeing the stars shine brightly. In the morning I would look at the snow hanging on the trees with the morning light dancing off the limbs. I found joy sitting and listening to the birds or watching them gather berries near my window. Winter sometimes forced me inward, even when I didn’t want to be stuck home. Yet this time allowed me to slow down, to breathe deeper, to focus on the simple things that were showing up as beauty, joy, life.

    I invite you to find some time during your day to turn off your iphone, ipod, ipad and laptop and just be with yourself. Do something intentionally to tap into your Source for guidance, inspiration, support, and clarity on your larger purpose- the reason you are here now, in this time, in your particular life.

    As you sit with yourself listen for what calls you at this time. What rumblings are stirring your soul? Notice, pay attention, move inward, explore.

    Join the Winter Feast for the Soul for the next 40 days. Take time (20-40 mins a day) to renew your spirit, your connection with greater beauty and inner harmony. Listen to the meditations or do some other inner work to re-connect with yourself. You’ll find renewal of spirit, mind and body.


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