Mission 2012 – Shifting from Fear to Love

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    Your mission this year, should you choose to accept it, is to shift from fear to love.

    Fear raises its head all day long- ‘I can’t finish this by then’, ‘how can they ask me to do that?’, ‘she doesn’t listen to me’, ‘ he doesn’t respect my work’, ‘they’ll never give us what we need’, ‘I’ll never be able to please them, ‘I’ll never be able to afford that’…..

    Sound familiar? OK, now how does love sound? ‘Sure, I can get that for you’, ‘Praise Be, I have what I need’, ‘ I can’t wait to see how this turns out!’, ‘I’m glad to help you with that’….. Allow grace to enter and fill your life.

    How would your day flow if every time you had thoughts of lack or worry, you KNEW you were supported, guided, strong enough, smart enough, had all that you needed to meet your life challenges?

    What helps you shift thoughts of lack or fear to ones of love, acceptance, joy, thanksgiving, praise?

    Thank God/Spirit/Allah/Divine Wisdom in advance that you have enough, are enough, know enough, give enough. Affirm that this is true when you encounter fear. This is the paradigm shift for a new era. This is our mission for responding and working with love and grace in 2012.

    New Ways of Responding

    If you fear the unknown, uncertainty, fear what lies ahead in your future, share your gifts with others lovingly and joyfully. Actively cultivate a caring network of friends and colleagues by offering assistance, information, resources they may need to support their work. Focusing on ways to share your gifts helps you shift your focus from fear to support.

    If you fear change, know that marvelous transformation awaits you. Embrace the wonderful opportunities presented to be more fully awakened, alive, passionate, living on purpose. Transformation is the theme of this year. As you raise your vibrational energies, you respond to your world in more caring, compassionate, inspired ways. As you move through your fears, you model for others how to live courageously, authentically, whole.

    If you fear losing someone dear, know that you can never be separated from God or the God of your being. You are the one you’ve been waiting for. Welcome your sweet loving presence home in your heart. Rejoice in your loving presence.

    When you are worried about finances, give freely and joyfully to a good cause. Give with an open heart. Practice giving with love and care and build your giving muscles. Focusing on what you share takes your mind off what you may lack. Such giving clears your emotional hose- allowing for more abundance and positive energy to flow through you. As you give, so shall you receive.

    Drinking the Sweet Water of Life

    If your life is a glass of pure water, infused with Spirit-filled energy, do you see it as half empty or half full? Do you let the water retain its purity or will you add sludge to it from your worries, fears, doubts, concerns? Sip joyfully the refreshing elixir of life. Let it sustain you, renew you, and replenish your soul.

    Aaahhh, doesn’t life taste sweet!


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