Giving Thanks

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    We give thanks for Mother Earth and Father Sky

    For the gifts of Nature we can neither earn nor buy;

    For the grandfather stones, and grandmother moon, the trees, rivers and oceans who grace us with their presence;

    For the resplendent colors of fall, brilliant colors of spring, blinding white of winter, and cool shades of summer;

    For the two leggeds, four leggeds, winged ones, furry ones, no leggeds, finned ones, multi-leggeds, who share their wisdom and medicine,

    For these gifts we say Wado!

    We give thanks for the beauty and strength of our body temple

    That we have a body and health to be of service;

    That our body is fit and able to breathe, act, hear, cry, love, hug, dance, rejoice;

    For the gifts of arms, legs, hands, toes, feet, muscles, bones, ligaments, tissues, capillaries that support our being in this world,

    For these gifts we say Blessed Be!

    We give thanks for our friends and family

    For our loved ones, neighbors, colleagues, clients, acquaintances who enrich and nourish our life;

    For the laughter, sharing, knowledge, kindness, ideas, lessons that make us wise and helps us grow;

    For the mutual respect, encouragement, honesty, circle of love and trust;

    For those who mirror back to us our best and worst self, that we may be ever more mindful of who we want to be in this world,

    We say Amen!


    For all the blessings we receive in the small acts of kindness, listening ear, soulful support and tender touch. We know we receive many blessings throughout our day and week. We take this time to express deep gratitude for the gift of life, this planet, this journey we are on together.

    We say Praise be to God, Alhamdulillah!


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