Mindfulness Practice- Creating Peace at Work

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    I was fortunate enough to attend a program by Thich Nhat Hanh recently. He is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk who has been teaching about mindfulness and peace for over 50 years. I was first influenced by his writing in the 80’s when I read his book, Being Peace. He writes that we must create peace in our own life, in our own small ways, to create peace in the world. Mindfulness is the path for such peace.

    Peace is every step throughout our day. Peace is not a place outside us, it is within us. Your thoughts, words and deeds create peace or strife. Regardless of the work you accomplish, you bring your being-ness to each situation. Peace at work is created by your presence. How you show up at work is up to you.

    Mindfulness of your breath, your walking, your talking all brings you back to your own state of being. You live in the now moment rather than in your to-do lists, worries, what ifs, or regrets. Mindfulness brings greater awareness, focus, and acceptance. It allows you to immerse yourself fully in life rather than deny, push away, or struggle against what is.

    When you feel stressed, uncomfortable, overwhelmed, disappointed, simply bring your attention back to your breath. Be mindful of how you are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally and welcome that state of being. No struggle or judgment, just being. Simply notice what comes up for you and breath into any disharmony you feel.

    Mindfulness Practice

    When you are stopped at a red light driving to work, focus on your breath. Breathe in peace and harmony. Breathe out compassion and caring. Breathing-in harmony, breathing-out compassion…… ‘I am harmony, I am compassion’….. Do this three times every time you are stopped at a red light on your way to or from work. Do this meditation before you answer your phone today. Check-in with yourself throughout your day and pay attention to whatever comes up for you.

    We create our world from the inside out. What world are you creating today?


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