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    As stated on her website: “Through her books and her presentations, Marci’s message has touched the hearts and rekindled the spirits of millions of people throughout the world. She is dedicated to fulfilling her life’s purpose of helping people live more empowered and joy-filled lives.” I’m one of the hearts that she’s touched throughout the world.

    Her two latest books Happy For No Reason and Love For No Reason are examples of how her work has impacted me. I’ve previously written a couple of blogs that came from each of these books. Check out:

    K = Kindness


    L is for Love Luminaries



    What really lifted her career is when she became the women’s face of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. The idea of having a Chicken Soup for the Soul woman series came to Marci when we went on a silent retreat for many days. She was meditating and the idea appeared to her and she knew that it was such a wonderful idea. The title for her happiness book came to her the same way.


    Because of her lovingkindness concept that really touched me, it’s become a spiritual practice in my life. I mostly do this with strangers that I encounter throughout my day. Again, I remember to do this when I’m in centered and connected spiritually. Take today for example, I was at the gym after a workout relaxing in the sauna. A gentleman came in. My first thought is to silently wish him lovingkindness. Sometimes I have another thought which might be to say a prayer or wish something else like health.

    Intention-Attention-No Tension

    Another spiritual concept is the idea she shared that came from her mentor about the difference of intention, attention and no tension. Intention is the projecting a future vision, attention is being fully present and no tension is letting go of everything. How this has helped me is that I create my intentions for the year with my vision board; I put my attention each day to being present to what it is I’m accomplishing now; and then I work on letting go of all expectations.


    Like most spirituality experts, Marci is a firm believer of gratitude. When she did the love summit this year, interviewing 26 experts on the topic of love, the one thing that all mentioned as critical was gratitude.


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