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    I like the Fall Equinox as a time to reflect on balance- in my life, my work, my relationships, my world. Frequently when we mention balance and work, we think of work-life balance. I’d like to share some thoughts this week on balance at work.

    Last week I attended an interesting presentation by Drs. Alexander and Helen Astin who received a grant from the Templeton Foundation to study spirituality among college students. The researchers used five dimensions of spirituality as a focus for their study:

    1. Quest for Meaning and Purpose,
    2. Ethic of Caring,
    3. Equanimity,
    4. Ecumenical World View,
    5. Charitable Involvement

    I was particularly struck by the word Equanimity. The researchers measured equanimity as the ability to find meaning in times of hardship, feels at peace or is centered, sees each day as a gift, and feels good about the direction of one’s life. Using this definition, explore who much equanimity you have in your work…..


    The phrase ‘spiritual repose’ comes to mind when I think of equanimity. Having a presence that is palpably peaceful. How can you bring that type of presence to your work? To your colleagues or clients? In a recent gathering of spiritual professional colleagues, we discussed the spiritual practices we used to help us stay balanced, find peace, be centered. The challenge is to bring that same presence and balance to our work, with clients, in meetings etc.


    Here’s a meditation you can use if you find yourself stressed, out of balance, or need to reconnect with your Source to rejuvenate. I offer this as a tool to find greater peaceful presence at work.

    Breathe slowly and deeply from your belly. Bring your breath up to your forehead and into your face. Relax your jaw, your eyebrows, your neck…. Relax your shoulders, your wrists, your fingers…. Fill your chest with another deep breath in your lungs…. Now send your breath through your hips, down your legs, knees, ankles, and out the bottom of your feet.

    Center your focus on your heart space. Expand your chest, open your heart – fill it with peace, with positive intent. Expand your heart so that it is open to receive love, kindness, joy. Breathe deeply into your expanded heart….. Imagine your heart glows with a gold or brightly colored light. See the light radiating out from the center of your being…… Draw that light up into your head and raise your awareness, your thoughts, your consciousness to connect with God Consciousness/Divine Wisdom/ your Buddha Nature.

    Draw in Love through your heart and allow that energy to fill your body. As your heart pumps blood, intentionally pump that Love through your body to feel peace, clarity, equanimity.

    • Know you are this energy today
    • Feel this expanded awareness and consciousness
    • Affirm that you easefully and graciously get things done
    • Create a peaceful focused, positively potent workplace

    You are a clear channel of equanimity and balance today.


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