Rain and Water- Purifying and Cleansing

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    Many people in the eastern half of the US are cleaning up debris in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene and the Gulf storm impact from Lee. Several thoughts crossed my mind about the symbolic nature of the rain and storms this past week. In various Earth-based faith traditions water symbolizes cleansing, emotions, purifying.

    Emotions– What emotions need to be expressed or balanced?

    Cleansing, purifying and rebuilding seems appropriate this week. As we approach the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11th many are preparing memorials or tributes. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we are getting heavy rains as we approach this anniversary. People around the globe were impacted by this attack and we need to individually and collectively process the emotions that go along with it. This week is not only a time of reflection but also an opportunity to move through any emotions that linger.

    You may be feeling frustration, anger or grief as the anniversary approaches. Regardless of your political persuasion, you probably have some emotional response to that day and the course of history since then. Take some time to get in touch with any emotions you want to acknowledge and shift.

    Think about about how you can release and move through those emotions so that you are more balanced and whole. What needs to surface or heal so that you move through your emotions connected to the Sept. 11th event? Honor whatever comes up for you; it’s part of your spiritual growth and unfolding. Pay attention to your emotions and energy as you move through this week and next.

    Purification and Cleansing – What needs to be cleansed and remade whole?

    Many sacred traditions use water in rituals- baptism, blessings, ceremonial purifying, anointing etc. Once your emotions are honored and released it’s important to individually and collectively purify your space to reclaim it as holy ground- at work, home, community. Examine those aspects of your life and work that need purifying and cleansing.

    I spent my Labor Day weekend cleaning out my office, clearing out files, and painting. It was work that I had been thinking of doing for months and finally got to it. Only now as I write this blog and reflect on this week, I see this project was my way of purifying that space. Now I can bring new energy into my office- to be more productive and peaceful.

    Look around your office or home and see what needs to be purified. If you don’t have the time to completely clean the space, at least use a spray bottle and spritz the area with a nice smelling aroma. That will help you clear the air and purify the space. You can say a blessing or set an intention for what new energy you want to bring into that space once it’s purified.

    Spend some time this week focusing on what needs to be purified and balanced in your life and work. Find some way to use water symbolically or physically to cleanse that space. As you do this purifying ritual, release any emotions that no longer serve you. Acknowledge emotions you are ready to heal and release so you can bring in energy of greater balance, harmony and wholeness.

    May you create a purified and holy week.


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