Being Peace- It all starts with You

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    I was reminded recently how hard it can be to Be Peace when our emotional hot buttons get triggered. Whether at work or home, we can get triggered easily by old wounds or reminders of past patterns. When these instances occur, rather than sending your anger to the person who bothers you, look deeper at what the emotional trigger is inside yourself. That’s where the peace work needs to be done. This happened to me this past weekend and I was surprised at what I found.

    Over the weekend I came across a nice YouTube video clip called “Don’t Worry” by Playing for Change. I love their compilations. I felt really uplifted listening to this song- the message of peace, the symbolism of world peace with singers from around the world, and the wonderful harmonies. As such I decided to send the YouTube link to my family and friends whom I thought would like it. As I was typing the message in email, my partner started playfully pestering me. I got more upset the more my partner continued. Only later did I realize what hot button was getting pushed.

    Being Peace comes from Within

    I was aware of the irony of getting angry while sending a peace song to friends! No matter what “good deeds” I was doing to create peace in that moment (by sharing the video link with my friends), my anger created energy that negated the peace I was sending.

    Do you get angry as you try to do “good things for others”? Pay attention to to your reactions, even when you have good intentions.

    As I mulled over my reaction in this incident, I realized how challenging it can be to Be Peace, even when taking actions to create peace. I try to remember the idea that – If your walking is not peace, then you cannot create peace. This is spiritual practice that can be done every day.

    Notice Your Hot Buttons and Work There

    Next time someone really rubs you the wrong way at work, use that opportunity to recognize what your hot buttons are and where they came from. If you want to create peace at work, and work in a peaceful environment, see when and how you get angry or emotionally triggered. Find ways to heal whatever old sores are there within you so that you can bring peace to your work by Being Peace.

    In my incident, I realized that my partner was bugging me in similar ways to how my oldest brother used to tease me as a kid. Evidently there was still a scar there. I was glad to have this reminder so that I could do more work to heal that older wound. Luckily I saw what was going on and could shift gears to re-group and apologize for my reaction to my partner. I had to admit the sore spot was mine and heal the emotional charge of it. We talked it over and were able to clear the tension. In so doing, I was able to be the peace that I wanted to share with others.

    Spiritual practice – Be Peace; Smile from Within

    Reflecting on this incident I was reminded of a poem I learned in high school. I only remember one line from it, but that line has stuck with me over the years – “It’s easy to be joyful when life flows like a song. But the one worthwhile is the one who can smile when everything goes dead wrong“.

    Here’s some spiritual practice for you this week –

    1. Create peace from within you when you get triggered.
    2. Practice sharing that peace through your smile- even when things go dead wrong

    Here’s the video link of “Don’t Worry” by Playing for Change. Enjoy and spread the peace.


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