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    Over the weekend I was able to participate in a Shamanic attunement for the earth to help balance the rain, fire, and earth energy. We included this ceremony into a longer program of Freedom and Declarations. I will write more about this ceremony in a post later this month.

    For this week, I want to share some thoughts on what we seek freedom from and what we declare for our world and life.

    Some of you coming back from vacation or long weekend may want freedom from work. Summer is a good time to take vacations -to vacate from the stresses of work and rejuvenate your life. Time away and time out from work helps you re-charge your battery and so important for sustaining your energy. On the flip side, coming back from vacation can be challenging focusing on work. I know I was pretty tired this morning after a nice weekend of fun with friends and the ceremony we did on Sat.

    Others of you may want freedom from a boss or co-worker. They may be getting on your nerves and you just need some time away or a break from their behaviors. Perhaps you want freedom from waking up at 6:00 a.m. most days and want to have extra sleep and silence. Or you want to have freedom from the deadlines that are facing you. You’d prefer to have work flow smoother or with less intensity.

    I invite you to go a little deeper now. Do you desire freedom from your self-limiting beliefs, or certain perceptions and attitudes? What fears, grudges or guilt are you ready to give up and release? What no longer serves you? You need to release these to be free from them and only you can release them. If you desire inner peace, joy, or laughter, reflect on what still trips you up or jerks your chain. How can you let go of your attachments or judgments so that you can be free from their tug? Freedom is as much about what you are willing to give up and release as something to protect or obtain.

    Once you release those things you desire to be free from, you need to get clear on what you want to fill their place. What declarations do you want to make for your life? Are you ready to declare that you are a balanced, peaceful person, ready to receive abundance, love, joy, and friendships? Can you receive these and more with grace, gratitude and openness?

    Hold a vision of what you to declare and bring forth in your life, work or world…….

    Declare that it is already being created, in the right perfect timing and in the right perfect way.

    I declare now that I am open to receive all that is in my right highest good

    I declare now that I am caring and giving to all who can benefit from my gifts and talents

    I declare now that I am a living embodiment of compassion, beauty, and grace

    I declare now that I will treat others with dignity, respect, and kindness

    I declare now that I have all that I need to move forward with strength, optimism and hope

    I declare now that I am whole, loving, and happy

    Now add whatever freedoms you wish to release and declarations of what you desire to bring forward into the world and your work.

    May your week of Freedom and Declarations bring greater joy and wholeness to your life, your work, and your world.



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