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    Most organizations have a Board of Directors. Carter McNamara, coordinator for this blog site, writes that some common responsibilities of Boards include:

    • Determine the Organization’s Mission and Purpose
    • Support the Executive and Review her Performance
    • Ensure Effective Organizational Planning
    • Ensure Adequate Resources
    • Determine the Organization’s Services and Programs

    What if you had a Spiritual Board of Directors that provided oversight of your mission, supported you in obtaining resources, helped you plan and manage how you offer yourself in service to others- all doing this with respect to how you are staying connected to your Higher Power?

    Some of you may work with an executive coach or a job/life coach. They can be enormously helpful in keeping you moving towards your goals, helping you sort out difficult decisions, or providing guidance on a new path you may be embarking on. They may not be seasoned or experienced in helping you connect your work or life goals with your inspirational Source, your faith, or your alignment with your spiritual center.

    According to Liz Budd Ellmann, Executive Director, Spiritual Directors International, spiritual direction helps us learn how to live in peace, with compassion, promoting justice, as humble servants of that which lies beyond all names. Spiritual direction exists in a context that emphasizes growing closer to God (or the holy, mystical, transcendence).

    If you are yearning to merge the world of your work with the world of your spirit or Sacred Oneness- How about having a whole team to support your spiritual journey through your work?

    Working with a Spiritual Board of Directors

    How much more effective could you be with a whole team of guides to support your life purpose? There are people and beings who are there to assist you in your major life decisions, life transitions, work challenges or even daily quandries of where to put your energy and time. I’ve worked with such a Board the last few months and I’ve been amazed at how much more clear I’ve been able to see choices and how much easier opportunities and “coincidences” have happened. Your Spiritual Board is there to make those connections and synchronicities happen for you. They are there to guide and support you in fulfilling your life purpose, sharing your gifts with the world, so that you can fully live the wonderful glorious being you were meant to be.

    These guides will help you stay in alignment with your larger life purpose. Find time each day to connect with their energy and their wisdom. Intentionally draw that closer to you. Align your consciousness with their life message and teaching. They are guides who can assist you in your waking, conscious state or in your dream time. Your job is to call upon them for guidance, support, inspiration and clarity.

    Choosing Your Spiritual Board of Directors

    Your Spiritual Board of Directors will be unique to you. They will be people, past and present, who have a perspective to share with you. By their life example, their actions and teaching, they guide you more clearly on how to use your gifts, in large and small ways, to fulfill your life purpose. Choose people you admire or from whom you wish to receive guidance. Read about them and what they’ve accomplished or how they lived their life. You may know them personally or simply be drawn to what you know about them from history books or contemporary writing.

    Think of the sages, heroes and sheroes, whose wisdom speaks to you deeply. Some of you may already have gurus who support your life path. They will help you find more clear and direct ways to bring your talents, ideas, intuition, wisdom and energy to reach your goals and support the healing and transformation of the planet. Find ways to connect with them, learn from them, meditate on them.

    Say Yes! to the numerous ways life is asking you to contribute your talents, ideas and energy.

    Say Yes! to the opportunities and support being offered to you daily.

    Say Yes! to showing up as the best you can offer the world, spiritually aligned with the Source of your being.

    You are being called at this time to step more fully into Who You Are. Your Spiritual Board of Directors is there to assist you in doing that.


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    For more information on working with a Spiritual Director, go to: http://www.sdiworld.org/what_is_spiritual_direction2.html