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    I recently posted a blog called “Lessons from the River Creatures.”

    The posting was inspired by a parable about letting go of things you cling to so that you can reach your dreams or live more authentically. I want to continue on this theme as it relates to work situations where you may need to speak up or show up more authentically. Authenticity requires some level of vulnerability, perhaps not doing what the other River Creatures are doing. Faith will help you move through those vulnerable times.

    For some of you, speaking your truth at work may be challenging. It may be difficult to raise concerns you have about how work is getting done. You may need to confront someone on behaviors that are toxic or unproductive. You may need to ask questions or challenge the prevailing view to find another way to accomplish your project. Perhaps you are called to be the lone dissenter on a popular proposal.

    Think of a situation at work where you need to stretch yourself to speak up or show up in a way that is more in alignment with your values, beliefs or purpose. What will help you navigate effectively through the white water of that situation?

    Showing up authentically, standing up for values that are in alignment with your own (or holding a company up to the values that they espouse) may require you to stretch your comfort zone. Doing this with tact, grace, clarity, respect, and understanding requires finesse. It may also require vulnerability to put yourself out on a limb or step into unfamiliar territory. Faith helps you have the confidence to do this. As one minister friend likes to say “I can either think my problems are bigger than God, or that God is bigger than my problems”.

    Speaking your truth and being authentic at work may mean you practice behaviors you aren’t used to doing, such as constructively confronting someone. It can feel vulnerable and scary pushing your comfort zone. You may experience a void as you let go of old ways of doing things. This void is simply space for new energy, new behaviors, or new relationships to form.

    Letting go and not clinging to what you have done in the past means being open to what will come next. This is where faith comes in. One definition of faith that I really like is – ‘going to the edge of what you know, and taking one more step.’ Faith is essential for letting go of the things you cling to, releasing the old patterns. You can call on angels or spirit guides to assist you, or seek consultation from a trusted adviser. Use whatever tools or approaches help build your faith as you venture into the vulnerable void.

    Remember, the River delights to set us free, if only we dare let go.

    Claiming the fullness of Who You Are, speaking your truth and showing up authentically creates healthy, more productive and rewarding work experiences. Do you want to stay clinging on the side of the river, enduring whatever stress or forces are pushing up against you? Or do you want to set yourself free and work more joyfully? The choice and Current awaits you.


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