Having a Rough Week? Five Ideas to Shift your Energy.

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    If you are having one of those weeks with one frustration after another, you may find it hard to muster the energy to keep moving forward.

    How do you re-connect to your Source of inspiration and energy when you are overwhelmed, unmotivated or feeling off balance?

    One spiritual practice is this: Do something- anything- to bring your energy closer to the vibration of love and joy.

    Here are some simple steps you can take to raise your energy and connect with love and joy:

    1. Over your lunch break or on your way home from work, go to the store and buy a card for someone. It can be a funny card, a thank-you card, a missing-you card, a thinking-of you card- anything that helps you get out of your own skin and start thinking of people who make you smile or you appreciate in your life. Send them a note to let them know what they mean to you.

    2. Make a quick trip to get some donuts, cupcakes, muffins or anything simple and tasty to share with your co-workers. Breaking bread is a communal activity. It helps bring people together and breaks the routine of work. You can get healthy foods too, it doesn’t have to be the sugar that lifts your spirits.

    3. Save a funny YouTube video on your computer or cell phone that you can see on a break. Just stretching your face muscles from a frown to a smile can shift your energy. You’ll be surprised how much stress you carry in your body and your subconscious. Be aware when you hold tension in your face, shoulders or back. Shift the frowny face to a smiley face and you’ll raise your energy towards joy.

    4. Don’t do this while driving… but some time during the day, close your eyes and breath deeply. Think of the last great vacation you took or the dream vacation you’d love to have. Go there in your mind. Breath in the joy and satisfaction you’ll get going to that place. Open your eyes and remember- that happy place is just a thought away. As Caroline Myss says, ‘Happiness is an inside job” – You can choose it any time you want.

    5. Ask a co-worker to tell you a story of a time they were really happy, or felt a lot of joy. Bring your focus to what brings them joy, a smile, a good feeling. This will help you get out of your own head and connect on a heart level with someone else at work.

    Try these out some time when you feel overwhelmed or burned out. See how it works for you.

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