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    **As I start this A-Z case study series of people living out their spirituality at work, I want to start with a big disclaimer. Unless the person wrote the article themselves, these examples will be my interpretation of how they practice their spirituality in the workplace or at home. I will be providing insights and examples from what I’ve learned, heard about or observed. So please keep this in mind, that these aren’t the featured person’s exact words it is my opinion and observation unless otherwise stated.

    How Mac is making a positive difference in the world through his businesses

    I selected Mac Anderson because he is a wonderful example who has provided encouragement, inspiration and hope in workplaces all over the world through his work. Mac originally started Successories, the company that launched the motivational quotes with beautiful photography wall and office decor that you see in many workplaces. Now Mac founded another company called Simple Truths. Simple Truths is an online company that provides the “gift of inspiration” through it’s beautiful books, frames and other inspirational gifts.

    In the book, The Big Idea, written by Mac and published by Simple Truths, he talks about his journey with Successories and creating a niche with motivational wall decor. “My purpose was to try to make a positive difference in what I felt was a pretty negative world. My passion and unwavering faith in what we were doing was the fuel that helped conquer the many obstacles we faced along the way.”

    The gift of one-of-a-kind inspiration by reinforcing core values

    He continues to make a positive difference with the products from Simple Truths. Since 2005, Simple Truths has become the leading provider of inspirational gift books designed to reinforce core values. After selling Successories in 2004, Mac published three successful gift books – The Nature of Success, The Power of Attitude and The Essence of Leadership. In each of these books Mac incorporated his great eye for design, photography, inspirational stories and motivational quotes. The end result were three highly engaging, motivational and inspirational books that became great gifts for customers, employees, friends and family members. Since that time, Simple Truths has published over 50 different titles with authors that include Ken Blanchard, Barbara Glanz, Todd Duncan, Vince Lombardi, Jr. and Michael McMillan.

    Simple Truths’ gift books are hardbound, high quality and designed to be quick and inspirational reads. Typically, each gift book is less than 121 pages long, abundantly full of great photography, motivational stories and quotes. Each title is designed to reinforce a core value such as Leadership, Teamwork or Making a Difference.

    Simple Truths is the first publisher to sell direct and not through traditional retail channels. As a result, when you give a Simple Truths gift book to a customer, prospect, co-worker, friend or family member you can trust that it will be a unique and greatly appreciated gift. These gift books are the perfect gift to thank a customer or to inspire a prospect.

    With many of their books, they have a short inspirational DVD movie that brings the essence of the book to life. These FREE movies are beautiful and touch the souls of those who see them. Their first one based upon the inspirational gift book The Dash (www.thedashmovie.com). Since 2006 it has been viewed by 25 million people world-wide. I use many of their movies like The Dash in my trainings and presentations because they provide profound messages that gets to the heart of what we are talking about. To view all of their current movies Click Here.

    Listen to a recorded interview to gain first-hand knowledge about Simple Truths and Mac Anderson

    Because I believe in the power of their products, I became an affiliate of Mac’s company, Simple Truths, as well as featured some of their inspirational gifts this month through my Project GratOtude challenge. I had an opportunity to interview one of their employees, Julie Dumler, who is the Director of Strategic Partnerships.

    In this recorded inspirational interview with Julie, you can learn first-hand more about Simple Truths, Mac Anderson and few of their books/movies that relate to the power of gratitude. You’ll also receive a special offer to receive one of their beautiful inspirational books so YOU too like Mac and keep making a positive difference in the world.

    Click here to listen.


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    Janae Bower is an inspirational speaker, award-winning author and training consultant. She founded Finding IT, a company that specializes in personal and professional development getting to the heart of what matters most. She started Project GratOtude, a movement to increase gratitude in people’s lives.