Energize Your Work through your Gifts, Passion and Purpose

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    One of the reasons I got interested in writing about spirituality at work is that we spend so much of our waking hours at work. Why not enjoy it? Joy is a foundation for having energy for what you do. It’s amazing to me how many people still believe that they aren’t supposed to enjoy work. Perhaps you grew up hearing a parent say, ‘that’s why they call it work’. Check your beliefs and the messages you were given about work. Did you learn that work is supposed to be endured or enjoyed? Your beliefs about work drive the energy you bring to your work. You have a chance to re-write that script for how you want to work and what energy you bring to your work.

    Path for Greatness: Spirituality at Work

    In my first book, Path for Greatness, I wrote about aligning your gifts, purpose and passion. One way I believe people can work spiritually is by finding greater wholeness, meaning and connection in their work. Seeing the positive ways you impact others through your work helps you connect with a larger meaning and purpose in your work. How are you using your gifts to make a difference in your workplace? Look for those small or large ways that you positively impact others through your work.

    Here are a couple ideas for you to energize your work (and life) by examining how you are using your gifts, purpose and passion:

    1. Take inventory of what your gifts are, large and small. Have colleagues or people who know you well tell you what traits, strengths or unique attributes you have. Ask them to share a story about a time when you made a positive difference to their work or life.

    2. Get recommendations on LinkedIn from colleagues, customers or business partners. This is a good way to learn what others think are your strengths and talents.

    3. Once you get clear on what you offer to others, how you contribute to their work or well-being, then celebrate, celebrate, celebrate the positive impact you’ve made on other people. Give yourself a High-Five! Recognize that what you do matters.

    4. Make a time line of your work and schooling to date. Indicate those events when you felt really excited about what you were doing. See if you can find a pattern for those things that bring you joy and energy.

    5. Look at the activities you do now in other aspects of your life. What would you like to have more time to do? Where is your deeper hunger? How can you carve out more time to do those so you can fill your cup with more energy?

    6. Are there things you are yearning to do that seem to call you consistently? Sit with those yearnings and still your mind. Ask your Inner Wisdom to show you/ make clear how you can use your gifts and passion. Keep your eyes and ears open over the next week and see what synchronicities occur, what signs you get to offer your gifts with passion and purpose.

    7. Are there dreams you’ve had that you keep deferring? Look at what you can do this week to move at least one step closer to that dream.

    Answer this list of ideas and see what gets stirred. Those stirrings may come from things you want to change. Let the stirrings create greater energy to birth something new. Moving from winter to spring, from dormancy to new beginnings, feel the deeper rumbles of things waiting to emerge.

    As we approach the Spring Equinox, plant the seeds for what will bring you more energy in your work this year. Renew yourself with those things that bring you joy, passion, and greater purpose.


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