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    How can you be extra special to your spirit this week? How can you show love to your soul? The work that we do in our lives whether on the job, at our home, or on the stage, we need to be extra special to ourselves. If we don’t replenish, renew and refresh our spirits, then we won’t be able to give the best of who we are to others.


    We get the importance of this, yet many of us don’t put it into action. Remember me writing about the bungee cord hitting me in the head and needing to get stitches (see V is for Vulnerable)? The symbolism of the bungee cord is relevant. We like to stretch ourselves to the limit, which is what is great about a bungee cord. You can take this little cord and amazingly stretch it to great lengths. Yet, when it’s been overstretched, it can snap back in the fiercest way (my nice scar proves it). I, like many of us, have been overstretching myself for years. If you’re like me, you have many things you want to do, relationships you want to nurture, and goals you want to achieve. And all of us only have so many hours and only so much capacity to achieve it all in a day or in our lifetime.

    Permission slip to stop working harder

    I was listening to my Divine guidance (see D is for Divine) and heard the message that I need to take some time off and stop “working hard”. So I gave myself permission to stop working harder this month so I can focus on being extra special to my soul.

    So this is what I did. Another phrase on my vision board says, “God does His best work when you do no work.” I let all my work worries go. This “permission slip” to stop working harder has given me this extra special freedom. Freedom from expectations on what I should be doing or accomplishing. Freedom to be extra special to myself and pursue the work that inspires me.

    Show yourself some love

    I was inspired to write this entry while I was giving myself “some extra love” because of the upcoming international day of self love on Feb. 13. This amazing woman, Christine Arylo, created this day to help all of learn how to “fall madly in love with ourselves.” I do have on my vision board “goddess of unconditional love” so I thought this would be a good time for me to live that out and who best to start showing more love to – me.

    Madly In Love With Me Day is Feb 13!

    I encourage you to check out her resources, including inspiring songs, self-love kit and audio interviews. I’m making a self-love date with myself on Feb. 13. I’ll check back in with you next week to let you know how this extra-special day for my soul went. How about you? What can you do to show yourself some love? We would love to hear from you!


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    Janae Bower is an inspirational speaker, award-winning author and training consultant. She founded Finding IT, a company that specializes in personal and professional development getting to the heart of what matters most. She started Project GratOtude, a movement to increase gratitude in people’s lives.