Let the Fish Swim in the Deep Pool

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    I heard a man say that he doesn’t like to tell his wife his small concerns because, “I don’t want to incite her creative ways to worry.” When was the last time you took a small thing to worry about and turned it into a catastrophe in your mind? We humans are very creative beings. We can imagine all sorts of dreadful things occurring. I love Mark Twain’s quote – “I have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.”

    When you find yourself worrying about things – Let the Fish Swim in the Deep Pool. In our vast dark ocean of thoughts, imagination and creativity, let your worries swim where they are. No need to fish for them and bring them to the surface.

    When you find yourself stressing over something that could go wrong, ask yourself, “What do I know for a fact, right now?” If you find you are getting yourself worked up about something, pay attention to what you know to be true and what you are just creating in your head. See if what is bothering you is a story you are telling yourself about the situation. Stop to reflect on whether you are using your creativity to develop a calamity in your mind. If so, catch yourself and take a good laugh at how imaginative you can be. Another phrase I like to use is “How do I find Peace now?” This may be enough to stop you from jumping into your pool of worry, panic, or distress.

    Serenity and inner peace come from seeing through the illusions of doubt and worry to what is really in front of you. Remember – you are Diving Being having a human experience. Reconnecting with your Divine Essence, knowing that you are supported and guided at all times, you can ask in prayer for assistance to see you through a worrisome situation.

    I recently felt out of balance over a pending job change. Going to bed I looked at the moon and realized it was the Fall Equinox. I usually do some ceremony to mark the Equinox as a time of balance so appreciated how out of balance I felt. I asked in prayer for support to find balance in my life. The next night, after a really rough day at work, I decided to read some Rumi poems. Out of my book came a card that I must have placed in the book some months ago. On one side of the card were the words “Harmony and Balance”. On the other side of the card was the message “I am fully supported.” I asked and received.

    Pay attention to what you fish for. You can fish for worry and doubt or you can fish for guidance and support. You get to choose where you throw your hook and line.

    …when all is said and done, the one sole condition that makes spiritual happiness and preserves it is the absence of doubt.Mark Twain


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