Hands, Feet and Heart

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    When you work, you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to music” Kahlil Gibran

    It’s been said in various faith traditions that God works through our feet and hands. Every day you get an opportunity to express God’s gifts through your work. As you share your gifts with the world, you are manifesting the Divine expression of Who You Are.

    • Do you see your work as an expression of your Divine gifts?
    • Do you see yourself as a Divine Being moving in the world?

    You may find yourself caught up in your mundane tasks, the daily busyness, the time pressures or your performance goals that you pay more attention to what your hands and feet are doing (or your mouth and mind) than what your heart is doing. Our heart is what helps us connect to others and share our Divine Essence here on earth. Your ability to care about others, to deeply listen to someone, to offer acts of kindness are simple ways that God moves through you out into the world. Your feet and hands do the work, but your heart is what makes it all matter.

    Here are some tips you can practice this week to engage your heart while you are working:

    1. Listen when someone is hurting

    2. Tell someone what you appreciate about them

    3. Sit quietly and radiate loving kindness

    4. Breathe deeply when someone criticizes you

    5. Offer an apology when you react out of stress

    6. Forgive someone who takes credit for your work

    7. Forgive yourself for being less than perfect

    8. Be patient with someone who unfairly judges you

    9. Look past someone’s shortcomings to see them as a Divine Being

    10. Build a temple of peace in your heart

    I offer this revised Passover blessing for you to remember how to use your hands and feet and heart at work:

    ‘May I remember to use my powers to heal and not to harm,

    to help and not to hinder,

    to bless and not to curse,

    to serve You O Spirit of Life’


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